MGCH Chapter 591

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (2)

After Lu Zixi finished showering, he walked out in a towel.

His broad shoulders, narrow hips, and two legs were like walking aphrodisiacs, making it impossible for people to control themselves.

He cast a faint glance at the woman on the bed. Last night he had gotten drunk and actually slept with a woman of unknown origins. It made him sick just thinking about it.

“Are you the new artist that joined the company, ba? Just say what female lead role you want to play, and then we’ll consider the matter settled.”

Saying this, he turned his back to Bai Weiwei and smoothly got dressed.

Suddenly, a small hand weakly clutched a corner of his clothing.

Lu Zixi’s cold eyes narrowed. “Let go. Don’t ask for a yard after taking an inch.”

He had seen too many greedy women.

It was just disgusting.

This was the reason why he had never touched women in the entertainment industry.

Yesterday night had been the twenty-fifth anniversary of Tian Na, and all the artists and people from other entertainment companies had attended.

A few drinks later, he woke up to find an unfamiliar woman lying next to him.

At this moment, he felt as though he had swallowed a fly.

Sending her away with a female lead role was generous enough.

If she still wanted more, he could freeze1 her with a raise of his hand.

The owner of the small hand seemed to be frightened.

Her fingers trembled violently. Finally, she said in a choked voice: “Uncle, I won’t report you, so can you not tell other people?”


Lu Zixi’s eyes went cold, and he looked back.

And he was that the unfamiliar woman on the bed was… a girl.

She kept her head down. Her body was wrapped in a bedsheet, and a few strands of her long black hair were stubbornly sticking out. Her fingers gently tugged at his clothes.

She looked extremely clever.

She choked out: “Don’t tell others. If my mom finds out that I slept with an old man…”

She seemed to find this sentence too shameful. Her ears were dyed with a light pink.

“She’ll beat me to death.”

Old man

Lu Zixi’s face darkened again.

Suddenly, she raised her head to look at him.

Her large apricot eyes were filled with panicked2 tears. There were no traces of imperfections in her soft, fair skin.

She looked unusually young, childish and immature, and full of a girlish feeling.

She seemed to be holding on, but her eyes full of fear couldn’t be hidden.

“I”m begging you, uncle, please don’t tell other people.”

Lu Zixi’s brain was buzzing. “How old are you?”

He couldn’t have slept with a minor, ba?

Bai Weiwei hesitated for a moment. “My birthday was yesterday. I just turned eighteen.”

Lu Zixi relaxed. Luckily, she wasn’t a minor.

But eighteen also wasn’t old. Selling herself as such a young age definitely wasn’t a good thing.

Lu Zixi shook off her hand. “Fine. Don’t pretend to act all pitiful. Remember to go look for your agent and have him report to me.”

Bai Weiwei staggered back a few steps. She tripped over the sheets and fell to the ground.

Lu Zixi had already reached the door. He opened the door, then happened to glance back.

He saw her looking dazed and confused.

Her soft, white skin seemed like it could break with just a touch, and her silly expression was so unbelievably cute.

Lu Zixi didn’t know how, but it was the first time he had ever come across such a young girl climbing into his bed.

He frowned, then turned his head and left.

As soon as the door shut, Bai Weiwei jumped to her feet.

“Tongzi, I think if Lu Zixi finds out that I’m his younger sister, he’d kill me, ba.”

System: “Which male lead didn’t want to kill you at first.”

Bai Weiwei thought about it. She didn’t know if it was because of the system’s screening, but her memories of the capture planes were a bit blurred.

1: 封杀冷藏: to shut out/block + to freeze. As in freezing her assets/resources and preventing her from working in the entertainment industry.

2: 惊慌失措: to lose one’s head out of fear.


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