MGCH Chapter 586

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Reality (4)

Qin Qiu said dispiritedly, “No, no, your family’s Weiwei is still in this hospital.”

He suddenly remembered something and said happily: “When I came from the hospital just now, I heard Bai Weiwei say that she has a favourable impression1 of you.”

Ye Yuxuan didn’t react.

Just when Qin Qiu thought that his face had finally become paralyzed.

Ye Yuxuan suddenly slightly parted his thin lips. “What did you say?”

The silly and meng2 Qin Qiu repeated: “Bai Weiwei said that she has an especially good opinion of you.”

Ye Yuxuan’s tone was very level as he asked: “How much is ‘especially’?”

Qin Qiu: “Generally, when a woman says they have an especially good opinion of a man, it means they like him.”

Ye Yuxuan’s eyelashes fluttered, the light in his eyes brightened. His expression was of extreme calm, but his fingers couldn’t help but clench.

This was excitement…

This feeling was excitement.

Ye Yuxuan suddenly stood up and walked towards the hospital with his long legs.

Matchmaker Qiu looked baffled and said, “How can he just leave like that? He really doesn’t have any manners.”

Bai Weiwei used all sorts of arguments and finally managed to appease her father.

First, don’t break off the engagement just yet.

Wait until she observed Ye Yuxuan for a while, then make plans.

She drank some soup and warmed her hands and feet and finally felt that she was able to move around.

Bai Changyan saw his precious daughter wake up. Even if her body was still weak, her spirit was especially good.

He happily said: “When you get better, the company still needs you to make a decision.”

Just a short moment ago, he already had a distressed face when he spoke to her about Bai Yaoyao.

After Bai Yaoyao was gravely injured, it was unknown who took her away.

Bai Weiwei figured it was An Le.

But she was extremely busy3. If she wanted to deal with her scum sister, she could only wait until she had more time before putting it on her schedule.

Bai Weiwei nodded, “I will, I’ll put the company back together again.”

If she wasn’t there, she couldn’t rule out the possibility of those old geezers coming back to take over the company.

Suddenly, the system warned: “Ye Yuxuan is here.”

Bai Weiwei was shocked and her whole body went into a super alert mode.

She said to Bai Changyan: “Dad, I’m going out for a bit.”

Bai Changyan responded lovingly, “Okay, go rest.”

Bai Weiwei immediately went out, and the system prompted: “You’re 30 meters away, 20 meters, 10 meters, just around the corner, beginning the energy feedback…”

Bai Weiwei’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt.

Ye Yuxuan’s footsteps were somewhat hurried. His long legs stepped forward, elegant and leisurely, and his handsome face beneath his ink-black hair was simply eye-catching.

His serene face carried with it an innate, noble charm.

Even Bai Weiwei was dazzled, but only for a moment.

She was already prepared to run because she couldn’t think of any move to stimulate Ye Yuxuan.

But even up until Ye Yuxuan was less than a meter away, the system was unexpectedly silent.

It wasn’t deducting her precious life value?

Were their similar auras finally no longer alike?

The system finally spoke up: “Ye Yuxuan is very excited right now. Furthermore, it’s because of you, so your two auras have become equal. You won’t be drained of your life value, but you also won’t gain any benefits.”

Bai Weiwei was at a loss. What did she do for Ye Yuxuan to be so exceptionally excited?

Under the soft lighting, in the white corridor.

Ye Yuxuan expectantly looked up and saw that she was standing not far off. Dressed in a hospital gown, her thin body hinted at her fragility.

As though she noticed his approach.

Her soft face was slightly tilted, and there was a trace of confusion in her clear eyes.

Ye Yuxuan’s footsteps paused. A ripple finally appeared on his tranquil expression.

Then Bai Weiwei heard his voice, cool and slightly hoarse. 

“I heard that you like me?”

1: The character for this word, 好感 (hao gan), both means a good opinion or a favourable impression in MDBG. So I used the two words interchangeably. But according to Baidu, it can also mean to have a crush on somebody.

2: 呆萌: endearingly silly. Can refer to someone being both silly and meng, or someone being just silly, but not just being meng. Meng was originally a mistranslation of the Japanese slang “moe” but has since been adapted to modern Mandarin vernacular. A difference between meng and moe is that moe is typically a verb (to arouse feelings of passion in the viewer/fan), while meng is used as an adjective (cute), though the degree of cuteness varies on the individual using the word (source: essay by PhD Student G. de Seta)

3: 疲于奔命: terribly busy; up to one’s ears in work.

Piper: my house had a sudden power outage, I had to upload this on my phone, I’ll fix the footnotes tomorrow.


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