MGCH Chapter 611

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (22)

Lu Zixi felt as though he were possessed.

He rushed out of the bathroom, his heart pounding like a drum and his breathing off-rhythm.

His eyes were deep and still, but there was a strange light that burned like a flame.

The butler knocked on the door. “Young Master, do you need a late-night snack?”

Lu Zixi steadied his breathing but his body was still burning intensely. He shut his eyes and opened them again before barely managing to recover his tranquility.

“Call the doctor.”

Saying this, Lu Zixi re-entered the bathroom.

He looked at Bai Weiwei’s limp body, slouched over and leaning against the edge of the bathtub.

Long black hair, stuck wetly to a fair-skinned neck, meandered into the water and intertwined with the blue skirt that floated up.

Her eyes were closed, and she looked pale and fragile, but it gave people a desire to pinch and squeeze1.

No wonder that beast surnamed Lin was so persistent.

Lu Zixi’s even breaths became chaotic once again.

He reluctantly remembered–even if they were only half-related, she was still undeniably his biological sister.

He wasn’t so much of a beast that he would lay a hand on his own sister.

But they had met in bed that time.

But it was an accident…

Lu Zixi strode over to her side and reached out to touch her face.

He found that her temperature had dropped by a lot. After having the doctor prescribe some medicine or an IV, she would be fine.

He bent over and picked her up, and the damp skirt stuck to his body.

Yet he didn’t feel uncomfortable. It was only when he walked out of the bathroom that he thought of something and frowned.

He couldn’t place her on the bed with her wet clothes.

Lu Zixi hesitated for a moment. He placed her down on the sofa, then rushed over to open the closet.

All of his clothes were stored inside.

Not thinking much, he pulled out a shirt and began to undress her.

As he took off her clothes, he noticed that his fingers were shaking violently. Halfway through undressing her, he saw her bared, inexperienced but enchanting body.

His body temperature picked up once again.

Lu Zixi could only look away and stare at the wall in front of him.

Then his fingers gripped firmly and ripped the skirt open.

It was the fastest way to undress.

The clothes made a ripping sound, but they didn’t tear completely.

He took a deep breath, tugged again, and finally ripped the skirt in two.

She shivered, and Lu Zixi accidentally looked down.

And saw her dazedly open her eyes and spot the skirt in his hand.

Her body was as white as jade, and her long black hair flowed down to partially cover her chest.

She looked dumbfounded.

The impact of this imagery caused Lu Zixi to be unable to recover his senses for a while.

Her vacant eyes gradually became clear.

Lu Zixi just looked directly into her blankly staring, pure white eyes.

His heart was in turmoil for several beats. He didn’t know why, as he held the tattered skirt in his hand and looked into her clear eyes, he felt like he had done something wrong.

Bai Weiwei finally reacted. Her fingers weakly rose up to grip the skirt in his hand.

“I… I, you… you took off my clothes?”

She was ashamed and angry, and her gaze towards him was like looking at a pervert.

Lu Zixi’s face was hot. He let go of the skirt.

Bai Weiwei’s hands and feet were weak, but she hugged the skirt to her chest.

But except for the key parts, nowhere else was covered. The dazzling white skin made Lu Zixi feel that it was worse than not covering at all.

He was extremely calm as he handed her the shirt. “Wear this first. Your clothes will be ready tomorrow.”

He could just tell the butler to do this.

The butler knew her measurements anyways.

1: 摧毁揉捏的毁灭欲: I’m assuming this is referring to cute/playful aggression, which is defined as superficially aggressive behavior caused by extremely positive emotions due to seeing something cute.


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  1. Butler: … Yes! I perfectly remember. Height 1.65 meters, weight 42 kilograms, three measurements, leg length, shoulder width…

    Me: (눈‸눈)

  2. I love how the ML knows her measurements perfectly, must have gotten a good idea from all the arcs he’s been with her

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