MGCH Chapter 633

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The Film Emperor’s National Sister (44)

Bai Weiwei took several steps forward, looking aggrievedly at her.

Tears flowed down her face.

“Mom, I was wrong. I don’t acknowledge my brother. Take me away from here, ba.”

When Bai Ziwen heard this, her expression drastically changed in an instant.

“That’s not good. If you don’t acknowledge your brother, how will you be able to live in the future? Don’t you see? You acknowledged your brother and immediately climbed up to act in Director Xiao’s movie. Could you have done that before?”

And most importantly, only by entering the Lu family would Bai Ziwen have money.

She could pay her debts only if she had money.

If she didn’t pay her debts, those loan sharks and gambling houses would drag her away to sell her.

But on top of asking for money, Bai Ziwen also came to give Bai Weiwei hell.

Last time Bai Weiwei hit her so badly that she still hadn’t fully recovered, ne.

But when Bai Weiwei interrupted, she temporarily forgot about the incident of her being beaten.

The debt was more important.

Bai Weiwei bit her lip, looking a little pitiful. “But he said he doesn’t acknowledge me.”
Bai Ziwen was furious. “Why are you so useless? Don’t you know who your brother is? He is Lu Zixi, the chairman of Tian Na. He only needs to part with some benefits, and you’ll have wealth and glory for your entire life. How can you be so blind1, ah?”

If it weren’t for the fact that she had to rely on Bai Weiwei being acknowledged by her ancestors to pay off her debts.

Bai Ziwen would have beat her to death.

Bai Weiwei’s face paled. She looked at Bai Ziwen somewhat despairingly.

This mournful and heartbroken appearance made Bai Ziwen feel a bit uncomfortable. “What, I’m asking you to acknowledge your brother, not to sell your body.”

Bai Weiwei revealed a sorrowful expression. She wanted to speak, but nothing came out.

She could only say helplessly: “He doesn’t acknowledge me, he doesn’t acknowledge me as his sister, so let’s hurry and leave, Mom.”

Bai Ziwen’s expression immediately turned ferocious. “How could he not acknowledge you? You’re a child of the Lu’s. If he doesn’t acknowledge you, it’s definitely because you’re no good.”

Bai Weiwei opened her mouth several times, but still didn’t dare to speak.

Finally at her wit’s end, she could only say: “Mom, do we need to be rich and famous? I’ll work hard to earn money. I’ll support you.”

Bai Ziwen became impatient. She lit her cigarette and said viciously: “Support me? What will you use to support me? I asked you to ** with the director several times, and you just ran away. Now that you’ve gotten cocky, you won’t acknowledge your brother, and you even disobey Mom. I see you’ve eaten a bear heart and leopard guts2. Aren’t you just asking for a beating?”

Bai Weiwei’s pitiful look made her think that she could control this good-for-nothing daughter.

Bai Weiwei, pushed to her limits, suddenly shouted: “You don’t know what disgusting things I’ve experienced! How can you force me like this?”

Her confidence soared.

The cigarette in Bai Ziwen’s hand jerked. Her impatience flared. “I’ll tell you the truth. I have a ten million yuan debt. If you don’t acknowledge your brother, how can I pay it off?”

Bai Weiwei was in disbelief. “Ten million?”

Bai Ziwen sneered. “If you don’t manage to get ten million from Lu Zixi, I’ll sell you. I’m sure I’ll have enough if I sell you a few times.”

Bai Weiwei was so tender and beautiful.

And still a virgin.

She wasn’t worried that she couldn’t sell her for a good price.

Bai Weiwei expressionlessly tapped the system. “This is the first time I’ve seen such a shameless mom. I want to beat her to death.”

System: “I also want to beat her to death. This kind of mom shouldn’t take on the identity of scheming stepmother3. Some stepmothers are good people and great mothers.”

Bai Weiwei silently gave a like.

1: 不识好歹: to be unable to tell good from bad.

2: 吃熊心豹子胆: to pluck up some courage.

3: 碰瓷: the same “bumping porcelain” term from earlier chapters.


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