MGCH Chapter 603

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (14)

Xiao Yi clutched his heart. “I’m dying, who is this girl? My angel, I must go find her.”

He felt a sudden chill.

He turned his head and saw Lu Zixi looking at him with cold and gloomy eyes.

His gaze was like looking at an enemy.

Xiao Yi trembled. Did he say anything just now that offended Lu Zixi?

Lu Zixi looked again at the TV with an icy expression, but the advertisement was over.

He finished the wine in his hand, then stood up to check out. “I’m leaving.”

Xiao Yi: “Wait, didn’t you call me out to drink?”

But Lu Zixi had already moved his long legs and left.

Xiao Yi stood there with a blank face. It was only later that he realized that Lu Zixi, this fellow, seemed to have only paid his own bill.

Why was he so stingy?

Clearly he was the one telling others to come.

– – – – – – – – – –

The advertisement Bai Weiwei had filmed completely exploded in popularity.

Bai Weiwei had, in fact, gone to shoot the advertisement, but she hadn’t expected it to spread so quickly.

She had gone to shoot an ad purely because of the previous world plane’s branch task reward.

【Ding, rewarding a peak little fresh temperament.】

【No matter how arrogant you are1, how oddly you walk2, how uncultured you look wielding a brick3 and sloppy you are eating lamb skewers4, or even when spitting and shitting in the street, you can achieve the appearance of the nation’s cute and beautiful first love, pure and moving in all 360 degrees with no dead angles.】

What a good reward.

That was the slogan. How disgusting.

To test the effect of the reward, she filmed a generic green tea advertisement.

She just casually smiled at the camera.

And she became a hit.

Now the streets were full of posters of her looking back and smiling, her eyes full of sunshine.

Posts about the green tea meimei were everywhere on the internet.

If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have shot a green tea ad.

Green tea meimei… it was too unpleasant to listen to5.

Even milk tea would have been fine.

Bai Weiwei returned home… to Bai Ziwen’s home.

After filming the ad, she had left the Lu home without taking anything with her.

The system was still lecturing: “The pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first6. Why are you leaving?”

Bai Weiwei, calmly indifferent: “Distance makes the heart grow fonder7. Also, it’s strange that Lu Zixi didn’t react when I was together with Bai Ziwen.”

The abused meimei, returning to the abuser’s side.

Any brother with a bit of a conscience would be a little softhearted.

Bai Ziwen was home. Drunk, she saw Bai Weiwei return.

She began to swear, “Why did you only come back now? Do you know how many times Lin Dao has come looking for me?”

She had done her utmost to have Bai Weiwei brought home to be recognized by her ancestors.

But seeing Lu Zixi’s attitude, Bai Ziwen knew that it would be nearly impossible.

Lu Renjia was dead, so there was no more hope.

So she gave up her plan and wanted to sell Bai Weiwei for a bit of money.

Bai Weiwei leisurely sat on the sofa, then took out the little dessert she had just bought. She ate as she watched Bai Ziwen act in a drunken rage.

Bai Ziwen continued to scole some more.

“If it weren’t for me, could you have survived until now? You should be grateful to me.”

Bai Weiwei swallowed a mouthful of cream. Delicious.

“Look at how ugly you are. You want to become a star without sleeping with a director?”

Bai Weiwei’s face was calm as she continued to eat her dessert.

“I’m talking to you, ne, yet you dare to eat?”

Bai Ziwen was drunk, and she only found out later that Bai Weiwei had the back of her head turned towards her since the beginning.

And she was unusually calm as she ate, ate, ate.

Furious, she staggered over, wanting to grab Bai Weiwei’s hair.

“I’m talking to you, do you not hear me?”

Bai Weiwei turned her head and grabbed Bai Ziwen’s wrist. She twisted, then pulled hard, causing Bai Ziwen’s entire body to fall to the ground.

1: 鼻孔朝天: lit. nostrils.

2: 走路外八: has to do with your foot positioning? I think it’s what we call duck feet in English, where the toes are pointed noticeably outwards. I dunno if there’s a commonly-used slang meaning for this so I went for the literal meaning.

3: 拿着板砖: dialect for the building material. From what I can tell, it’s a popular “weapon” both online in forums and on the streets as an “alleyway must-have” LOL also I see this pose a lot so maybe that’s part of the meaning?

4: 面目狰狞撸羊肉串: 面目狰狞 means fierce/sinister/ugly appearance and 撸(羊肉)串 means to eat (meat) skewers/barbeque.

5: 绿茶妹妹 is just a few characters off from the Canto slang 綠茶婊, which means green tea bitch. A green tea bitch is typically used to describe someone who portrays herself as innocent and pure, or a gold-digger willing to use sexual means to achieve a higher [social, economic, etc.] status (source). The term was popularized in 2013 when a group of actresses and models was exposed to be working as escorts for some prominent figures.

6: 近水楼台先得月: to benefit from intimacy with an influential person.

7: 远香近臭: lit. an aroma from afar, a stench from up close, as opposed to the system’s belief of “out of sight, out of mind”


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