MGCH Chapter 589

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Reality (7)

She watched him use a hand to loosen the tie around his collar, revealing his sexy Adam’s apple. When his fingers slid across that protrusion, it inexplicably brought out an air of sensual charm1.

His next move was unexpectedly ferocious.

He held the back of her head, pulled her arm with one hand, and pressed her soft body into his arms.

Her heart suddenly hurt.

And the favorability notifications continued. 【Sixty-five days, seventy days…】

She was both pained and excited, and her heart pounded.

She felt like…dying.

Bai Weiwei fiercely gripped his clothes. Her eyes were unfocused and blurred. She only saw Ye Yuxuan’s pair of deep eyes, carrying a scorching fire that seemed like it would burn her.

She turned soft.

And the system’s voice chimed.

【Detecting complications with the host’s life. Launching the newbie gift pack, received three days of vegetative life.】

Bai Weiwei’s heart disease had relapsed.

Ye Yuxuan released her and discovered that her face was covered in sweat. With a pale face and closed eyes, she leaned weakly into his arms.

He half-hugged her, looking at her with his lips pursed for half a second, before suddenly reaching up and placing his hand on her chest.

“Now, you should like me.”

Her heartbeat had sped up for him.

A person suddenly rushed out from around the corner. Qin Qiu’s face was frantic as he shouted, “My dage, she’s having a heart attack! Quick quick quick, send her to the emergency room, ah!”

A trace of confusion flashed across Ye Yuxuan’s eyes.

The adjacent door opened, and Bai Changyan stuck his head out, frowning. “Who’s having a heart attack?”

His daughter was a patient with a heart disease, so his hearing was very sensitive to such words.

Qin Qiu’s footsteps abruptly halted, and his complexion changed drastically.

Bai Changyan felt that something was wrong and turned his head to look.

And he saw Ye Yuxuan with his breathing in disorder, his collar pulled open, and his tie hanging loosely. He looked like a beast in human clothing2.

In his arms, Bai Weiwei’s head was tilted as she leaned softly against him, unconscious.

Bai Changyan looked at that beast’s hand that was placed on his daughter’s chest…

The scene was quiet for a long moment.

Both Matchmaker Qin and Father Bai were silent for two seconds.

Ye Yuxuan had already reacted immediately–he held Bai Weiwei and quickly ran in the direction of the emergency room.

Qin Qiu reached out. Don’t leave me behind!

The next moment, Father Bai had already firmly gripped Qin Qiu’s neck. “Quickly, my daughter’s been taken away by that animal! I’m going to call the police to arrest him!”

The police were useless, ah.

Qin Qiu nearly blacked out3.

Fortunately, Bai Changyan had also recovered his wits. He immediately released his grip, and the two people staggered after them.

They chased them to the emergency room.

Only to be informed that Ye Yuxuan and Bai Weiwei had entered.

Bai Changyan also wanted to go in.

But several nurses and doctors stopped him. “Anyone who is not the patient cannot go in–it will disrupt the emergency treatment.”

Bai Changyan was full of grief and outrage. “How can that lowbrow and shameless bastard4 Ye Yuxuan get in? My daughter is still in his hands!”

1: 色气: used to describe someone as very attractive, or when an action is very provocative and gives off a lethal charm or makes people fantasize.

2: 衣冠禽兽: lit. dressed up animal; fig. immoral and despicable person.

3: 背(过)气(去): 背气 means to stop breathing (as a medical condition). Not sure if this is the medical term for apnea? 背过气 can also figuratively mean to faint from excessive anger

4: (下流)(无耻)的(混蛋): (low-class, vulgar, or obscene) and (without any sense of shame) (scoundrel/bastard/hoodlum). The word for bastard literally means “mixed egg” LOL.


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  1. BWW’s dad is really too pitiful lol… He has no idea what’s happening, just knows that his daughter’s life is continually in danger and she’s always being attacked by YYX lmao

    1. His blood pressure’s through the roof, he might pass out and have to stay in the hospital again.

  2. YYX has mastered the art of Facial Paralysis along with the Mastery of Indifference. He knows one when he sees one😌🤟 Weiwei, you ain’t escapin’ this dude anytime soon lolol

    Also, Bai papa (lmao), I silently light a candle for you in my heart. Qin Qiu, Matchmaker-dono, jiayou hakhak

  3. That moment when you think someone’s heart is speeding up because they like you but they’re just having a heart attack 🙃

  4. God I like This novel very much🤣 but it’s sad that she keep fainting in the real world.

  5. Omg this chapter made me laugh so hard for some reason, I couldn’t take it when everyone suddenly realised she was having a hard attack and BWW’s father clued in and saw the scene, it’s just too funny 😂

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