MGCH Chapter 628

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (39)

Bai Weiwei suddenly lifted her head. Smiling, she said: “Gege, there’s a part of the script that I don’t understand. Can you help me?”

Lu Zixi thought that he should refuse, but his feet wouldn’t listen to him, and he automatically came over.

“I don’t get this part.”

Bai Weiwei pointed to a line. “Here, our scene for tomorrow.”

Lu Zixi took a look. It was their scene in the Long Corridor1, where he understood his feelings for the first time and stopped Bai Weiwei from leaving.

Xiao Yi said there were no kiss scenes or bed scenes or whatever.

It was a movie, after all. It wouldn’t be so high-key.

The sibling romance would be hinted at, but never go past the line.

Lu Zixi was just about to analyze this scene when he noticed that the phone in her hand was on.

On the screen was An Qian’s photo.

Lu Zixi’s mind went blank. He heard himself ask coldly: “Is this An Qian?”

Bai Weiwei had a pure smile on her face. “Yes, ah, Xiao Qian and I followed each other on Weibo and added each other on WeChat. Also, I used his photo as my phone screensaver.”

Lu Zixi heard something collapse in his heart.

His expression didn’t change, but a hint of cold madness oozed from his heart.

“Do you like him?”

Bai Weiwei said innocently, “I like, ah. He’s a very good person.”

That one word, “like,” broke down all the walls he had worked so hard to build.


Bai Weiwei looked up with confused eyes. “En?”

The demon in Lu Zixi’s heart exposed a greedy smile. His expression was still dull. “I’ll teach you how to interpret this scene tomorrow, ba.”

Bai Weiwei nodded, the smile on the corners of her lips not yet faded.

He suddenly clasped her wrist and yanked her into his arms. Pressing his hand against the back of her neck, he trapped her in his embrace, lowered his head, and kissed her hard.

The wall prohibiting their union.

Completely and thoroughly collapsed.

When he heard that she had someone she liked.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is 70.】

Bai Weiwei was startled, but she didn’t have time to react before she was kissed into a daze.

Lu Zixi’s kiss was fierce and vicious. He sucked on her tongue. He continued endlessly, trying frantically to force his dark and crazy desires into her pure heart.

Bai Weiwei’s body quaked, and sobs and whimpers of pain emerged from her mouth.

But this broken, quiet sobbing only provoked a more terrible oppression from the man.

He pressed her onto the soft bed.

The tall figure was like a demon’s cage.

Locking the weak and fragile her in the dark shadow.

Lu Zixi watched with frightening calmness how he lost control.

He was unable to convince himself.

He couldn’t endure becoming a good brother.

Then watch her like other men, and finally watch her marry another man and have children.

He tried, tried to be her brother.

But even an accidental kiss from falling on someone else could drive him insane.

So what could he endure?

Endure her walking down the aisle with another man?

No matter how foolish Bai Weiwei was, she still understood this posture. This sort of overpowering invasion had nothing to do with acting.

Her eyes went from blank and ignorant to panic and fear.

She began to struggle, but her feeble resistance was easily crushed by Lu Zixi.

Gege?” She called out to him in horror.

Her tone was full of disbelief.

In the shadows, Lu Zixi’s handsome and chiseled face had a sinister malice.

His strong chest pressed against her. Because he had given in to the demon in his heart, he didn’t pretend to be a good brother.

Instead, he revealed a soft smile. He captured her wrist, pressed it to his mouth, and licked it possessively.

She shuddered, her fear growing. “Gege, the script, the script doesn’t have this.”

Lu Zixi’s face lifted a fraction, revealing a nice jawline.

He suddenly gave a gentle smile. “Yes, Weiwei. If a brother likes his little sister, he will look like me. Completely possessing you, not secretly loving you like a rat in a ditch.”

Bai Weiwei was shocked at his shamelessness.

This runaway plot felt a bit hardcore.

1: 长廊: I’m assuming that this is referring to the Long Corridor in the Summer Palace in Beijing? And not just some random hallway/promenade like it says in mdbg.


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  1. ….at times I feel like this novel is just watching two shameless people try to outdo one another ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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