MGCH Chapter 616

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (27)

They were flirting now1, then wouldn’t the next step be rolling in bed together?

He smiled faintly, but his voice was as cold as the Siberian wind blowing through people’s hearts.

“No need to come in tomorrow. I don’t think the role of the brother in《Dream-like Blossoms》is suitable for you.”

An Qian was stunned for a moment. Then he saw that the person before his eyes was Lu Zixi.

Although Lu Zixi had been retired for several years, there was no one who didn’t know of him.

Not to mention that this movie was invested in by Tian Na; he truly did have the right to swap out actors.

Xiao Yi had already rushed over. “Don’t, ah, dage, I’m about to start filming and your sudden role change is like asking for my life.”

Lu Zixi gave him a sinister look. “If I say to change, then it must be changed. Otherwise, I’ll pull out my investment.”

Xiao Yi threw out his arms and legs. “If the brother’s role isn’t settled, the movie will be impossible to shoot. Go ahead and pull out, I’ll hang myself on the door of your office.”

Lu Zixi: “Then don’t film.”

It was several hundreds of millions’ worth of investment. If he said not to film, then they couldn’t film.

Since he was so rich, why not burn the money first? Xiao Yi could use it after hanging himself1.

A hand softly tugged on the corner of his clothes. Lu Zixi looked down.

He saw the top of Bai Weiwei’s head. She seemed a little nervous as her pink and delicate fingers clutched the corner of his clothes tightly.

Gege? The movie is very good. Can’t it be filmed?”

She sounded a bit sad. Because her head was down, he couldn’t see her expression.

She was so careful. Even her sadness was subtle and enduring.

Lu Zixi’s cold expression softened uncontrollably.

“Do you like this movie?”

Bai Weiwei immediately looked up. Her eyes possessed a bright light, and her small face that had no makeup was filled with anticipation.

She nodded, her ponytail swaying with her movement.

She looked particularly soft and cute.

Lu Zixi’s mouth seemed to be out of sync with his brain. The reasonable side of his brain clearly and calmly told him it was a terrible film and he should withdraw his funding.

But his mouth said first, “Then keep filming.”

The light in Bai Weiwei’s eyes morphed into a smile. Her lips curled up minutely, and her delicate features were filled with joy.

“Thank you, gege, you’re the best.”

Her soft and sticky voice made one’s eardrum’s tremble.

And her smile was so bright and contagious that he couldn’t help but show a smile.

Xiao Yi tactlessly rushed over and said: “So are you not withdrawing your funds? Will we be able to continue filming?”

The smile on Lu Zixi’s lips stiffened again. He lifted his eyelids, and the iciness in his eyes was like a knife that jabbed at the little fresh meat next to him.

An Qian was stunned. He didn’t seem to know why he was being targeted.

When Lu Zixi thought about how if she wanted to film, then she would have to, with the pretty boy3 in front of him, kiss and hug and make love, and even have a secret love!

A sour, bitter sensation surged up.

He scoffed, “Can a straw bag like him who has no real skill and only has his face act well?”

Xiao Yi: “Can, ah, why can’t he? He’s this year’s best newcomer, ne. Haven’t you watched the XX movie, or the XX drama series? He has enough skill.”

A trace of admiration appeared on Bai Weiwei’s face. She snuck a glance at An Qian.

The iciness in Lu Zixi’s eyes grew colder. “Oh, just a measly Newcomer Award4, and he dares to say he has skill?”

An Qian, who hadn’t said anything, cleverly stayed on the sidelines.

One was the director, and the other was the film emperor and boss.

He didn’t dare to speak, ah.

Xiao Yi nodded repeatedly: “Of course. Didn’t you win the Newcomer Award in your first year?”

1: 打情骂俏: to banter flirtatiously.

2: Refers to burning money (or paper money) for the deceased so that they can use it in the afterlife.

3: 小白脸: lit. little white face; attractive young man; pretty boy; gigolo?

4: The raws actually say 水分十足(的小小新人奖), which means something like completely overstated/overhyped/over exaggerated.



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  2. “Oh, just a measly Newcomer Award, and he dares to say he has skill?”

    Weiwei: Oh ho you humor me~ Even without awards, you can see I’m purely natural~

    System: … Why don’t you say you’re just completely shameless

    Weiwei: Being shameless is also a skill, a slagstem like you need to use points to acquire it

    System: Yes. Your life points

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