MGCH Chapter 612

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (23)

Bai Weiwei hesitated before timidly accepting his shirt. She hugged the skirt to her chest.

Then her large, round eyes shyly watched him.

Lu Zixi’s face was calm. “I’m going to go look for the doctor. You should get dressed first.”

Saying this, he immediately walked out, not daring to look back the entire time.

As he left, he happened to catch sight of the butler hurrying over with the family physician.

He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket. It took a few tries before he finally succeeded in lighting it.

Suddenly, he blocked the door. “Come again later.”

The doctor approached. “Mr. Lu, do you have a fever?”

Lu Zixi’s taut expression twisted for a moment. “I don’t.”

But the doctor frowned. “Your body temperature seems high.”

Lu Zixi calmly turned around. “It’s hot.”

He saw that the furniture in front of him had a decorative mirror.

And in the mirror, his entire face was red.

Lu Zixi: “…”

A short while later, Lu Zixi guiltily1 rubbed his face, then pushed open the door.

Only when he saw Bai Weiwei lying on her side on the bed did he let the doctor in.

When he reached the bed, he clearly saw that Bai Weiwei had already fallen asleep.

She was curled up and wrapped in a quilt, looking lovely and insecure.

The doctor did a quick examination. “There’s no big issue. The medicine has worn off. I’ll prescribe some more; have her take it tomorrow.”

After the doctor left.

Lu Zixi approached her and touched her face.

He noticed that her body temperature had already gone back to normal, and he let out a sigh of relief.

Bai Weiwei had peacefully fallen asleep. Lu Zixi was also feeling tired.

After all, he had tossed and turned for more than half the night.

He hesitated for a moment before getting into bed. This was his room, and he was used to the bed. He couldn’t sleep anywhere but here.

Lu Zixi carefully nudged her to the other side of the bed.

Then he laid down and closed his eyes to sleep.

Not even three minutes later, a soft body pushed into his arms.

The soft sensation made Lu Zixi immediately sober up.

He reflexively pushed her away.

A frightened, choked up voice spoke. “Don’t hit me, Mom, I was wrong.”

The outstretched  hand stiffened in mid-air.

“I was wrong…”

She trembled as she slept, not even opening her eyes.

Was she having a nightmare?

Lu Zixi endured it. Finally, he didn’t push her away, allowing her to huddle into his arms and cry softly.

She cried and cried, then went quiet.

He looked down and saw her face leaning against his chest. Her delicate fingers clutched his clothes, and her breaths faintly brushed across his skin. Tears hung from her lashes.

He stiffened.

After a while, he carefully tried to push her away.

But just as his fingers touched her body, she frowned, her mouth pursed slightly as though she were about to cry again.

He immediately paused all movements, not daring to jostle her awake.

A while later, he carefully pushed her away again.

Her lips flattened, her brows furrowed, ready to cry again.

Lu Zixi’s fingers were as stiff as hooks. Several seconds later, he relaxed.

After tossing and turning several times, he finally resigned himself and allowed her to sleep in his arms.

A faint fragrance lingered in his arms.

Long, soft hair tickled his chin.

Lu Zixi wasn’t used to having someone in his arms. He could only watch her and hug her as he counted sheep.

He counted and counted.

He found that she was fragrant and soft, and having her in his arms was actually quite comfortable.

And petite, like a rabbit, sweetly and quietly sleeping.


How could you be so cute?

1: 做贼心虚: to feel guilty as a thief; to have something on one’s conscience.


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  1. Doctor: You should give the master less yang-rich food

    Butler: No need. It’s indeed too hot

    Doctor: … Should I prescribe some medicine for internal heat?

    Butler: … The AC is just seems to be broken

  2. Lol, she keeps rolling back into his arms 😂, her acting skills at crying on cue and pretending to be asleep are too OP

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