MSTP Chapter 24

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Translator: Cheese

She had actually forgotten about him.

Today, both Chen Linjing and Song Haiping had social obligations, and it was difficult to bring Rong Ting. When Song Yuan returned home with the cake, Rong Ting was practicing calligraphy.

Night fell earlier in the winter. She got off work at half-past five, and it was already dark by the time she came home.

Her parents knew that she was busy at work, and it would be too difficult for her to also have to cook, so they had hired an auntie. The auntie didn’t live in the house, and she was usually in charge of cleaning and cooking. The auntie had already left by this time, but the food on the table was still hot.

Rong Ting wanted to wait to eat together with her.

There were two meat dishes, one vegetable dish, and one soup, but as they ate, Rong Ting kept his eyes trained on the delectable strawberry cake.

“Finish your dinner first,” Song Yuan reminded him. “If you still have room after eating, then you can eat the cake. If not, we can keep it in the fridge and eat it tomorrow.”

Rong Ting let out an ‘oh.’

Every day, Song Yuan would tell Rong Ting about how her day went, and today was no exception. After her usual complaint about a certain troublesome client, she recalled the man she had encountered at the bakery and said: “I ran into a man while buying the cake today. He was very good-looking, but I think his looks were secondary la. He had an air about him, and he didn’t feel like the average guy.”

Rong Ting was somewhat unhappy after hearing these words.

Before, he hadn’t known what it meant to be good-looking1 or not good-looking. Now, after all this time learning, he understood everything.

Deep down, he thought it was inappropriate for Empress Mother to praise another man’s good looks like that.

Song Yuan was still immersed in her own world. Some time ago, she had spotted a youth with white hair out on the streets. At that time, she had thought of His Majesty the emperor Gugu had spoken of.

This year, dyeing one’s hair all sorts of different colors seemed to be all the rage–she had already come across white hair several times. When she saw it the first time, she thought of the emperor, but after several times, she wouldn’t continue to think of him.

“This bakery is near our community. Does he also live here?” Song Yuan was part of the good-looks club. It wasn’t that she liked the man she had just seen–she was just curious. “But if he really lived around here, why have I never seen him?”

Rong Ting couldn’t bear it anymore. He lowered his spoon and said to Song Yuan, very seriously: “Empress Mother, one must eat and sleep in silence.”

Such a rule like “eating and sleeping in silence” was basically obsolete.

Song Yuan lifted her head to look at him. Only then did she notice his mood. “What’s wrong? You don’t seem very happy.”

He had clearly been quite happy when she had come home.

Song Yuan thought about it, then understood what was going on. She asked probingly, “Are you unhappy that I’m praising other people for being good-looking? How can you drink so much vinegar2? I praise you for being good-looking every day.”

Rong Ting humphed. “Gu is not such a narrow-minded person. But Empress Mother is the noble mother of a nation and already has a son and husband, so to praise other men is truly…heng.”

In truth, Rong Ting was no different from other children. The most, most, most loved one in his heart was his mother, but his second-favorite was his father. Although he didn’t know what had happened between his mother and father, in his heart, they were forever a pair.

Song Yuan felt somewhat uncomfortable after hearing this. She set down her chopsticks. “I acknowledged my son, but I didn’t acknowledge my husband.”

“Without Emperor Father, gu would not exist.” At this moment, Rong Ting continued to fight for his family’s Emperor Father3.

“Even if we don’t consider that an engagement from the ancient times means nothing in modern times, if your Emperor Father were to stand in front of me right now, I wouldn’t even recognize him.” Song Yuan was also very solemn. “Or, you can consider me as divorced from your Emperor Father.”

Rong Ting was dumbstruck, a “this way was also possible?” expression on his face. “Empress Mother, be cautious with your words!”

“Divorce should have been possible in the ancient times, too, right? Anyways, your Emperor Father has three thousand beauties in his harem, and maybe he’d be happier without me. You said yourself that your Emperor Father is open-minded; he wouldn’t mind if I one-sidedly divorced him ba?” The more Song Yuan thought about it, the more she felt she was correct. “Gugu, I know it’s hard for you to accept right now that your mom and dad have separated, but you still have to learn to accept it. Look at me. I was about the same age as you when my parents divorced, and I learned to accept it.”

“You, you are forcing logic4!”

“How is this forcing logic? There’s clearly reason and evidence. Gugu, you have to be fair. Think about it. Other than me, your Emperor Father had this concubine and that concubine, and didn’t you accept it?”

Rong Ting froze. “That is different.”

Song Yuan shot him a glance. “How is it different? Oh, it’s normal for men to have three wives and four concubines. Gugu, it’s very dangerous to have such thoughts. Now I’m worried you won’t be able to find a girlfriend in the future.”

Rong Ting understood that he couldn’t win an argument against Empress Mother.

What was more, he was already showing faint signs of being brainwashed. He was really starting to believe that men having three wives and four concubines was excessive.

“Emperor Father has never stepped foot in the rear palace.” Rong Ting was still very proud. No matter what he thought in his heart, his mouth was unyielding.

“I’m also just looking at good-looking guys. I didn’t do anything ah.”

Rong Ting became desperate and finally smashed the broken pot. “Enough, it has nothing to do with gu!”

Song Yuan was satisfied. “That’s great. Come, Your Highness, let’s go eat cake~”

Late at night, Rong Heng sat on a sofa with a stack of data lying on the desk.

He flipped through the data. Included inside was the DNA test result for Song Yuan and Rong Ting.

Thinking back to the unfamiliar gaze with which she had looked at him, Rong Heng’s expression was unfathomable.

He had thought of thousands of possibilities, but he had never expected that she had actually forgotten about him.

Song Yuan drove to work in the mornings. She knew that her commute wasn’t long, so she always strictly abided by the rules and regulations. It was no exaggeration to say that, in the two years she had had her license, the number of traffic violations she had committed was particularly low.

She was driving to work as usual when she ran into an unusual traffic jam, and she encountered a car that was trying to cut in front of her5. Unable to brake in time, she crashed into its rear end.

Truthfully speaking, she didn’t normally encounter cars cutting in line, but in such a situation, there basically were no drivers who would try. In the past she would let it be, and today she wanted to, too, but the other party had been too abrupt, and she had run into them before she could react.

Song Yuan felt apologetic. This would make the originally congested road even worse, and everyone was an office worker trying to get to work.

She hurriedly got out of the car, wanting to quickly deal with the situation so as to free up the road and not delay others from going to work.

Who could have known that a woman would come out of the car and, upon seeing Song Yuan hurrying over, snap, “Do you know how to drive? Can you drive or not! If you can’t drive then why are you on the road!”

Song Yuan was confused.

It was truly the first time she had seen someone who was obviously in the wrong acting so self-righteous.

Everybody knew that if you wanted to cut in line and ended up being rear-ended by the other party, the traffic police would deem you fully responsible.

The woman noticed that Song Yuan wasn’t speaking, and seeing that her car’s rear bumper had caved in, became even angrier. “What rotten luck. Do you know how expensive my car is? I could buy three or four of your run-down car with that money. If you can’t drive, you should take the subway or the bus. Isn’t your driving putting other people in danger?”

Song Yuan knew that this was a person who couldn’t be reasoned with. She couldn’t be bothered to talk with the other party, so she grabbed her phone and called the traffic police.

The woman was the driver. At this time, a young man also got out of the car. Originally, he had had an impatient look on his face, but upon seeing Song Yuan, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he hurried over to Song Yuan and smiled. “Miss, I’m sorry. It was our fault, alright, so let’s not bring in the traffic police. Let’s settle the matter privately; we’ll compensate you with however much we need to pay.”

Song Yuan took a step back, her brows wrinkling further. The woman had been unreasonable, and this man was not much better. His way of speaking and his gaze were both sleazy.

“Excuse me.” Song Yuan had already contacted the traffic police. She didn’t want to privately settle with these two because she felt she would give herself unnecessary trouble. Let the police come.

The woman, seeing her boyfriend behaving so shamefully, was even more agitated.

Her boyfriend could be considered to be a local rich second generation who relied on his family having a bit of money to play around. She had also snatched him away from her best friend.

Now, seeing her boyfriend showing interest in and acting very attentive to Song Yuan, the woman was furious. Her temper wasn’t very good, and at this moment, she couldn’t be bothered to cover it up. “What ‘settle it privately,’ huh, I’ve seen many people like her. They see a luxury-brand car, rear-end it, then use the opportunity to leave behind their phone number.”

Song Yuan was speaking on the phone with her back turned.

“Clearly, you’re the one who cut in. I told you not to, but you insisted. Have some manners. Also, this is my car,” the young man said impatiently. “What nonsense are you saying?”

“Chen Hao, what do you mean, you! You’re the one who told me to get out of the car and deal with the problem. Did you forget that you were calling the other person in the car a stupid fuck6?! Now that you see the other person’s young and pretty, you want to get together with her!”

The woman’s anger grew the more she spoke. She was feeling very aggrieved, and seeing that her boyfriend was staring at Song Yuan the entire time, her anger burst, and she rushed over to pummel her boyfriend.

The young man ducked, cursing. Song Yuan turned around and saw the woman’s hand coming towards her.

Song Yuan was just an innocent bystander7. The woman could stop at any time–she was, after all, about to hit Song Yuan. But she didn’t want to stop. Deciding to make the best out of a mistake8 and use it for personal gain9, she wanted to hit Song Yuan. Afterwards, she would apologize for her slip of the hand.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed the woman’s wrist.

The owner of that hand stood in front of Song Yuan.

Rong Heng expressionlessly looked at the woman.

The woman felt guilty, but she had always been arrogant and willful. She wanted to scold the person to cover up her guilt, but when she met Rong Heng’s gaze, she was shocked.

She didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she felt like the man in front of her wanted to kill her…

Rong Heng was of the imperial family, and the Son of Heaven was imposing even when he wasn’t angry. Moreover, this woman insulted his wife in front of him and even wanted to take advantage of the chaos to hit her. This was the modern times, but if it were the ancient times, this person would have spilled blood on the spot.

Song Yuan was also stunned. She realized that this person was the handsome, white-haired ge she had seen at the bakery.

[1] Again, Song Yuan is using the word 帅. Search up this word on Google Images for your daily dose of eye candy~ (unless boyishly handsome looks aren’t really your type)

[2] For newly initiated Cnovel readers, anything to do with vinegar tends to be about jealousy (usually related to romance). Knocking over vinegar jars, drinking vinegar, etc. etc…

[3] 打抱不平: to come to the aid of somebody suffering an injustice

[4] 强词夺理: to resort to sophistry in self-justification; to twist words and force logic

[5] 加塞: lit. add to congestion. I’m not sure if there’s a formal term for this in English. Zipper merging, maybe? Late merging? It’s the traffic equivalent of cutting in line. The common belief is that zipper merging/late merging/whatever makes traffic worse, hence the name. It’s also socially looked down upon and generally seen as rude LOL

[6] 傻逼: another way of writing 傻屄, which literally means foolish + cunt (a vulgar term for the vulva and an extremely offensive insult). Can be used as a noun (dumbfuck, stupid cunt, one who is stupid or foolish) or an adjective (stupid or foolish), but the noun version is apparently STRONGLY offensive, while the adjective is just offensive

[7] 殃及(的)池鱼: lit. pond fish upon whom disaster was brought; fig. an innocent party caught up in unjustified misfortune. Originally from a poem from Lv Buwei’s “Mr. Lv’s Spring and Autumn (Annals)” called “必己” (must/will + self?)

[8] 将错就错: lit. if it’s wrong, it’s wrong; fig. to make the best after a mistake; to accept an error and adapt to it

[9] 浑水摸鱼: to fish in muddied waters; fig. to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain

Cheese: my laptops harddrive suddenly died on me on friday so im currently writing this through my moms tablet LMAO lmk if there are any formatting errors and ill get to them whenever i get my laptop fixed! Thankfully i tld a few chapters ahead in anticipation of things like this happening

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