MGCH Chapter 641

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (52)

Lu Zixi dragged Bai Weiwei toward his mother’s grave.

A photo of a beautiful woman stood in the center of the gravestone.

As beautiful as it was, it was kind of eerie.

Lu Zixi sounded somewhat absent-minded. “At the time, my mother’s depression was already very serious. Bai Ziwen knew that she was in the late stages of depression and specially brought you out to stimulate her.”

That was the first time he had seen Bai Weiwei.

Too much time had passed. Only the gnawing hatred kept him alive.

When they first met, he could no longer remember her clearly.

Bai Weiwei: This mistress Bai Ziwen is truly awful. This really was a deliberate attempt to force Lu Zixi’s mother to suicide.

Lu Zixi suddenly sneered in self-mockery. “How I hate you, ah, Weiwei.”

At that time, he woke up in the hospital.

On top of his hatred for Bai Ziwen.

There was also immense hate for Bai Weiwei.

If it weren’t for her existence, his mother would have held on no matter how hopeless she felt.

But there was an illegitimate child, a stain that could no longer be erased.

It had thoroughly crushed the woman who strove for perfection in everything.

Lu Zixi felt her hand firmly squeeze his fingers, as though afraid.

His heart softened instantly.

Why was he scaring her?

At the end of the day, she was innocent.

And due to his negligence, she had grown up with a life of abuse, never having a good day.

Sometimes, he thought he had gone crazy.

How could he do such a thing to her?

Her mother had abused her.

But he had assaulted her.

In that aspect, he was no different from Bai Ziwen.

They were both scum.

Bai Weiwei finally couldn’t help but tap the system: “Is it okay for me to OOC? Forget about being a little white flower or whatever, I’ll just go straight to jumping on him and saying ‘Gege, I love you.’ Otherwise, the favorability will just keep going up and down forever and waste time.”

System: “What about your well-developed character settings?”

Bai Weiwei: “Didn’t Lu Zixi bring me to this cemetery and reminisce on the past? No matter how well-developed my character settings are, what will I do if he suddenly gets it in his head to cut me down in revenge?”

Nutjobs1 were unpredictable.

And she had some trauma of cemeteries in the middle of the night.

The system quietly nibbled on its chocolate. “Nnn, jiayou.”

Bai Weiwei, receiving the system’s encouragement (ha2), she felt her confidence soar.

Just as she was about to pounce on him and cry out ‘Gege, in fact, I love you too,’ Lu Zixi gave a faint sigh. “Forget it, let’s go, ba.”

Then, the bewildered Bai Weiwei was once again brought back into the car.

Bai Weiwei helplessly rubbed her face. This Lu Zixi’s actions were too powerful. He went back and forth with no transitions in between.

Lu Zixi started the car and began to drive when he suddenly noticed her turn to her body to look out the window.

The shadow cast by the headlight fell on her face. The long black hair cascading down her back was soft and smooth.

There was heavy sorrow in her expression, and her voice sounded choked. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know my mom had done such a thing.”

Lu Zixi was silent.

The single sentence, “It’s not your fault”– couldn’t fall from his lips.

She repeated softly. “I’m sorry. You ought to hate me.”

Lu Zixi’s heart felt both bitter and sweet.

He didn’t hate her.

But seeing her blaming herself because of this incident and softening towards him, he couldn’t help but rejoice in secret.

Bai Weiwei lay down the groundwork. She should try to make things up–no, she should try to confess, ba.

After all, mutual affection was the easiest capture strategy.

She relaxed her voice. She blushed for a moment, then spoke in a soft and slightly hoarse voice.

“Actually, I have someone I like.”

1: 蛇精病: pun on 神经病 ; a nutjob, a crazy person. This term has been used multiple times in previous chapters, I, Piper, have been using the term nutjob.

2: 大雾: homophone of 大误, which translates to big error/mistake. Seems to be used in the same way jk or /s would be used to explicitly state that the sentence spoken just before is a joke or not representative of the speaker’s true feelings.


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