MGCH Chapter 624

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (35)

No matter how lively it was online, the shooting began as scheduled.

Lu Zixi had many scenes with Bai Weiwei.

The plot of《Dream-like Blossoms》revolved around three people.

The general, Yan Ye, harbored a rebellious heart. The emperor feigning simplemindedness, Chu Xuanping1, allowed Yan Qiqi to enter the palace as a concubine.

In fact, it was only to use Yan Qiqi as a pawn to keep Yan Ye in check.

And Yan Qiqi was secretly in love with her brother Yan Ye.

Yn Ye also loved his sister.

The siblings’ mutually unrequited love was a strong plot point in the movie’s script.

And the emperor Ch Xuanping was even more tragic. He had already used Yan Qiqi to get rid of Yan Ye.

In the end, because he had fallen in love with Yan Qiqi, he failed at the final step2.

In Bai Weiwei’s view, this was simply a dog-blood Mary Sue drama.

However, Xiao Yi had the ability to film this dog-blood drama and make it heart-rending and poignant.

While getting her makeup done, Bai Weiwei was so bored she couldn’t help but chat with the system.

“I feel like the favorability increase is a bit abnormal.”

System: “It’s very normal. Are you questioning my professional statistical ability?”

Bai Weiwei: “It’s not a calculation issue. It’s that I didn’t provoke him, but the favorability rose on its own.”

This increase was rather odd.

Ever since the day that she woke up to a favorability of fifty-five.

She would call out “gege” in a sweet voice.

Ding–the favorability would rise.

Or she would pretend to hold his hand without thinking.

Very good. Ding–he offered the favorability in his hand.

It had only been a few days, and she received ten points of favorability for apparently no reason.

Now, the favorability was sixty-five.

The born-to-work-hard Bai Weiwei felt that she wasn’t doing anything. She wasn’t used to the favorability going up by itself.

The system said calmly: “Hehehe, sis-con value, ba.”

Bai Weiwei responded. “Sis-con?”

Then she slowly revealed a mischievous smile.

System: What’s with this weird smile?

Today’s scene was the one of meeting Chu Xuanping.

All of Lu Zixis’s scenes were tomorrow.

Xiao Yi thought that Lu Zixi wouldn’t come back, but in the morning he came across Lu daye wearing sunglasses and sitting in his director’s seat. His entire being was indifferent and aloof, but he was as handsome as a light bulb.

No, what he meant was.

Lu daye was so handsome he glowed.

But no matter how handsome, he couldn’t sit in his seat, ba.

Xiao Yi scurried over. “Lu Zixi, that’s my…”

Lu Zixi coldly raised his eyes. His sunglasses slid down the bridge of his nose, and a pair of sharp and moody eyes gave him a sinister look.

En?” His tone was indifferent, bordering unfriendly. 

Xiao Yi: “Hello, Film Emperor, would you like a drink? Come, I’ll fan you. It’s hot in this spot.”

Only then did Lu Zixi snort in satisfaction and lean back in the director’s seat.

The bitterly suffering Xiao Yi: “…”

An Qian walked out in a black emperor’s robe and glanced at the director’s seat. How was it Lu Zixi?

He was a star with some popularity.

And he was on his way to becoming an idol powerhouse3.

But Lu Zixi’s status was that of a superstar4 in the entertainment industry.

He didn’t dare to offend.

Bai Weiwei also came out. She wore a light blue skirt, and her hair was combed into two buns and tied with a pink ribbon.

Her round apricot eyes held a youthful innocence.

Just like a newly blooming flower bud on a branch.

Pure and charming.

Lu Zixi’s eyes softened when he saw her.

He took off his sunglasses and gently told Bai Weiwei: “Weiwei, don’t be nervous later. Just act however you want, then we’ll go eat Japanese food.”

1: 傻白甜: lit. foolish + pure + sweet. Usually slang for a sweet, naive young woman, but apply that to Chu Xuanping.

2: 功亏一篑: lit. to ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful; fig. to fail through lack of a final effort.

3: 偶像实力派: idols (偶像), who are usually seen as being famous because of their good looks (not that I’m saying that there aren’t talented idols out there). 实力派 refers to people who have achieved their fame through pure talent. An Qian is probably saying here that he’s becoming famous for having both looks and talents.

4: 大鳄: lit. big crocodile LOL a major figure, a big shot, or a top boss.


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  1. “I feel like the favorability increase is a bit abnormal.”

    System: “It’s very normal. It’s sis-con value, ba”


    System: (↼_↼)

    Weiwei: Xixixi~ So I only need to feign ignorance, ah~

    System: I heard sis-cons are very protective

    Weiwei then slowly revealed a mischievous smile.

    System: ( ˇ_ˇ )

    1. The favorability really is moving fast, only 35 chapters in and already 65% favorability, something crazy gonna happen soon, I can feel it 👀

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