MGCH Chapter 601

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (12)

Bai Weiwei was silent. Just when Lu Zixi thought that she had fallen asleep.

He heard her broken sobbing.

“How nice, gege finally answered me. I’m so afraid I’ll wake up and I won’t be able to dream about such a good thing.”

She had fallen so terribly sick.

All he did was answer her, and she was this moved.

Lu Zixi didn’t understand how Bai Weiwei’s brain worked at all.

His thoughts of revenge were once again extinguished.

Bai Weiwei unconsciously called out “gege” again, then fell deeply asleep.

Lu Zixi let out a sigh of relief.

The butler suddenly walked in with light steps.

“Young Master, the information has been compiled.”

Lu Zixi accepted the information and began to browse through it. His face darkened as he continued to read.

When he reached the end, he wanted to hurl the packet away.

But thinking of something, he threw a glance at the person fast asleep on the bed and swallowed down his outrage.

Then he stood up, left, and walked to a relatively more distant place.

He suddenly threw the information packet, then kicked a decorative vase standing in the hallway.

The papers that were thrown out scattered.

The papers were full of medical records, as well as photos of gruesome1 scars.

All this information.

Lu Zixi thought that such things could only appear in the news.

Beatings, torture, confinement–starting when she was just two or three years old.

If he hadn’t met Bai Weiwei, if he hadn’t thought to investigate.

How would he have found out about such things?

Bai Ziwen, that crazy woman. After leaving his father that year, she began to be unable to stand the loneliness.

She took the kid and hooked up with other men.

And left the three-year-old Bai Weiwei by herself in the rented room.

Thirsty but nothing to drink, hungry but nothing to eat.

She had nearly starved to death several times.

She was later discovered and rescued by community volunteers, so there was some documentation for him to find.

When Lu Renjia died, Bai Ziwen probably thought that she would be unable to return to the Lu Family.

So she began to abuse Bai Weiwei, who was only a few years old.

The most serious incident was when Bai Weiwei was hit with a chair and broke her rib.

After staying in the hospital, the record was left behind.

All the information recorded in the hospital was of serious injuries.

But there was no trace of her countless minor injuries, her days and nights of abuse.

Bai Ziwen treated Bai Weiwei as a trash can for her crazed venting.

In other words, Bai Weiwei had grown up in an abusive environment.

It was no wonder that she was always fawning and there was always fear in her eyes.

This material had been hurriedly sent over.

Who knew how many more unscrupulous things Bai Ziwen had done that they hadn’t yet uncovered.

Lu Zixi lowered his head and took out a cigarette, his icy expression frighteningly tensed.

When he read the information.

He could nearly see the young Bai Weiwei, bruised and battered, cowering in the corner.

Suddenly, he saw a piece of paper beneath his foot.

He had read through the papers in a rush and overlooked this one.

He bent down to pick it up. There was only a single paragraph. It said that Bai Weiwei had had a period of time when her abuse had induced hallucinations.

She drew a picture of a gege and kept it with her.

This picture was also kept in the hospital record.

The gege was shown below.

And it wasn’t him…

Lu Zixi couldn’t hold back a sneer. What bullshit. Bai Weiwei couldn’t have recognized him at that time.

No wonder when she was muddleheaded from illness, she called for her gege.

The person she was calling for was her imaginary gege.

How desperate must a person be?

To only be able to rely on an illusion for survival.

1: 触目惊心: lit. shocks the eye, astonishes the heart; fig. shocking or horrible to see.


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