MGCH Chapter 617

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (28)

Bai Weiwei’s gleaming gaze turned towards him again.

Lu Zixi felt both mentally and physically invigorated. He scoffed lightly. “It’s just a Newcomer Award. I’ve been chosen to be the film emperor for three years.”

Yes, the first year was the Newcomer Award, the second year was a gap year, and in the third to fifth years, he was the film emperor.

Then he retired.

He was, quite simply, a legend in the entertainment circle.

Bai Weiwei tilted her head. Her face somewhat flushed pink, she suddenly said in a sweet and soft voice: “Gege, you’re so amazing.”

This sentence was so sweet it could shatter his reason by a bit.

He said: “It’s just average. It’s like how you two just acted with each other. That pretty boy didn’t act well enough. Neither his mannerisms nor his lines are good enough.”

Bai Weiwei’s soft and meng face stared at him blankly.

Full of worship and devotion.

Under this gaze, Lu Zixi felt that he could pluck the stars from the skies, not to mention acting out the explanations.

He suddenly said: “Say your line. Let’s act it out.”

Bai Weiwei hesitated for a moment, then said softly: “Gege, you only came now to see me.”

The expression in Lu Zixi’s eyes suddenly changed. The tranquility in his dark eyes shattered, and the joy in his heart overflowed.

From the tips of his brows to the corners of his eyes, all to see his most beloved sister’s smile.

He suddenly bent down, neatly and simply picking her up.

Bai Weiwei yelped in surprise. He pressed his lips against her ear and whispered: “Put your arms around my neck, like you did a little earlier.”

Her sensitive ears turned red as his gentle breath brushed aross.

Lu Zixi’s eyes darkened.

She had already stretched out her arms1 and placed them gently on his shoulders.

He showed a smile full of heroic spirit and said willfully: “Did I not finish winning the war, then rush over without rest to come see you?”

The young General Cheng, his heroic spirit overflowing.

At this moment, the clothes on Lu Zixi’s body seemed to change into the traditional general’s armor.

Both the immersive feeling and charm were astounding.

Bai Weiwei also seemed to be immersed in the role. Her eyes seemed to be full of irrepressible yearning, sorrow, and joy.

All sorts of complex emotions, tangled together.

Finally, she buried her face in his chest and said in a muffled voice: “I don’t want you to fight. I only want gege to be by my side, loving me and taking care of me.”

These words didn’t seem to be an act.

But rather her true feelings.

She even whispered again, “I only want gege to be by my side…”

He suddenly remembered. When she had been abused, she had once drawn a picture of a gege to keep her company.

As though that way, there would be someone who could protect her.

And save her from that terrible abuse and suffering.

Although he had lost his mother in his childhood, the entire family had revolved around him.

He had lived a luxurious2, unparalleled3 life.

But because she was abused, she had no food or drink, and she had been hospitalized several times due to serious injuries.

Lu Zixi suddenly felt that she had acknowledged him as her brother rather easily.

Was it because she was already so desperate that, for any random person4 who saved her.

She would give herself up to follow them and call them gege?

Thinking to here, Lu Zixi couldn’t stop himself from hugging her more tightly. He stared fiercely at the two men present at the scene.

The innocent An Qian and Xiao Yi felt a chill down their backs.

It felt as though Lu Zixi wanted to swallow them both up.

Suddenly, he took Bai Weiwei and led her out. Xiao Yi expressed his worry. “That role of the brother…”

Lu Zixi’s footsteps paused, and he looked back with a faint smile. “I’ll do it.”

How could he not see Xiao Yi’s attempt to stimulate him5?

1: The raws describe her arms as 藕粉, which is like lotus root starch. I’m unsure if the author is trying to say that her arms are white and fair in color (like the powder form) or that they’re soft and loose/flexible (like the liquid-y form)? Braised lotus roots are delicious, by the way.

2: 锦衣玉食: lit. brocade garments, jade meals.

3: 不可一世: to consider oneself unexcelled in the world; to be insufferably arrogant.

4: 阿猫阿狗: lit. cat or dog; fig. any Tom, Dick, or Harry; any random person.

5: 激将法: lit. to stimulate + general + method, or the method of spurring someone into action by making negative remarks. By questioning whether someone is up to the task of XYZ, you provoke them into showing their full potential. Sometimes also called the radical method?


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  1. Surname Lu, you are someone this aggressive, Ah? Bai WeiWei, be careful!

    Thank you for your hard work, translators!

  2. He stared fiercely at the two men present at the scene.
    The innocent An Qian and Xiao Yi felt a chill down their backs.

    It felt as though Lu Zixi wanted to swallow them both up.

    Innocent An: Do I run now ?

    Innocent Xiao: … No. I heard the best way to get rid of wolves is to stand still and play air.

    Innocent An: … I thought I need to pretend as a threat

    Innocent Xiao: Merely a Newcomer’s Award, can you be a threat ?

    Innocent An: … Brother-in-law is mighty

    Wolf Lu: +_+

  3. Haha I knew it, I knew he’d want to play the role of the brother, this is just too good! I’m really liking this arc so far!

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