MGCH Chapter 594

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (5)

“Got it? We can’t fail.”

Bai Weiwei finally nodded, “Okay, mother.”

Bai Ziwen smiled immediately, “Weiwei is the most obedient.”

Bai Weiwei: “Ha ha.”

With such a mother, she really wants to let her fly off into the sky.

– – – – – – – – – –

Lu Zixi was in the middle of talking to the famous director Xiao Yi about a new movie he was recently interested in investing in.

When the discussion was almost over, Xiao Yi said with a smile: Have you not thought about being the male lead? Ever since you became Film Emperor and retired at twenty, you haven’t appeared on the screens.”

Lu Zixi brows were dark, and when the mottled shadows of the bamboo at the door fell on his handsome face.

It was stunning to the point of breathtaking.

He was indifferent. “The company’s business is busy enough. I don’t need to go out and appear in the public.”

He entered the entertainment circle at the age of fifteen and became the Film Emperor when he was twenty.

The reason was that, in order to take over the company, he needed a better understanding of how the entertainment industry operated.

Xiao Yi said with some pity, “It’s really hard to find an actor with the same qualifications as you.”

Lu Zixi lit a cigarette. “Take your time looking. You will find that finding someone with the same qualifications as me is not difficult, but impossible. ”

He finished speaking and suddenly saw a white figure out of the corner of his eyes.

It looked familiar.

It seemed like the girl who woke up in his bed the night before.

To this day, she had not asked her agent to ask her for a reward.

Lu Zixi thought of her white and soft skin. Under the light, it was as bright as light.

And when she looked at him, she was ignorant to the point of being soft and harmless.

In hindsight, the smell of the wine on her body had been so strong that perhaps she hadn’t been forced onto his bed.

【Ding, the male lead’s favourability has increased to -5.】

Bai Weiwei heard the reminder. She didn’t know how she increased her favorability.

But later, when she called him gege.

It was estimated that Lu Zixi’s favorability would drop wildly.

A negative twenty or thirty was not a problem.

But thinking about streaking around the earth, that is, a negative one hundred, she had to bite the bullet.

Suddenly, two figures came forward.

One of them she didn’t know.

The other was … Lu Zixi.

Bai Weiwei hesitated for half a second. Whether she acknowledged him early or late, he would still be her brother sooner or later.

Procrastination was not her style.

Bai Weiwei rushed forward a few steps, suddenly reached out her hand, and hugged Lu Zixi fiercely.

Lu Zixi stiffened.

Not waiting for his response.

He heard the girl in his arm call him clearly and softly.


Lu Zixi was blank for a few seconds: “…”

Bai Weiwei buried her head in his chest and hugged him nervously.

The soft body squeezed into his arms.

Lu Zixi could even feel the soft warmth of her chest against him.

Her voice trembled slightly, “Gege.”

This ‘gege’ was called gently.

Lu Zixi’s hearing was tickled by her.

He couldn’t help lowering his head, just about to say something.

But when he saw her looking up, she showed a delicate and lovely face. Her face was red, and her eyes were full of wet admiration.

She opened her lips and seemed to want to call him gege again.

But suddenly her face changed dramatically.

She looked at his face, her tone suddenly changed, “Uncle ……”

Bai Weiwei was shocked and released him, immediately moving back a few steps. Her face was pale, “I’m sorry, Uncle, I got the wrong person.”

“Oh, silly child. How could you recognize the wrong person? Didn’t mother tell you that this is your brother Lu Zixi? ”

Bai Ziwen rushed over and pushed Bai Weiwei into Lu Zixi’s arms.

“Xiao Xi, do you remember me? I’m Aunt Bai, ah. This is your little sister Bai Weiwei. You haven’t seen her before.”

When Bai Ziwen appeared, Lu Zixi’s face had sunk, and his eyes were as cold as ice. “Oh, my sister?”

Bai Ziwen smiled and fluttered. “Of course, do you remember Xiao Wei? You met when you were young.”

Lu Zixi only felt that the girl in her arms shuddered in fear.

She seemed to be unable to accept the fact that they were brother and sister.

After all, they had just slept together.

Lu Zixi remembered his mother’s death by jumping from a building.

A sneer was slowly drawn from the corner of his lips.

And his fingers ran through Bai Weiwei’s long hair, touched her delicate neck, and forcefully pulled it back.

Her face, hung low, was forced to appear before him.

The soft eyes and innocent and pure face, he dared not believe.

Lu Zixi said softly, “Hello, meimei.”

The tone was malicious and full of cold disgust.

【Ding, the male lead’s favourability is -20.】


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