MGCH Chapter 598

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (9)

She stifled the urge to pummel the system. “No, it’s a victim like him.”

System: “Your mom was also forced by a mistress to jump?”

Bai Weiwei, expressionless: “Return the meal you bought with my life points.”

System: “I just ate it. I can vomit it back up for you. It’s still nice and hot.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

– – – – – – – – – –

After Lu Zixi left, he saw the butler. He didn’t know what he thought of, but he stopped.

“Young Master.” The butler immediately greeted him.

He was silent for a moment before he reluctantly and unenthusiastically said: “Go have someone send over some ready-made women’s clothing ”

Butler: “Yes. And the size?”

Lu Zixi: “Height 1.65 meters1, weight 42 kilograms2, three measurements3, leg length, shoulder width…”

What came out of his mouth were super standard body measurements.

The butler nodded. “Young Master knows really well.”

These words made Lu Zixi choke.

The butler added, “A little skinny, ah.”

Lu Zixi: “Not skinny. Her bone structure is actually thin, and it feels very soft to touch.”

Butler: “…” What did he just hear?

Lu Zixi” “…” What did he just say?

The butler suddenly smiled, “I understand.”

Lu Zixi: What do you TM4 understand?

– – – – – – – – –

The system waited for more than half a day, “What are you still pouring cold water for?”

Bai Weiwei, with an expression of cold indifference: “Self-torture ruse5. Giving myself a fever to gain sympathy.”

System: “You’ve been pouring cold water for over half an hour, and your health is still pretty good. If you stay here any longer, the male lead is going to come back soon.”

Bai Weiwei lamented: “This body has grown in the image of Lin meimei6, so how could it be as robust as an ox?”

System: “Do you worry about your body being too healthy? Do you feel that you haven’t advanced to the era of walking three steps and coughing up blood? Do you feel…”

Bai Weiwei: “‘Do you’ need a beating? Advertise one more time and I’ll beat you until you take one step and cough up three jin of blood.”

The system spoke faster: “Beautiful disease capsule. With one day of life value, it lets you beautifully fall ill without worries7. It can be high fever, it can be fainting–any disease is possible.”

Bai Weiwei: “…Buy, ba.”

Being sick while also beautiful–en, sounds good.

After Lu Zixi finished giving instructions, he stood by the railing and smoked in a particularly bad mood.

He lowered his head towards the lawn one floor below.

In a trance, he saw his mother grab him, jumping from the top of the building.

Through a stroke of fortune, he had been saved by the canopy and returned from the brink of death.

And as for his mother… twisted limbs and bloodied flesh.

Lu Zixi’s face paled. He sucked in another few mouthfuls of smoke, then stopped his recollection.

“I will make Bai Ziwen and her daughter live a life worse than death.”

At that time, it was precisely because of the discovery of Bai Weiwei’s existence.

That his originally depressed mother had killed herself.

So in his heart, Bai Weiwei was no different from a murderer.

She wouldn’t still be in his room, ba?

Lu Zixi’s face sank, and decided to drive her out of his room, he turned to go back.

He opened the door and entered, then saw a dripping wet skirt draped over a chair.

Beneath the chair was a pair of light-colored, low-waist panties.

As well as… a bra8 of the same color.

Both of them wet.

Lu Zixi immediately closed his eyes, but he saw on his large, black bed.

A beautifully curved figure underneath the thin sheets.

She even dared to sleep in his bed?

Lu Zixi furiously marched over and lifted the bedsheets. Gritting his teeth, he said: “Bai Weiwei, you’re seeking death.”

But she didn’t respond.

She wore his shirt and hadn’t buttoned it up very far. A large stretch of exquisite white appeared.

Lu Zixi didn’t show the slightest bit of pity. He reached out and pulled her arm, only to discover that her entire body was scalding hot.

He frowned and let go, then touched her face.

His hands were hot–a severe high fever.

Seeming to realize someone was there, she blearily opened her eyes. Her eyes were watery and hazy.

Suddenly, she dazedly revealed a smile. “Gege, you came to save me?”

Lu Zixi: “Save you?”

Bai Weiwei: “Mom keeps hitting me. She said if you liked me, then she won’t hit me.”

Lu Zixi was stunned.

She weakly reached out and grasped the cuff of his sleeve. “So when will you like me?”

Lu Zixi didn’t respond. An inexplicable feeling smothered his heart.

He didn’t know why it felt so uncomfortable.

1: About 5 feet 5 inches.

2: Approximately 92.6 pounds.

3: 三围: bust, waist, hip (BWH) measurements.

4: TM: 他妈,他妈的/地. Usually means motherfucker, but it can be interpreted slightly differently depending on context.

5: 苦肉计: lit. bitter/suffering + meat/flesh; the trick of harming yourself to deceive others; seems to originate from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the most famous literary works of East Asia, and part of the Four Great Classics.

6: 林妹妹: the majority of the search results suggests that this is referring to Lin Daiyu, the heroine of Dream of the Red Chamber. I’m not sure what she has to do with Bai Weiwei being in good health, but she is described to be beautiful and talented. EDIT 7/24/2020: Thanks to FirePegasus for the assist! Lin Daiyu is known to be a sickly beauty, so Bai Weiwei is lamenting that she has Lin meimei‘s beauty, but not her sickly health.

7: 后顾之忧: fears of trouble in the rear; worries about future consequences. Possibly referring to side effects?.

8: 内衣: Lingerie or a bra, based on the dictionary and Google results.


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  1. Lin MeiMei was famous for being a very sickly beauty in the Dream of the Red Chamber. So Bai WeiWei is lamenting that her image is that of Lim MeiMei , but her health fails to live up to that image.

  2. She keeps saying that her mother hits her…but does she have bruises on her body to back up that claim? X’DD

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