SFWD Chapter 7

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The Craven Woman Afraid of Death (7)

Ye Wei watched the whole process from black to red to black to purple (footnote, it might mean expression cause i definitely did not get it, if someone got it, comment below). Her Weibo has been paralyzed. The number of comments on the latest Weibo has exceeded a million, most of them were scolding her to get the hell out of the entertainment industry, the top five hot searches are all about her topic, the heat remained high, Liu Jia spent a lot of money on her to remove the hot search, often just remove and then be put up again, all the money spent was wasted on internet water army. Liu Jia directly called Ye Wei to scold the hell out of her, because Ye Wei is now abandoned by the company and her contract is cancelled, unwilling to pay for the removal of the hot search, let alone spend money for her PR. 

Liu Jia gave a final death order: ”You better get your ass in front of Wang Ruoyan right now and beg her for forgiveness! It’s up to you whether you cry or kneel! What about Sheng Zhiming? How dare you bully Wang Ruoyan when you know Sheng Zhiming is protecting her! It’s all shit in your head, isn’t it? Get on your knees. Get on your knees! I must have made a lot of wrongdoings in my past life to meet a fool like you!” 

“Sister Liu don’t spend money indiscriminately, black red is also red, you think about it!” (footnote) 

“I see you’re just imagining things too much you idiot! Get on your knees!” 

Ye Wei promised well, hung up the phone and refused to admit it, a joke, everything nowadays is what she fought so hard for. 

Her self-confidence, which had been shaken up by Sheng Zhiming, had returned a bit – let’s see, how could there be a problem with her ability to work? 

If Liu Jia knew Ye Wei’s thoughts, she would pass out from anger. 

That night, Ye Wei had a rare good night’s sleep, and as a stepping stone on the road of love for the main man and woman, her mission was almost over, and the matter after that was no longer necessary for her to be personally involved. –The final mission is to wait to die. 

She didn’t think there was any need to stay in the hospital, so she packed her bags and went home early the next morning, the little assistant couldn’t even hold her back! 

“No, no, you can’t go! Sister Liu said to keep an eye on you no matter what, and forbid you to leave the ward for half a step.” 

“I’ll just go home and not wander off, don’t worry.” 

“No way!” 

“Why not?” Why don’t you go home and watch the show? It’s not like it can’t be done …… 

“Why is that? Is the hospital not good?” The little assistant was falling apart, and she had never been with such a hard-to-serve, brainless boss (footnote, master). 

Ye Wei thought about it and shook her head, “Not good.” Forget about it, she didn’t want to work overtime. 

“Sheng Shao is here, think about it, it’ll be hard to see Sheng Shao if you go!” 

“I didn’t see him many times at this time, and you think if Sheng Zhiming sees me now, do you think that he wants to talk to me about his old feelings, or do you think he wants to give junior Wang an opportunity to vent her anger? Are you going to stay and face the wrath of Sheng Shao ?” 

Little Assistant: “…….” 

No, I don’t want to. 

The little assistant was actually moved by the words and followed Ye Wei out of the hospital. 

She didn’t expect Ye Wei to be prepared and actually hired a dozen or so bodyguards to follow her, protecting her in an impeccable manner, she looked surprised, “Sister Wei, why do you need so many bodyguards?” 

Ye Wei glanced at her, “Do you know what’s most important to me right now?” 

What’s the most important thing when you’ve been blacked listed like this? “…What?” 

Ye Wei pointed to herself – her. 

The little assistant immediately understood, and rightly so, a woman like Ye Wei who is hypocritical, greedy and afraid of life and death, bullying the weak and afraid of the strong. There will definitely be excited fans coming over and smashing eggs. It is safer to have a bodyguard 


With that, Ye Wei was escorted out of the hospital, because she left abruptly, so she didn’t get blocked, but on the way home, she was frankly blocked, after all, her work ended perfectly, she was still in a good mood, and took time to answer a few questions. 

Why didn’t you block the knife for Sheng Zhiming? Why are you afraid? Saying that she’s not as great as Wang Ruoyan and doesn’t love Sheng Zhiming! 

She didn’t want to block the knife for Sheng Zhiming, she was afraid to die, she certainly didn’t love Sheng Zhiming as much as Junior Wang did. 

Isn’t that bullshit. 

In fact, not only did she think so, but so did the original owner. 

The original owner really doesn’t understand. What did she do wrong? Why did they do this to her? 

It’s not like she kidnapped Sheng Zhiming to kill him. What’s wrong with hiding in the face of danger to protect yourself? 

Besides, it wasn’t like she and Sheng Zhiming were a couple who stayed together because they loved each other. 

She loved Sheng Zhiming’s money and power, and the convenience and benefits Sheng Zhiming brought to her. She knew very well in her heart that she could not love Sheng Zhiming for anything, because to love him was doomed like a moth to a flame, hitting water with a bamboo basket. She’s just a mistress to Sheng Zhiming, whose body and face matched his tastes. Even though she often acts as his girlfriend, they both know she’s just a bedmate to him. Dream on, not even friends. 

How sincere is Sheng Zeming about her? In the same situation, would Sheng Zhiming have saved her in turn? 

It would certainly be impossible for her to risk her life for him. 

She’s just defending herself in the face of danger. Who are those people to say she’s greedy for life and afraid of death? If they had been in the same situation themselves, they might have run faster than she did. It doesn’t hurt to stand there and talk! 

Unfortunately, the original owner, who was not willing to sacrifice her devotion for others, was destined to be a female supporter. 

What’s more unfortunate is that Ye Wei feels the same way, so she won’t be able to be a female lead in this life. 

Ye Wei shook her head, she didn’t want to be any kind of female lead either. 

Anyway, she is now the target of the whole internet, the main task is to have nothing to do to find some negative material for herself, just to keep the heat going until she dies. 

Set her up to love vanity and be greedy! 


The reporters who came to surround Ye Wei were so happy that they didn’t expect her to speak so well and answer any question. 

So Ye Wei was on fire again, her interview video was posted on the internet by enthusiastic netizens to the Internet, immediately provoking a new round of hot discussion. 

[Ye Wei is so shameless, how can she justify her fear of death?] 

[Ye Wei and Sheng Zhiming are a couple. When the boyfriend is facing danger, she does not want to help, but rather to clear the relationship. 

She’s just a hypocritical, snobbish, self-serving wretch! This kind of person is better to stay away from, I’m afraid she will betray you without mercy if something happens.] 

There were all sorts of scolding for Ye Wei, and, rare as it was, there were other voices that emerged. 

[Although it’s not good to say so, Ye Wei seems to be right, I’m also afraid of death, if something happens to my boyfriend, I wouldn’t necessarily risk my life for him]. 

{In fact, Ye Wei didn’t make any unforgivable mistakes, but at worst, she just put aside her relationship with Sheng Shao and didn’t take the knife for him, it’s not like she joined the kidnappers and stabbed Sheng Zhiming with her own hands. It’s okay for you to support Wang Ruoyan, but there’s no need to scold Ye Wei either} 

{Where’s the navy from upstairs? Ye Wei’s character is questionable, and she still has the nerve to threaten us Ruo Yan, little angel, causing our Ruo Yan to get hurt. Don’t have the guts to save people in the first place, now don’t be shameless . How can you let her have everything?} 

{Ye Wei may not have pushed her, but if she pushed Wang Ruoyan, wouldn’t that make Sheng Zhiming hate her even more? She can’t be so brainless, can she?} 

{“You’re wrong, Ye Wei is so brainless!} 


Not only that, but Ye Wei’s video was also made into a short clips, such as [I love you, but I don’t love you enough to die for you.jpg], [No match, that’s really no match.jpg], [I’m just afraid of dying.jpg]. 

It was as intense as Wang Ruoyan’s. 

Busy Liu Jia: “…………?” She was so angry about Ye Wei’s actions that she almost ascended to the sky! When she was just about to go to heaven, there was another call from a talk show saying that they wanted to invite Ye Wei to record their show. 

……..? What’s going on? It is important to know that since Ye Wei’s image of being greedy and afraid of life and death has become so popular, all her invitations for announcements have been cancelled, and not only is there no drama filming, but also no show is willing to invite her. 

And now there’s an announcement? 

“He’s Here, He’s Here” is an obscure online talk show, known for its spicy, direct interviews that didn’t make it to mainstream television, but had a little bit of online fame. 

To go or not to go?


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