MGCH Chapter 622

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Hali

The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (33)

Lu Zixi stepped out of the bathroom and saw her sleeping on her side. Her beautiful figure was faintly discernible under the light.

He took a deep breath and walked out.

The butler came over. “Young Master, do you have any orders?”

Lu Zixi shook his head. “I’ll sleep in the guest room.”

The butler hesitated and was about to speak.

But Lu Zixi had already gone to the guest room.

But two hours later, in the middle of the night, Lu Zixi returned to his room with a frosty expression, two dark circles beneath his eyes and a pillow in his arms.

He was familiar with his bed.

The guest room’s bed was wrong, the quilt was wrong, and the mattress was also wrong.

The most important thing was, he had grown used to Bai Weiwei’s unique, soft aroma surrounding him.

Like a poison.

Lu Zixi lay on the bed. She slept on her side and didn’t roll over.

He crossed his hands behind his head and turned to look at her slender and frail back.

Still too thin. Although it looked good on camera, she was as light as a feather in his arms and didn’t have any weight.

Give her more tonics.

He stared and stared. His body began to heat up again.

But he was extremely reluctant to move to the guest room.

It was boiling here and in the guest room.

But here…

Lu Zixi took a deep breath. The bedding was filled with the faint taste of her soft and sweet scent.

The guest room only had empty and cold air.

Since he would have insomnia either way, he’d rather suffer insomnia here.

Fearing that he would become a beast, Lu Zixi had to take out his phone to distract himself.

He glanced at his Moments. Some people were still leaving comments, wanting to see his sister.

He snorted, then blacklisted them.

In this brief period of time he had blacklisted nearly half of his friends list.

Those who dared to covet his sister were trash1.

He didn’t acquaint himself with trash.

After blacklisting several people, he exited out and logged onto Weibo again.

Even though it was late at night, Weibo was still very active.

The number one on the trending list was the official photo release of 《Dream-like Blossoms》.

It outranked the second place news by who knew how many times more.

The super-director Xiao Yi.

The return of the genius film emperor.

And the super popular new star An Qian.

All of them were trending list bombs.

The area beneath the 《Dream-like Blossoms》official blog was bustling, as lively as the New Year.

Lu Zixi was quite accustomed to this sight. He boredly skimmed through the comments, which started out normal.

Most were happy he was willing to come back to shoot a movie.

But gradually, the messages turned strange.

– – – – – – – – – –

“Do you think An Qian and the green tea meimei look well-matched?”

“Truly well-matched, ah.”

“I thought the green tea meimei had no acting skills, but seeing the official announcement, I’ve got a good feeling.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Lu Zixi scrolled up with a dark face and saw that the most recent post was a photo with An Qian and Bai Weiwei.

Wearing a white dress with a red skirt, Bai Weiwei stood on top of the enormous red drum. She held a peach blossom between her long and delicate fingers and smiled sweetly at the emperor standing at the foot of the drum.

An Qian wore a black robe, and his hair was tied back in a bun. The pale and weak emperor leaned against the drum, his eyes full of affection.

The mix of black, red, and white had a great impact.

It simply gave off the feeling of a painting.

Indeed, their appearances were well-matched.

Lu Zixi’s eyes cooled and emitted a chill.

He put his phone away, feeling the anger in his body growing more intense, when she suddenly rolled over. Her long hair softly splayed out across his arm.

Lu Zixi’s body was somewhat stiff. He felt that she was already quite close. Her gentle breath blew in his ear.

He should push her away.

But when his fingers were halfway outstretched, she placed her slender white calf over his leg.

The sensation of her smooth skin was simply overwhelming.

Lu Zixi didn’t dare to move a muscle.

1: 辣鸡: lit. spicy chicken, but it sounds like trash.

Hali: Poor Lu Zixi being tortured by Bai Weiwei


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  1. “But two hours later, in the middle of the night, Lu Zixi returned to his room with a frosty expression, two dark circles beneath his eyes and a pillow in his arms.”

    When I read this, for some reason, I imagined Lu Zixi as a cute little boy who is pouting.

    Thank you for the great translations!

  2. Certain Xiao: *grins ear to ear* Prepare the dowry big brother !

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