MGCH Chapter 597

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Sera

The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (8)

Lu Zixi suddenly threw the shower head aside. “Forget it, killing you will dirty my hands. Get out.”

This was his room.

He didn’t want her to get dirty here.

Bai Weiwei’s face paled even further at his words, as though she’d been given a death sentence.

She mumbled: “I…”

Lu Zixi was expressionless. “Get out, don’t make me say it for a second time.”

The frightened Bai Weiwei stood up, trembling.

Then she slowly walked out.

Because she was too weak, she stumbled halfway through. Unable to steady herself, in time she crashed right into Lu Zixi’s arms.

Lu Zixi was just about to push her away.

But she suddenly hesitated, and grabbed his clothes. She looked up with red eyes and softly called out.


Lu Zixi froze.

Bai Weiwei unconsciously bit her lip, and more than half of her body rubbed against his.

Her voice quivered softly, weak but sticky. “Gege.”

Completely seductive.

And it was an unconscious act.

Lu Zixi’s breathing nearly stopped. His muscles were almost as stiff as rocks.

“Let go.”

Bai Weiwei was even more frightened. Her face was full of panic. “Don’t drive me away, gege, I’ll do anything.”

These words, along with her soft and still-wet body, could simply drive any man crazy.

Yet the expression in her eyes was so terribly pure.

As though she didn’t know how inviting she was to beasts.

Lu Zixi felt his breath heat up, but his eyes gave off an icy feeling.

As he thought, she was just as disgusting as her mother.

She was so young, yet she already knew how to seduce people.

He pressed down the fire burning in his chest and abdomen and was just about to kick her away.

Suddenly, a strained and broken cry came from her throat.

She cried pitifully, practically curled up in his arms.

“Gege, are you my gege?”

Lu Zixi paused his movement to push her away.

She cried, “Don’t drive me away, my mom will beat me to death.”

Her words were filled with fear.

“If you don’t acknowledge me, she’ll be really, really angry.”

Her fingers gripped his clothes with all her strength, as though he were her only salvation.

Lu Zixi’s anger was dampened by an inexplicable emotion.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -20.】

Seeming to be aware that something was wrong, he finally pushed her away.

“Alright, you look ugly when you’re constantly crying.”

Saying this, he picked up his feet and left, not daring to look back.

As though he was afraid he’d be soft-hearted.

Bai Weiwei watched him leave, her complexion deathly pale.

After a while.

The system said quietly: “He’s walked far away. He won’t return suddenly.”

The tears on Bai Weiwei’s miserable and timid face stopped.

She said faintly: “Lu Zixi is more stone-hearted than I thought. I had thought I could brush up the favorability to at least ten points.”

Although the system was used to seeing the drama queen’s sudden change in face, it still couldn’t help but say, its teeth aching: “Can’t you choose being a queen? My eyes can’t take it seeing you become this little white flower.”

Bai Weiwei sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to slap Bai Ziwen into circling around the Earth, then go straight to Lu Zixi and snatch some favorability, but…”

System: “But what?”

Bai Weiwei: “But Lu Zixi’s dear mom died tragically. If I had been tough, he would have treated me as an enemy and beat me to death in revenge.”

By that time, there’d be no need to explain the negative one hundred favorability.

Bai Weiwei: “Do you know, the identity that’s most likely to make Lu Zixi’s favorability rise?”

The system was silent for a moment before it guessed: “A meimei wearing a rabbit-ear costume and calling him gege on the bed?”

Bai Weiwei: …Tongzi, what movies have you been watching lately?

Cheese: the system really be out there exposing itself.

Sera: I really wanna know what the system watches all day to have such vivid imagination.


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  1. Omg; the system shares my opinion XDD I’d also loved for her to act as a Queen instead of this white cabbage or plant or whatsoever XDD

  2. It’s kind of weird how in a lot of arcs Weiwei is somehow responsible or related to the ML’s mom’s death, just think about the very first arc when the ML thought she was directly responsible for killing his mom. It’s like a reocuring theme, I wonder if it’s somehow signifigant to the real world.

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