SFWD Chapter 8

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The Craven Woman Afraid of Death (8)

Sheng Zhiming’s face went completely black. 

He really didn’t expect Ye Wei to leave so simply, without pretending to be miserable like before, not to mention looking for him, not even a text message – he looked at his phone again, indeed there was none. From last night until now, not a single message. 

He coldly laughed as he finished watching the video of Ye Wei’s interview, the glowing Ye Wei in the video made his teeth gnash, “What’s so different about Ye Wei lately?” 

Zhao Peng: “……..?” He wondered what he meant by different. Did it mean that Ye Wei had climbed up to the new gold thigh? He didn’t pay any attention, he didn’t know. 

“Seems not.” 

Sheng Zhiming glanced at him, and Zhao Peng groaned in his heart, “I’ll go check it out right away!” 

But half an hour later, Zhao Peng came back and said, ”No, all of Ye Wei’s work has stopped, Liu Jia has been asking for help for her sake, but with little success. Ye Wei is now being boycotted by the whole network, adding to the fact that she has offended you, no one wants to get involved with her.” 

In this way, Sheng Zhiming was even more puzzled, so who exactly had given Ye Wei the confidence to dare her to do this? 

He laughed coldly, “I’ll see when she begs to come to me.” 

After waiting for so many days, Sheng Zhiming really didn’t receive any calls from Ye Wei, and not even a single text message, he didn’t see Ye Wei in private again, but instead saw her on the entertainment news from time to time. 

“Ye Wei showed up on the street late at night, drinking on the street!” 

Pictured in the attached picture is a picture of Ye Wei alone, surrounded by four bodyguards in the center, sitting on the roadside eating barbecue and drinking beer. 

Netizen Comments. 

{What goes around comes around!} {Ye Wei hasn’t even apologized to our little angel Ruo Yan yet, it’s too much. Ye Wei has to come out and apologize!} {“Ye Wei apologize!} 

{Wang Ruoyan tweeted that Ye Wei didn’t push her, can you guys stop?} { Little Angel Ruyan said that she was kind enough to forgive Ye Wei, but as for pushing or not pushing, don’t we have eyes to see? The video is clear, it’s a push!} 

{“Eating a barbecue and having four bodyguards with her, does she think she’s the same big star she used to be?” } 

“Ye Wei has a large frame!” 

[? Am I the only one who feels that Ye Wei’s eating well and getting drunk isn’t a bit lonely?} 

Sheng Zhiming naturally also saw the news, although the photos taken are a bit blurry, but can clearly see Ye Wei alone holding a glass of wine, tilting her head and drinking it all away, she is alone and looks very desolate. 

It’s all like this, and I can’t believe she hasn’t come looking for him. 

A rare thing, this time she actually lasted so long. “Ye Wei was fired from the cast of ‘Sparrow to Phoenix’ after being fired from ‘Harem’ for her poor acting!” 

In the attached picture, Ye Wei was wearing a wet suit and was escorted away by four bodyguards. 

Netizen Comments. {I heard that Ye Wei was replaced by Sheng Zhiming’s mother, and Wang Ruoyan was mentioned as the female lead, tsk, Wang Ruoyan really flew up to become a phoenix. 

{Ye Wei’s acting was not very good, but if it wasn’t for Sheng Shao’s willingness to support her, and the money he spent on those big drama productions, how else would Ye Wei be here?} 

[Ye Wei depends on that face to eat, if it wasn’t for her face, who would want to see her?] 

{Ye Wei’s acting is not bad, much better than the many little flowers now, it’s better than you.}

 {Ye Wei is so miserable that she’ll be fired for even playing a supporting role.} 

What’s the cast of “Sparrow to Phoenix”? Why haven’t I heard of it? “It’s like a bad web series. Is Ye Wei so bad these days, haha? 

{Deserved it!} 

{Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with Ye Wei? Who does she think she is with four bodyguards and an assistant?} 

{You’re just pretending, you can’t lose face, otherwise why do you carry bodyguards everywhere you go?} 

Sheng Zhiming didn’t expect Ye Wei to take the role either, and she’s still not coming back to him even though she’s down to this point. 

This was not at all like Ye Wei’s style. Does it mean she finally has the self-awareness not to come back to him? 

Besides, it’s true that there’s been a lot of news about Ye Wei during this time, but no matter what the news is, the four bodyguards have been out of the country with her and never disappeared. 

Even Sheng Zhiming couldn’t help but be surprised, Ye Wei brought bodyguards everywhere she went, it wasn’t necessary at all. After all, she’s not in the right situation to be so high-profile, as that would only create more scorn for the netizens. 

Let alone, Liu Jia was getting angry with Ye Wei’s bodyguards. 

Now that you’re still so high profile, aren’t you looking for death? It’s best to play the pity card and let the netizens go soft on her, this walks everywhere with bodyguards, arrogant as hell, isn’t this looking for more scolding ? 

“I’m telling you, no bodyguards are allowed at the filming of ‘He’s Coming’ tomorrow! You’re gonna take me to death!” 

“Sister Liu, you don’t understand.” 

“What don’t I understand? You hurry up and get your bodyguards out of there.” 

Ye Wei: “No, you don’t understand.” 

Sister Liu: “……..””She who understands you is a retard. 🙂 

The bodyguard will definitely not be removed, the hard work to this day, Ye Wei’s last task is to wait to die, before death the most valuable is this little life, now she is black to purple, she does not know how many dead rats she has received, it is very dangerous, she will not remove anything. 

In order to complete the task perfectly, she had to give it her all and never take it lightly! 

So the next day, when Sister Liu saw Ye Wei being surrounded by the “four big guards” again, she was so angry that her face turned green. 

This fool still thinks she’s the little lover who’s been pampered by Sheng Zhiming! 


Zhao Peng was becoming more and more unable to read Sheng Zhiming these days. Because Sheng Zhiming often followed Ye Wei’s news, he would sneer whenever he saw it, and occasionally ask him, “Did Ye Wei call?” 

No, that’s true. Since Ye Wei was released from the hospital, she hadn’t called since, so quiet that he found it unbelievable. 

Not only that, even Liu Jia was unusually quiet. 

If it wasn’t for Ye Wei’s endless stream of news, he would have thought that Ye Wei had disappeared. 

Also strange. 

Because Sheng Zhiming had been more concerned about Ye Wei lately, Zhao Peng had also started to pay attention to Ye Wei – just afraid that when Shanda Shao asked, he couldn’t answer. 

He was on Weibo as usual and swiped Ye Wei’s news, but then he saw that she was on the search again. 

“Here Comes Ye Wei?” He opened suspiciously and found it was a fifteen-minute video of an interview. 

“…….?” “…….!” “……..?!” 

Half an hour later, the video of the interview was delivered to Sheng Zhiming. 

With a cold face, Sheng Zhiming clicked on the video and saw the paused scene of Ye Wei with her large waves, long black dress, red lips, slender and plump body, beautiful and sexy. 

…and he noticed that her breasts seemed to have gotten a lot bigger? What about the promise of being lonely and thin? 

“Didn’t it say that Ye Wei had no further announcements?” 

“Here He Comes” is hosted by Xue Hao, the young master of the Xue family, who is now a student at the Film and Television Academy of the Capital University, and it’s a talk show he runs himself, which is broadcast on Weibo after the usual recording. It was supposed to be just for fun, but the audience bought into it because of the spicy and straightforward topics being talked about and the content, so it gained a lot of fans. And {He’s Coming} is well-known for being real, there’s no such thing as a script, so it’s very testing to see how the interviewees react to his show, some of them make a fool of themselves on his show, and some of them talk and laugh on his show. This time he invited Ye Wei, I didn’t expect Ye Wei to actually agree.” 

The Xue family was also a powerful family in the imperial capital and had business dealings with the Sheng family, so it was no wonder that they dared to invite Ye Wei to record the show at this juncture. 

Sheng Zhiming frowned, Xue Hao he naturally knew, he was also a very arrogant and fond of making trouble, he did not understand why Ye Wei would agree to go to Xue Hao’s show. 

He clicked it open. 


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