MGCH Chapter 588

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Reality (6)

Her breath as she spoke intertwined with his, creating a mind-numbing temptation.

But his expression remained the same.

He coldly and aloofly looked down at her.

Only his hand propped against the wall pressed harder.

His gaze darkened.

Bai Weiwei felt her hair rise due to his stare. She tapped the system. “Is the excitement level high or not?”

The system expressionlessly held up the net. “Not. I’ve never seen a person who could keep his excitement meter at the same level without it going up or down. He’s not like a human–he’s more like a machine.”

Bai Weiwei: “…I think he’s like a robot, too.”

There was some feeling before. Now, there were barely any ups or downs.

It was extremely abnormal.

Bai Weiwei was somewhat depressed. Seeking capture strategies for robots, anxiously waiting online.

She thought, and then probingly reached out and softly hugged his waist.

The man’s waist was surprisingly strong. Because of his clothes, it was hard to tell whether or not he had any fat.

Bai Weiwei instinctively gave it a pinch. Very hard.

Ye Yuxuan’s stiff posture was unchanged, but his breathing was heavier, and he seemed to be enduring something.

Clearly, his excitement should be rising, Bai Weiwei thought, somewhat puzzled.

Should she go further?

She plucked up her courage and tightened her grip around his waist. Thickening the skin on her face, she rubbed her entire body against his. She leaned her face against his chest and forced out a smile.

“I really like you. Why else would I kiss and hug you?”

After so many worlds, she’d long trained into a veteran driver1. She hugged when she said she would, and she kissed when she said she would, not being soft-spoken2.

Ye Yuxuan was silent.

Suddenly, she felt the man she was hugging relax, seeming to have resigned himself.

Then came a series of life value notifications.

【Remaining life value forty-two days, forty-three days, forty-four…】

Bai Weiwei hated that she couldn’t become an octopus or an all-purpose glue and stick closely to him.

A life value ATM, ah. She hugged him for a minute and she got more than the reward of ten missions.

【Forty-seven days, fifty-five days…】

Why did it jump to fifty-five days?

Bai Weiwei was shocked by this leap. Before she could figure it out.

She was pushed away by Ye Yuxuan. One hand grabbed both of hers and held them above her head.

Bai Weiwei raised her head and saw his black eyes turning frighteningly dark, with a cold sharpness that could devour people.

“Did you have dreams too?”

Bai Weiwei was perplexed. Have dreams?

His voice lowered. “I don’t like that in my dreams, you like…”

Like what?

Just when Bai Weiwei was about to ask, he used so much force in the hand holding her wrists that she couldn’t help but struggle.

He used his other hand to grip her chin and leaned down. He said icily: “In the future, you’re not allowed to like anyone else. You can only look at me.”

These words were harsh and overbearing.

The men in his dreams could enjoy her love.

He only felt a strange tearing sensation rise in his chest.

Perhaps it was jealousy. Maybe.

In any case, it was an emotion he’d never felt before, making him act despicable3 and impulsive.

For the first time, Bai Weiwei felt a desire to avoid a man’s gaze. The cold and hard restraint, much like the sensation of lying curled up in a terrible darkness, made one feel instinctively afraid.

She couldn’t back away, so she could only turn her face. The curve of her neck was fragile and pale, carrying with it a nearly imperceptible hint of passive resistance.

Ye Yuxuan felt something snap in his heart.

He abruptly loosed the hand gripping her chin.

Bai Weiwei didn’t hear the excitement meter rise. He had also trapped her hands without any reaction.

She gave him a somewhat probing and hesitant look.

1: The origin of it is in a Yunnan local folk song <老司机带带我> (“ The old driver, give me a ride please”). It is not a new song but it got once re-discovered online in 2016 and got popular due to its catchy melody.
老司机(the old driver)means a veteran driver. 老 is not about age here. It merely means being mature and experienced in such context. the same use include 老师,老师傅。
老司机 got popularized quickly over internet then, people call a person 老司机 to indicate who has got lots of experience or been skilled in certain area. It is not a official use but rather an internet slang, people tend to call someone 老司机 in a teasing sense to make fun. (Source : Quora)

2: 嘴软: unable to speak justly and forcefully.

3: 丑陋: ugly (as in looks), or ugly (as in appearance), abominable, loathsome, detestable, etc.


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