MGCH Chapter 615

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (26)

Bai Weiwei wore a short, off-shoulder1 white dress that revealed a beautiful collarbone.

She looked like a fairy, her pure eyes only seeing that unknown man and her face full of joy and delight.

Gege, you only came now to see me.”

The man was a little fresh meat2. His handsome, pale face revealed a smile like a spring breeze.

He reached out with both hands and enveloped Bai Weiwei in a hug.

“Did I not finish winning the war, then rush over without rest to come see you?”

Bai Weiwei naturally wrapped both arms around his neck and leaned her head against his chest. There was a trace of sorrow in her eyes.

“I don’t want you to fight. I only want gege to be by my side, loving me and taking care of me.”

The man immediately felt distressed. “I also want to stay by your side forever, but the country needs me.”

Bai Weiwei’s apricot eyes held a smile. She suddenly leaned in closer. Her white and delicate face full of pure admiration caused him to momentarily forget his lines

Gege, I need you, too.”

The man felt a little out of breath. So soft, so meng, he wanted to bring her home.

Two people, one pure and sweet, one young and handsome.

From a distance, their posture looked intimate and well-suited to each other.

It was simply… a thorn in one’s eyes.

Xiao Yi continued to ramble: “Look, a perfect match. In my movie, the feelings between the brother and sister is a huge key point. They are mutually pining, but the world will not allow them to be together. That sort of intense feeling of taboo should be performed by two pure people.”

The person playing the brother was the recently debuted, highly trending little fresh meat An Qian. He was only nineteen years old.

With his youthful and handsome face, he truly was very, very pure.

And she was only eighteen3, the best and cutest age. Her face matched well with An Qian’s.

Lu Zixi stood outside the practice room, his eyes dark and cold and his lips tugged into an insincere smile.

“So. How are you planning to have this pure brother and sister pair act out a forbidden love?”

The phrase “brother and sister” had a particularly strong bite to it.

As though he itched to chew it up and swallow it down.

Xiao Yi, like a blind and deaf person, couldn’t hear the twisted irony in Lu Zixi’s tone.

“There’s an accidental kiss scene and a steamy, passionate3 kiss, and finally a bed scene. Imagine this young man and woman. The woman’s back is bare, lying in her brother’s arms… very exciting.”

Lu Zixi felt the fire inside him shoot up straight to his head. He wanted to burn the entire practice room into ashes.

And the brother and sister inside the practice room, still wrapped in each others’ embrace and looking at each other sweetly.

Damn, did they need to hug for so long?

The scene should be over, so why were they still hugging?

And that An Qian guy, what was with that look in his eyes?

Like he was just shy of pouncing on his sister.

And if there were a kiss scene or a bed scene or whatever, the scripted scene could become real4.

Lu Zixi was also someone who had acted before. There were plenty of times when scripted relationships became real within the entertainment circle.

Finally unable to stand it, he immediately walked in and pulled Bai Weiwei out from An Qian’s arms.

Bai Weiwei was startled. She looked up at Lu Zixi, and her face was full of smiles.


It was sweet, soft, and seductive.

It made Lu Zixi’s heart tremble.

And An Qian also immediately followed up: “Gege.”

Lu Zixi’s face darkened. “Who are you calling gege?”

An Qian immediately said cutely: “Weiwei’s gege is my gege.”

Bai Weiwei smiled back at him. “A’Qian, do you lack a gege that much?”

An Qian offered a super-handsome smile. “I don’t lack a gege, but I lack a meimei.”

Lu – Lightbulb5 – No sense of existence – Zixi: “…”

1: 一字领的领口: Baidu called it a boatneck but it should be off-shoulder.

2: 小鲜肉: refers to young men (or men who look much younger than they actually are) with boyish/youthful looks.

3: 情不自禁: unable to restrain emotions; overcome by one’s feelings.

4: 假戏真做: a false thing becomes true; to do something seriously after starting it as a joke.

5: 电灯泡: (lightbulb), or third wheel.


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