SFWD Chapter 6

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The Craven Woman Afraid of Death (5)

The news spread that Wang Ruoyan’s injury had flared up, and she was carried back to the hospital room by Sheng Zhiming. The entire department’s medical staff rushed to treat Wang Ruoyan, but fortunately, there was no serious injury, the wound did not open and did not bleed, just a slight strain. 

It took more than half an hour for the crowd to finally disperse. 

Wang Ruoyan was very apologetic about this: “I’m sorry, I let you guys worry.” 

Little Fatty pouted, “It’s clearly Ye Wei’s fault, if she hadn’t pushed Ruoyan jie, she wouldn’t have been hurt.” 

Wang Ruoyan said helplessly, “Little Fatty, please stop talking about it.” 

The little fatty murmured, “Originally, Ye Wei knew that your knife wound was not healed, and she came to push you”. ”Sheng Shao, you must not be fooled by Ye Wei again, she is not a…” good person. 

The two words “good person” were swallowed in his mouth, and he was silenced by Sheng Zhiming’s cold glance. 

Wang Ruoyan said, “Zhiming, don’t be angry, Little Fatty is doing it for me…..” 

Sheng Zeming didn’t bother with an assistant, he just didn’t like people telling him what to do, and he said, “Take a good rest, don’t go out alone.” 

Wang Ruoyan: “Hmm, I see.” 

Sheng Zhiming instructed Wang Ruoyan well, didn’t say anything more, and then left her hospital room. 

Wang Ruoyan was a little surprised that Sheng Zhiming didn’t say anything even though she was injured because of Ye Wei? 

The little fatty hid behind the door to peep, thought there was a good show, after all, Wang Ruoyan was injured because of Ye Wei, but Sheng Shiming didn’t go to Ye Wei to find trouble, but directly back to his hospital room, with not a single word of criticism! 

He was very disappointed and said to Wang Ruoyan, ” Ruoyan jie, Ye Wei has been bullying you so much, why is he still protecting her? It would be too much not to even speak up for you either. 

Wang Ruoyan was silent for a moment and said, “Don’t say that, Ye Wei is still his girlfriend.” 

The little fatty sneered and shook his head, ” No one will be able to save him the next time there’s danger. He felt that Sheng Zhiming must have really been fooled by her beauty, but it didn’t matter, he still had the video in his hand, he could still take down Ye Wei, ” Ruoyan jie, don’t worry, Ye Wei is so selfish and self-serving that she still doesn’t know how to behave today, this kind of big-breasted and brainless person will pay for what she did sooner or later! 

Wang Ruoyan shook her head, “Well, it’s getting late, you go back to rest too.” 

After little fatty left the ward, the more he thought about it, the more unsatisfied he felt, and cursed Ye Wei out, then sent the video to Wang Ruoyan’s agent Zhao Ke Xin. 

Zhao Ke Xin took a look at the video and was so excited that it could not only completely destroy Ye Wei, but she could also sell it for eight million dollars – of course, the money is good, but it can push Wang Ruoyan to the next level in every sense of the word, how can it be compared to tens of millions? 

Wang Ruoyan will be the first big name artist she brings out! 

She wanted to see how Ye Wei would reverse herself this time! 


As a result, a video of #YeWei bullying Wang Ruoyan has become popular on the internet, and Ye Wei, who was already heavily criticized, has once again been pushed to the top of the public opinion, with netizens saying that Ye Wei should get out of the entertainment industry, and that they will not watch any movies or TV works featuring her, or buy any magazines or news about her! 

Not only that, the official Weibo of “Harem” nearly collapsed, as countless messages said to let Ye Wei leave the cast and not let her ruin the good script, they refused to watch “Harem” with Ye Wei in it, even though the drama gathered countless famous artists. 

Not only that, but fans even shouted at their own artists on their Weibo accounts, telling them to stay away from Ye Wei for safety, or even to quit the show. 

Seeing how things were getting worse, “Harem” had no choice but to post a tweet that would successfully resolve the issue at hand to appease its angry fans and netizens. 

It was already the next morning when Sheng Zhiming heard about it, and by this time things had reached the point where they were irrevocably bad and the dust had basically settled. 

His expression was cold and he violently threw the newspaper on the ground: “What’s going on?” 

The assistant didn’t think that Sheng Zhiming would be so angry, his heart jumped: “Last night, I don’t know who posted the video of Ye Wei bullying Wang Ruoyan on the internet, the netizens are very much in love with Miss Ruoyan…….” 

Sheng Zhiming interrupted him, ”I mean how can you just tell me now? Huh?” 

Assistant: “…….” He was stunned for a moment, did not expect Sheng Zhiming to be angry because of this, hurriedly explained: “Because the time when things broke out was after two in the morning, I was afraid to disturb your rest. I’m sorry, Mr. Sheng, it’s my fault.” 

Besides, isn’t Ye Wei out of favor? How could he still dare to disturb Sheng Zhiming’s sleep because of Ye Wei’s business? Sheng Zhiming woke up with a great deal of anger, he, as an assistant would not be unaware of it. The video of “Ye Wei bullying Wang Ruoyan” exploded onto the internet, and although it was a fatal blow to Ye Wei, it was an aid to Wang Ruoyan, and directly pushed her popularity to the highest point. 

She has become a national angel with a lot of affection, and everywhere she goes someone shouts ” mother/brother/sister” to protect her. 

Sheng Zhiming smiled and understood things roughly, “Let Ye Wei and Liu Jia in.” 

Assistant: “…???” 

Sheng Zhiming didn’t know what to think, coldly sneered, walked to the sofa and lay down, his big long legs resting on the coffee table, casual and lazy: “If such a big thing happened, the two of them should have been waiting early right.” 

The assistant was in tears: “? That…Ye Wei and Liu Jia aren’t here?” 

Sheng Zhiming was surprised: ”Hmm? Not there?” 

The assistant said, ” Yes, from last night until now, I haven’t seen Ye Wei, nor Liu Jia.” 

But because of Sheng Zhiming’s instructions, Zhao Peng, who originally did not care about Ye Wei and Liu Jia’s whereabouts, also had to care about this time, he hurriedly knocked on Ye Wei’s hospital room, and imagined their desperate and anxious looks at this time, helplessly shook his head, if she had known this day, she would not have done it. 

He knocked on the door of the room and there was silence inside, surprisingly there was no one there, only a cleaner cleaning. 

He asked puzzled, “Where are the people who are staying here? Where did they go?” 

“Discharged, the room is vacant,” said the other party. 

Zhao Peng was stunned: “…….out of the hospital?” 

“Yeah, heard it was out first thing in the morning.” 


Zhao Peng went back to Sheng Zhiming with a question mark in his head, not to say, he was really shocked, thinking that it was impossible, how could Ye Wei have just left the hospital like that? The only one who can help her is Sheng Zhiming, and once she is discharged from the hospital, it will be difficult for her to meet Sheng Zhiming. 

Otherwise, why else would Ye Wei have stayed in the hospital with that little injury before? Wasn’t because she “wanted to get close to the moon” (Chinese idiom) 

She was discharged from the hospital on this particular day! 

Was this Ye Wei really so stupid? 

Zhao Peng was so full of shock that he couldn’t even imagine what Ye Wei was thinking when he thought about it, and in the end, it could only come down to her being stupid. When he went back to see Sheng Zhiming and told him about Ye Wei’s discharge from the hospital, he saw the same shock and disbelief on Sheng Shao’s face as he did. 

Zhao Peng felt comforted in his heart. 

“Gone? Didn’t say anything?” 

Say what? How would he know? “When I went over, Ye Wei was already gone, I didn’t see anyone…….” 

There was silence in the ward, Sheng Zhiming was still a bit out of it, how could he ever expect Ye Wei to leave without saying a word? 

Is it because he carried Wang Ruoyan back to her hospital room last night and didn’t look for her afterwards, so she was jealous and left? 

It seems like this, Ye Wei used to like to be jealous, if she found out that there was a small entertainer who wanted to seduce him, she would definitely take the initiative to find out and threaten to knock the other person until she drove them away to defend her position. 

Just now, Sheng Zhiming thought, how could Ye Wei still have the face to be jealous? Did she think he was going to coax her again? 

Sheng Zhiming sneered. 

Just walk away and see when she begs him again. But not a moment later, Zhao Peng came over again with a shocked cell phone: “Chief Sheng, Ye Wei was blocked by reporters at the entrance of the district, she is now being interviewed by media reporters.” 

Sheng Ji Ming frowned slightly, no emotion could be seen on his face. 

He took the phone and looked at it. 

Only to see in the camera Ye Wei in a long red dress, big waves, exquisite makeup, fiery red lips, the whole person was beautiful and sexy, so exaggerated that people could not ignore. 

Her voluptuous figure and flawless smile, escorted by a dozen bodyguards, did not let the crowd of journalists get the best of her. 

She also took the time to wave her hand at the camera, gesturing. , , 

This look made one’ s teeth hurt! 

The comments were even more frantic. 

{How dare Ye Wei come out, doesn’t she have any shame at all? She’s got a problem with her three views! I don’t know what her parents taught her} 

[Yes, she knew that Ruoyan was injured, she also pushed her because of jealousy, which made Ruoyan more injured. Ye Wei has done so many bad things and still doesn’t know how to repent, it is really too much]. 

[I don’t know what Sheng Zhiming likes about Ye Wei, her face?]. 

[Don’t say it, Ye Wei’s face is really too beautiful, I can eat Ye Wei’s face alone for a year.] 

[“Upstairs, get out of here,!”] 

[Why has this kind of person not been blocked yet, Ye Wei got out of the entertainment circle!] 

[Get out of the entertainment circle!]

Stop talking about the comments online, even Sheng Zhiming wanted to hit someone when he saw this. 

Especially with her taking time to answer journalists’ questions. 

“Huh? What did you say? Why didn’t you take the knife for Sheng Zhiming? What’s so strange about that, there’s no why, I’m just scared and don’t want to block.” 

“Afraid of what?” She laughed, feeling that the reporter was asking a joke, “Of course I’m afraid of death, aren’t you afraid of death?” 

“I like Sheng Shao ah, but not to the point where I’m willing to die for him.” 

“I’m not as great as junior Wang, no match ah, that’s really no match.” 

“That’s right, I’m really greedy for life and fear death.” 

Shengzhi Ming: “………….” 

Wide netizens: “……….”


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