MGCH Chapter 592

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (3)

But in these blurred memories…… That’s right, in almost all of them, the male leads had really wanted to kill her.

Ha ha.

This time, after she processed the memories, Bai Weiwei felt like the difficulty was quite high.

She was Lu Zixi’s sister1, but in fact, she couldn’t really be considered one.

This involved the dog blood2 grudges of the previous generation.

Bai Weiwei’s mother was Bai Ziwen. When she was young, she was a small eighteenth-tier actress in the entertainment circle.

Her appearance was extremely beautiful and she was also very ambitious. Thus, she gradually seduced Lu Zixi’s dad, Lu Renjia.

Afterwards, she got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.

Lu Renjia already had a wife, the only daughter of the director of a leading entertainment company in the industry.

Because Lu Renjia had had an affair, she became depressed and took Lu Zixi, who was only seven years old, to jump off the building.

Lu Zixi survived, but his mother died tragically.

Many years had already passed.

Lu Renjia died early. Lu Zixi took over his grandfather’s3 position and his father’s career, successfully becoming the new leader of the entertainment industry.

Able to summon the wind and rain4 in the entertainment circle.

And in comparison, Bai Ziwen was miserable. After Lu Zixi’s mother died, she was afraid of retaliation.

She fled with her two-year-old daughter.

But because of her negligence, her daughter unexpectedly caught a high fever and died of sickness.

However, in her heart, Bai Ziwen still hoped to return to the Lu family one day.

And her daughter was her only bargaining chip.

She refused to give up. Thus, she went to an orphanage and adopted the original owner, who looked similar to her daughter. 

She thought of an opportunity to take the fake Bai Weiwei to be recognized by the family.

But before she could return, Lu Renjia died.

Without her backer, Bai Ziwen could only put aside her plan temporarily and think of another chance to return in the future.

However, due to various reasons, the plan didn’t succeed even until the original owner grew up.

Bai Ziwen finally gave up on this unrealistic plan.

She also decided not to raise the original owner, this money-losing goods, anymore.

Last night, on the original owner’s birthday, Bai Ziwen received the money.

Then she got her daughter drunk and threw her inside the fat, short, and ugly director’s room.

The original owner still retained her consciousness and ran away while staggering.

She directly intruded inside Lu Zixi’s hotel room.

Then …

Then, she lay down and slept beside the equally drunk Lu Zixi, who slept like a dead pig.

Both of them had the habit of sleeping naked.

En5, that was how the misunderstanding arose.

Bai Weiwei wrapped herself with the sheets and went to take a bath. She decided to take care of this complicated relationship and think about how she should complete the mission.

After the bath, the hotel service bought her a new dress.

When she was packing up the original body’s things, she noticed the mobile phone.

Several of the missed calls were from … Mom?

Bai Weiwei thought about it before calling her back.

As soon as she dialed, Bai Ziwen’s cold voice came through.

“Where did you go last night? Do you have any idea how angry Lin Dao was? How will you debut like this blablabla…” 

The woman’s voice was like a sharp noise.

Bai Weiwei set her phone aside and just let her vent.

Then she leisurely took out nail clippers and began to trim her nails.

After she finished cutting, Bai Weiwei picked up the phone again.

“Is everyone dead, why are you keeping quiet? Forget it, Mother won’t force you anymore.” Bai Ziwen’s voice softened abruptly.

Bai Weiwei recalled in her memory, this woman doesn’t seem to ever speak nicely to the original body.

Sure enough, Bai Ziwen said, “Do you know who Lu Zixi is?”

Bai Weiwei cleared her throat and quickly entered the role.

Her voice was soft with a thread of cowardice, “En, mom, I know.”

Bai Ziwen shouted excitedly: “That is your brother, he is the CEO of Tian Na. We’re going to be rich.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

1: 妹妹 pinyin meimei: Younger sister.

2: 狗血: literally dog blood but figurative for melodramatic.

3: 外公: Maternal grandfather/ your mother’s father.

4: 呼风唤雨: able to do whatever he wants.

5: 嗯: nonverbal grunt as interjection/ interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement


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  1. So they aren’t actually related, and they actually didn’t sleep with each other. This world is almost cute. Thank you for the chapter!

  2. So … in this timeline, our FL and her target are conveniently at the same hotel, the target’s hotel room is also conveniently unlocked and both FL and her target conveniently have the same practice of sleeping naked?

    On top of that the former mistress of the target’s father adopts a replacement daughter to bilk her lover’s family out of money … does this plane not have DNA testing?!

    Kudos for the author letting us know very early that the FL and her target are not actually blood relations, though.

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