MGCH Chapter 613

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (24)

Disregarding that he hated her.

She truly was quite cute and looked unaggressive, and her eyes were round and free of impurities.

Lu Zixi continued to look at her. As though possessed, he lifted his cell phone and took a photo of her peacefully sleeping face.

Then he posted it in his Moments1.

He wouldn’t let her go back to Bai Ziwen’s side.

If she went back, if she wasn’t beaten, then she’d be sold off.

No matter how cruel he was, he couldn’t sit back and watch as she was humiliated to the point of being unable to live.

Therefore, in order to acknowledge her as his sister, he would first introduce her to his friends in the circle.

He selected the photo he had just taken, then captioned it: “My sister.”

But recalling some dirty business deals in the circle, he worried that others would misunderstand what he meant by “sister.”

His face immediately darkened. He emphasized: “Biological sister, just recently acknowledged and brought back.”

He didn’t think anyone would see it.

It was two or three in the morning right now. People would either be having a night out of sleeping.

But he didn’t expect.

That some people had immediately liked the photo and sent a message.

He glanced at it.

A: “Fuck, so cute. Why didn’t my dad get me a sister from outside? If I had such a sister, so what if my dad cheats? Tomorrow, I’m going to go encourage my dad to cheat.”

B, replying to A: “Your mom would break all four limbs of you and your dad.”

C: “Benefits2, ah, late-night benefits. Zi zi3, this face, this chest, those legs, I’ve never seen such a pure and cute woman.”

A, replying to C: “I see the face, where are the legs and chest?”

C’s obscene reply: “Hei hei4, with such a face, surely she has the chest and legs.”

Lu Zixi was angered by these comments. He had taken a picture of a pure, sleeping face.

This group of vulgar things–they even fantasized about her chest and legs.

With a swipe of his fingers, he placed C on the blacklist.

Then a flood of comments came in.

“Give me a dozen of this kind of sister.”

“Dying. I’m going to go ask my dad if he has any illegitimate daughters outside.”

There was also a shameless one that directly @’d Lu Zixi: “Brother-in-law, I’ll be coming over tomorrow to visit the relatives. Whether you like the land east of the city, or my family’s twelve private jets? I’ll bring them over as betrothal gifts right away.”

Lu Zixi immediately blacklisted.

This person, blacklisted.

That person, blacklisted.

This group of filthy, yellow-brained idiots–all blacklisted.

Finally, his Moments page was quiet. He sneered. “You all really think your dads could have such a cute little sister? Ugly people making trouble.”

Then he looked at the photo he had taken.

Bai Weiwei’s profile, lying in his arms. Her fair and delicate cheeks with a light dusting of pink, and a few strands of black hair scattered messily across his chest.

Fair-skinned, delicate, beautiful, and pure.

Suddenly, Lu Zixi silently deleted the photo.

It was too beautiful–he couldn’t post it on his page.

Among the people he had added, there was no lack of second generation playboys5. Who knew how many would see the photo.

These creeps would imagine things.

He finished deleting the photo.

Afterwards, Lu Zixi realized what he had just done.

He didn’t just acknowledge Bai Weiwei’s identity as his sister.

He even deleted the photo, not allowing anyone to see them.

He must have been bewitched.

Lu Zixi felt unsettled. He looked down and looked at her quiet and soft sleeping face.

Even the sounds of her breathing were barely audible.

His heart, for some reason, also quieted.

Lu Zixi stared silently at her sleeping face. He stared and stared. His eyelids grew heavy, and he fell asleep.

The system let out a yawn and gave a notification.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is 35.】

1: 朋友圈: like your Facebook feed, but for WeChat.

2: 福利: material benefits, such as (in the case of employees) health insurance, paid leave, bonuses, pensions, etc. Can also refer to welfare, as in a person’s well-being.

3: 渍渍: I think this is like the appearance of drooling?

4: The term used for “idiot,” 草包, actually means “straw bag” LOL Also, yellow is in reference to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) things.

5: 纨绔: refers to the pants/trousers made of fine silk that was worn by children from wealthy families. Sometimes translated as dandy, but I think the general intent is to describe someone as useless/playing around or not contributing to their family’s wealth.


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  1. I’m still waiting for the day Lu Zixi finds that she’s not his biological sister.

  2. This book is simply toxic. It’s fun and addictive but totally unsuitable for binge reading. The cringe just kills me. I read around 10 chapters one day but after that I need to take a few day break just to release the cringe toxins from my body. But the fact is, no matter how cringe it is I am unable to drop this. If I see the author one day, I’m gonna hit them for sure for writing this drug like novel.

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