MGCH Chapter 608

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (19)

Lu Zixi was a bit out of breath as he rushed over. On the road, he was hesitating about why he should even come at all.

But even while questioning it, his pace barely slowed.

He forced one of the hotel assistants to tell him Lin Dao’s room number. But he was too impatient and didn’t have a key card for the door, so he just kicked the door several times until he successfully kicked it open.

His ankle throbbed in pain slightly.

Then he saw the scene in that brightly lit room.

On the white double bed, there was an ugly fat man wearing only a bath towel.

Pressed on top of Bai Weiwei.

He couldn’t see her face. All he could see was her slender wrist laying off the edge of the bed, and her pink fingertips which were as delicate and lovely as cherry blossom petals.

Only when beautiful things are destroyed.

Is when they make an impact.

Lin Dao, whose actions were disturbed, turned back immediately, and before he could even identify the person that broke in, he shouted fiercely, “Who are you, get out!”

Lu Zixi stared at her unmoved fingers.

Then he took a few steps forward and saw lying on the bed quietly, softly, eyes half closed, and a little pink on her white cheeks.

Fragile and cute.

No signs of resistance.

Lu Zixi didn’t understand why his heart felt sour.

Other than that, there was a stronger feeling of anger that crazily surged.

He rushed over, grabbed that slag’s neck, and dragged him off the bed.

Then one foot ruthlessly stepped hard onto the area between his legs.

Lin Dao shouted tragically, the pain caused him to roll all over the place.

Bai Weiwei seemed to be awakened by that shout. She blankly opened her eyes and finally noticed Lu Zixi.

A few drops of hope seemed to flash in her eyes.

But very quickly dimmed again, then she desperately dropped her eyelids, her face unusually calm.

She didn’t seem to know how to resist at all. Or maybe she didn’t think he came to save her.

Lu Zixi’s heart burst in discomfort, he stooped down to pick her up.

But Bai Weiwei exerted all her strength, reached out, and slapped it softly on his palm.

There was no pain.

But the rejection was obvious.

Lu Zixi felt suffocated, and his chest seemed to be crushed, making him feel choked up.

Was she blaming him?

Blaming him for scolding her and not saving her sooner?

Lu Zixi’s fingers clenched tightly in the air as he suddenly bent over, not allowing her to refuse, he gently scooped up her delicate body into his arms.

His movements were extra cautious, filled with distress and tenderness that he didn’t even notice.

She leaned on his wide chest, with a dazed and tired look in her black pupils.

When Lu Zixi touched her delicate skin he noticed her abnormal temperature.

He knew instantly that she was drugged.

In these dirty circles, some medicines can make people’s limbs go limp and mess up their mind, making it seem as if they can’t wake up.

Also with the added effect of aphrodisiac.

This medicine generally causes a lasting impact on the body.

Lu Zixi felt uncomfortable and angry. He saw the old beast that was still rolling around and suddenly raised his foot and kicked his between the middle of his legs again.

The Lin beast was immediately angered but he was out of strength, his eyes rolled up, and even let out a pitiful shout before fainting.

Lu Zixi knew where men’s fatal point was.

You don’t have to hit anywhere else, just destroy that middle piece of meat.

This person became instantly obliterated.

But if that didn’t work, then the only option left was death.

He felt so fiercely murderous because he really wanted to kill this scum that hurt Bai Weiwei.

The manager and hotel assistant also finally managed to also break in.

Seeing this scene, the manager realized how bad it was and immediately dialed 1201, but then he hesitated on whether or not he should call the police.

After all, with Lu Zixi’s identity, offending him might cause the hotel to go under.

1: China’s emergency line number, like America’s 911.

Piper: It has been way too long since I last translated a chapter. I guess that means that my team is just way to good XD



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