SFWD Is Being Dropped

Sloth: I am sorry I couldn’t keep up translating. I won’t bore you with the details because life happens, but let me say this: I have a whole new respect for translators, no kidding! This novel is officially dropped and these are the last chapters I could muster up :(. Thank you for reading this novel and I am saddened that this had to be dropped and Thank you, Piper, for hosting this on your website and helping out as much as you did. I hope someone else picks this up soon! Goodbye!

Piper: Hello everyone, thank you so much for you support and sticking with this novel, as Sloth has said, she is no longer translating it, but don’t fear, a translator by the name of Starry picked it up, and I will link the next chapter here. We noticed that she already technically did 6-8, but considering that Sloth had already done the work, it would be a shame to not make it public. Once again, thank you, and goodbye!

To Chapter 9

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