MGCH Chapter 600

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (11)

Lu Zixi felt a string in his heart tighten. He didn’t know what this feeling was.

Suddenly, she stealthily reached up and grabbed a corner of his clothes.

Seeing his unresponsive appearance, Bai Weiwei let out a sigh of relief.

Lu Zixi noticed her behavior.

He didn’t know why, but he was silent for a moment and didn’t shake off her hand.

The doctor came and immediately took her temperature. It was nearly forty degrees1, a temperature that could burn her into a fool.

Transfusions, antipyretics, oral medication–a flurry of treatments followed.

Her fever started to come down.

And her hand, softly holding onto his sleeve, didn’t dare to let go from start to finish.

And Lu Zixi sat by the bed with a frosty expression from beginning to end.

Were her hands pincers?

Why didn’t she let go?

Wasn’t she tired?

His face darkened, and he took out a cigarette to smoke. Suddenly, his fingers paused.

Could patients inhale secondhand smoke?

Finally, Lu Zixi charitably turned back to give her a glance.

He spotted her flushed cheeks, her eyes watery as she looked at him foolishly.

Feeling hot, she kicked off the quilt.

The white shirt was disheveled, and only a few buttons were haphazardly fastened. She tilted her head, sweating profusely from the cooling fever.

Glittering crystals of sweat dripped from her white swan neck to her chest.

Lu Zixi stiffly held the cigarette between his fingers, his breathing heavy.

She wimpered softly, seeming somewhat uncomfortable.

Beautiful, long legs peeked out from behind the covers. Pink toes, shapely calves, round thighs…

The protrusion on Lu Zixi’s throat bobbed.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -15.】

He abruptly reached out and roughly placed the quilt over her body.

Then he turned around and glared fiercely at the doctor who was staring at the IV drip.

The doctor, feeling his hair stand on end at his glare, very sensibly left.

Only then did Lu Zixi notice that his behavior was not normal.

Pursing his lips, he lit the cigarette.

Why did he care if Bai Weiwei was a patient or not?

He was going to smoke, smoke her to death.

The room was filled with the smell of smoke. The more he smoked, the more upset he felt.

Finally, Lu Zixi realized that he was being too good to her.

What kind of person would treat the daughter of his enemy and bring over a doctor to see her and give her medicine?

The ten great tortures of the Qing dynasty2 crossed through his mind.

As well as all kinds of terrible torture methods.

She shouldn’t be allowed to live comfortably. Drag her out and throw her in ice water, then dump in buckets of chili.

Or throw her in the sauna room, turn up the temperature, and steam her to death.

Lu Zixi’s lips curled in a cold smile.

Then he cruelly turned back. He should give her an ugly death.

But he was caught by surprise when the fast-asleep person dazedly opened her eyes right at that moment.

Their gazes locked together.

She suddenly lifted her lips slightly in a sweet smile. “Gege.”

This ‘gege’ was sweet and sticky.

Capturing the ears of those who heard it.

Lu Zixi: “…”

For an instant, the ten great tortures had disappeared from his mind.

Then, he saw her grow tired and close her eyes again.

Her lips were still hooked into a smile. “How nice, I dreamed about gege again.”

Dreamed again…

Wasn’t the last and only time they met when she was two years old?

How could she dream about him again?

Lu Zixi was about to ask, but he heard her murmur: “I haven’t had such a good dream in a long time.”

These words held an indescribable sorrow.


She softly called him again.

Her voice was like a siren, pleasant and hooking in one’s soul.



Calling his soul, ah! Lu Zixi was extremely annoyed. “What do you want?”

1: 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

2: 满清十大酷刑: torture methods used (but not developed) by the Qing dynasty. Lingchi, which is often translated as ‘death by a thousand cuts’ and came up in one of the ancient era worlds (arc 2, I think?), is also considered to be part of the ten great tortures (which actually numbered more than ten). I don’t recommend looking it up if you’re triggered, squicked, or otherwise uncomfortable with depictions and descriptions of bodily torture.


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