MGCH Chapter 626

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (37)

The system couldn’t help but warn its host. “Look at the male lead’s face. It’s so dark, ah.”

Bai Weiwei: “For a sis-con brother, the sister falling in love is the biggest blow and the best method to force his favorability to rise.”

System: “Falling in love?”

Bai Weiwei smiled and said nothing.

Then she smiled even more adorably at An Qian.

The pair of youths.

Laughing and joking, were simply unmatched youthfulness.

Xiao Yi couldn’t help but say: “That pair looks like a good match for each other. They’re still young, ah, and they look so eye-catching.”

Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong.

He turned his head and saw Lu Zixi with half-lidded eyes and a dark face as he looked coldly at the pair of youths flirting in front of him.

Xiao Yi was the only one in the crew who knew that Bai Weiwei was Lu zixi’s sister.

He thought that Lu Zixi was worried that his sister would be taken advantage of.

He immediately said to him in earnest: “I think An Qian has a bright future ahead of him. It wouldn’t be bad for your sister to get along with him.”

Just as he said this, Lu Zixi stood up and kicked his chair over.

His eyes held traces of sullenness, and everyone at the site felt a chill down their backs.

Lu Zixi said coldly: “What’s the matter? Aren’t all these people waiting for you two to horse around?”

An Qian immediately stood up and reached out to take Bai Weiwei’s hand.

Lu Zixi’s gaze was like a knife as he watched An Qian take his sister’s hand.

An Qian didn’t know why his hand retracted automatically.

He felt as though Lu Zixi’s gaze wanted to eat people.

Lu Zixi suddenly sneered: “Change this plot. The meeting between Chu Xuanping and Yan Qiqi is too unseemly and isn’t suitable to the movie’s style.”

Xiao Yi: “What?”

Lu Zixi: “The person playing Chu Xuanping, stand three meters away.”

An Qian didn’t dare to resist. After all, Lu Zixi was the film emperor and the boss.

He couldn’t be offended.

He could only obediently stand three meters away.

Bai Weiwei was a bit nervous. She looked at Lu Zixi somewhat fearfully.

When Lu Zixi saw the fear in her eyes, his fingers clenched tightly.

She was giggling and laughing when she was with that pretty boy An Qian.

She shivered in fear when she saw him, her brother.

His voice froze over. “You stand under the peach blossoms.”

Bai Weiwei stepped back a few steps. She looked at him timidly, then turned back to An Qian.

An Qian immediately shot her a comforting smile.

Who hadn’t been scolded by the director? She was still a newbie and needed encouragement.

Bai Weiwei also showed a friendly smile.

Exchanging flirtatious glances!

It was simply digging into Lu Zixi’s heart. Feeling choked up with resentment, he said: “Just act like this, ba.”

How were they supposed to act?

Flirt with the air?

Lu Zixi’s voice was frosty: “What, can’t act? I really don’t know how you made it into the cast.”

He directly attacked An Qian.

An Qian didn’t do anything, but Bai Weiwei couldn’t help pursing her lips. Her eyes reddened.

Lu Zixi’s bellyful of disciplinary words were then choked back, stifling him to the point that his face darkened further.

He wanted to give her a few words of comfort.

But when he thought of how she had just given a gentle and lovely smile to An Qian.

His heart felt bitter and sour, and he couldn’t squeeze out a smile.


The perfectly good plot of the emperor teasing the little white rabbit.

Then became the emperor staring profoundly through the air at the little white rabbit.

The the two stared at each other, without even a line of dialogue.

But Lu Zixi still felt it offensive to his eyes.

They were both young, and they were a handsome man and beautiful woman.

He watched them from a distance and felt that they truly were well-matched.

The first day of filming ended in a muddle like this.


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  1. Lu Zixi: “The person playing Chu Xuanping, stand three meters away.”

    Mushroom Director: …

    Acclaimed Director Lu: “Just act like this, ba”

    How were they supposed to act, ah?

    Flirt with the air?

    Strict Director Lu: “What, can’t act? I really don’t know how you made it into the cast.”

    System: (↼_↼)

    Boss Lu: Even Romeo and Juliet acted 10 meter apart, ah. I really don’t know how you made it into the cast.

    System: *slowly raises hands* Romeo and Juliet—

    Big Boss Lu: +_+ That’s only an example of professional acting.

    System: *gloats* Indeed, ah~ Star-Crossed lavers, ah~

  2. Ah, I suddenly remeber someone saying that the crew is unprofessional. Ah, who’s that someone again? Why does it seems like Lu Vinegar Zixi is talking about himself? Ah, it can’t be ah~

    1. Couldn’t be, he’s the film emperor (of vinigar) after all, he is always right when it comes to proffessional acting, the chair just flew on it’s own right?

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