MGCH Chapter 639

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (50)

She didn’t do anything, but this guy has had a dark, but smiling expression on for a while.

The favorability was continuously jumping up and down.

Bai Weiwei was getting very exhausted. She wanted to be a little white lotus that could raise favorability just by crying. Why were things so difficult this time?

So instead, she’s giving the cold shoulder for a while and then brush up on favorability.

Brother nutjob wouldn’t dare to provoke her now.

If Bai Weiwei wanted to star in a movie, and of course Lu Zixi would follow her.

This scene was a solo and filmed with flowers so that it seemed to be right out of a dreamscape.

The next scene was filmed in Asura1 Fields… Oh no, this was a group scene.

This scene was when Chu Xuanping, played by An Qian, discovered that Yan Qiqi had an affair with Yan Ye.

The so-called adultery was Yan Qiqi soaking in the bath.

Then she called for her brother, intending to make a promise with him.

Could it be more melodramatic?

Had it not been for the show’s high-end atmosphere, she would have thought she was filming a cliched melodramatic series.

But shooting a bath scene….

Lu Zixi’s face turned black, causing people in his line of sight to back up immediately.

Xiao Yi sat in the assistant director’s chair, but she felt ignored.

Was she the director? No, she was just a transparent background board.

After clearing the scene, Bai Weiwei wore a bathing suit and entered the bathtub, as long as she exposed her shoulder, she could fool the audience into thinking she was completely naked.

Xiao Yi told Bai Weiwei, “Weiwei, for this scene you’ll have to show an obviously infatuated expression.” 

Bai Weiwei was not Lu Zixi’s younger sister paper, Xiao Yi knew that.

Therefore, the way we worded directions wasn’t as careful as it was at first.

Bai Weiwei nodded, this was too simple, wasn’t it just using an affectionate expression from her arsenal?

She had at least a dozen different affectionate expressions, which could be mixed and matched to make her expressions more rich and interesting.

Lu Zixi was standing next to the bath, he was also an acting expert.

When the director says to get into character, he can instantly get into character.

A trace of surprise appeared on his face, but it was a bit more disapproving, “Weiwei?”

Bai Weiwei soaked in the bath, her back turned to Lu Zixi.

Her long black hair fell wet over her shoulders, her upper back was slender and beautiful, her face was only covered with a light amount of waterproof make-up making her lips slightly red.

She turned her head around, her eyebrows dropping making her look slightly sad.

With her pretty red lips.

She smiled softly, her eyes looked like drops of starlight, she was so shockingly beautiful.

Gege.” Her voice was soft and lingering, like she was deeply saddened.

Lu Zixi’s mind went blank, and he only felt confused.

His thoughts were messed up by her.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability has increased to 80.】

Bai Weiwei was not surprised, but she still wished to yeet the system at Lu Zixi and crush him.

But she wasn’t sure if the favorability was going to drop again.

Ha ha ha…

Because she was acting, she was prepared to go all out. She reached out her hand and scooted to the edge of the bath. She stretched out her soft and white wrist and grabbed his leg.

Her innocent and exquisite face carried charms that could lead a country to ruin.

“Am I beautiful?”

Lu Zixi stopped breathing.

She had always been afraid of him, this was the first time he’s seen her initiate.

He simply…. wanted to hold her tightly and not let anyone else see her.

Bai Weiwei was immersed in her role, her eyes flushed, “Why won’t you look at me, I like you.”

Lu Zixi remembered his lines, he closed his eyes, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

He was about to start taking her words seriously.

Bai Weiwei lifted the corner of her mouth in a smile, and the tears in her eyes fell down her cheeks. She looked at him sadly, “I like you, I like you so much much. I’m not a child anymore. I know that my feelings for you are not those between siblings, but those between lovers.”

This sentence was sincere.

There was no trace of acting.

More like an outpouring of true feelings.

Lu Zixi opened his eyes at once, a trace of confusion flashed in his dark pupils.

He stared at her in a daze, was her acting normally this good?

1: Asuras are gods of Hindu mythology.


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