MGCH Chapter 602

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (13)

Lu Zixi lit the cigarette with slightly trembling fingers. The smile at the edges of his lips gradually turned bitter.

“Such a miserable life. How the hell1 am I supposed to take revenge?”

The people he hated the most were the pair of mother and daughter.

Cheating was not enough for his mother to jump off the building.

It was Bai Weiwei, this spawn of evil, that was the final straw that broke his mother’s reason.

So the list of people he hated was not limited to just Bai Ziwen.

Bai Weiwei was also one of the culprits.

But after seeing the data on her innumerable scars, how could he hate her?

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability has risen to -5.】

The butler walked over, bent down, and began to collect the papers scattered on the floor.

When he saw the medical records, he couldn’t hold back a sigh. “This mother is a savage. How did such a small child survive?”

When Lu Zixi heard this, his fingers shook, and the cigarette fell to the ground.

He immediately turned around and left, afraid that if he heard more, he would grow completely soft-hearted.

No matter how hard-hearted one was, it was impossible to be completely indifferent to a child suffering abuse.

Moreover, how could he not acknowledge…

That Bai Weiwei was also his sister.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is 0.】

Bai Weiwei was dazed from sleep when she heard the system’s shouts.

“The favorability is zero? What’s going on? Is my system poisoned?”

Bai Weiwei had a headache, and the aftereffects of the forced high fever made her limbs sore.

She struggled to think for a moment before saying: “Didn’t I spend three days of life so you could fabricate data?”

It was true that the original owner didn’t live well.

Bai Ziwen paid hardly any attention to her daughter.

So beyond the necessary living expenses, she barely put in any care.

When she was a child, she was thrown to a nanny. Bai Ziwen’s face was, after all, still good.

Hooking up as a mistress didn’t take much, and supporting herself was no issue.

If it weren’t for her gambling addiction, she wouldn’t have paid much attention to the original owner.

What child abuse, ah, what not giving her anything to eat?

It was all made up using Bai Weiwei’s knowledge from legal programs.

Now that she had life points, she could spend them to make her capture strategy easier.

System: “What kind of information could make the male lead’s favorability rise straight to zero?”

Bai Weiwei: “Naturally, as long as he’s not an animal, when he sees the information, he won’t be able to sympathize with me fast enough, let alone hate me.”

If not for Lu Zixi hating her, and hating her for many years.

She bet that there would have been a surge of favorability.

Now that she achieved a neutral favorability of zero, those three days of life value could be considered worthwhile.

System: “Why didn’t I feel anything when I read the information?”

Bai Weiwei: “Because you’re an animal.”

System: “…”

– – – – – – – – – –

Xiao Yi hurriedly rushed over from the filming site.

“How are you free to call me out? Did you change your mind? Do you want to come back?

The man who sat on the chair had a stunningly perfect profile under the lighting. Beneath the tall bridge of his nose were a pair of slightly pursed, thin lips.

His eyes were like handsome peach blossom eyes, but slightly narrower.

He could shoot a faint glance at people, and the light in his eyes could snatch the soul.

Just sitting there, his entire body held a dramatic flair2.

This person was Lu Zixi.

He said icily: “I called you out for a drink.”

Xiao Yi lifted a hand and had the bartender serve some alcohol. “Something troubling you?”

He wouldn’t run out for a drink if there weren’t something bothering him.

Lu Zixi’s eyes were cold and indifferent. “No.”

Xiao Yi: “There must be. Could it be women troubles?”

Lu Zixi’s thoughts were somewhat scattered. He hadn’t returned for a week because he had no idea how to face Bai Weiwei.

He hated her, then when he recalled her miserable past.

He didn’t hate her, and he even felt sorry for her.

Suddenly, he raised his head toward the TV in front of the bar.

It was an advertisement. There was a bright, colorful, emerald-green forest, and a white, slender, elf-like3 figure running out of the great expanse of green.

She wore a knee-high skirt, and her long, fluffy hair was tied into a playful and lively high ponytail.

Under the sunlight, she suddenly looked back and smiled.

The bright light lit up her eyes, stunning from every angle.

Xiao Yi instantly stood up. “A good seed, ah, her performance in this shot is too amazing.”

Lu Zixi froze and stared blankly at the TV screen.

Bai Weiwei?

The her in the shot was so shockingly spirited and playful, her cowardly and fearful expression nowhere to be seen.

Lu Zixi didn’t know why his heart seemed to stir.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is 5.】

1: 他妈: lit. her mom, but it means fuck/fucking.

2: 充满戏: this sentence stumped me for a while, but I get back images of model poses or screenshots from dramas.

3: 精灵: could be spirit, fairy, elf, sprite, or genie?


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