MGCH Chapter 644

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (55)

Xiao Yi felt like he should sew his mouth shut, ba, but Lu Zixi had done somethings that were no better than what beasts would have done.

It was so painful for him to keep it in.

Xiao Yi sympathetically looked at Bai Weiwei on the bed.

He still couldn’t help speaking up. “You couldn’t be hurting her out of love? You couldn’t have her, so you took her out for a drive so you could perish together, ba?”

Lu Zixi was silent.

Actually, the accident was because he had been so pained and distracted when he heard that she had someone she liked.

But at that moment, did he truly have no thoughts of dragging her to die together?

Xiao Yi couldn’t help shifting his chair away from him.

He liked his own biological sister, imprisoned and forced himself on her, and finally tried to get them to die together.

A right and proper pervert.

Lu Zixi’s complicated emotions finally emerged as a helpless sigh.

“When she wakes up this time, I will let her go.”

She had suffered so much, but she was still so kind.

What qualifications did he, a monster who had long been entrenched in and muddied by darkness, have to drag her into hell with him?

Xiao Yi lightly coughed twice. “Just think about it. Look at what you’ve done, ah. That’s your biological sister. No matter how deprived you are, you can’t lay your hands on such a young child, ba. Moreover, you locked her up, forced her to do that, and wanted to have her die together with you. To meet with you was her misfortune of eight lifetimes, ba.”

The more Xiao Yi spoke, the more his sense of justice grew.

It was so tragic for Bai Weiwei. How could she have run into such a beastly and perverted brother?

This kind of brother should be hanged and shot.

Lu Zixi: He felt as though knives were sticking him, riddling him with holes and turning him into a sieve.

For a moment, Xiao Yi felt refreshed. It was only when he finished spewing words that he noticed Lu Zixi sullenly looking at him.

The two were silent.

The air was still.

Bai Weiwei suddenly moaned in pain, breaking the unbearable silence.

The two men abruptly turned their heads to look at her.

She didn’t wake up and instead quietly stayed passed out.

Lu Zixi’s exhausted eyes held a trace of sorrow. He shut his eyes. “Leave, ba.”

Xiao Yi quickly asked, “You aren’t going to do anything to your unconscious sister, are you?”

Lu Zixi nearly vomited blood. Unable to bear it, he threw a pillow at Xiao Yi’s face.

“Get the hell out, or I’ll withdraw the investment.”

Xiao Yi could only get the hell out.

After Xiao Yi fled, only the two of them remained in the hospital ward.

With great effort, Lu Zixi got up and moved to her bedside.

Bai Weiwei wore a hospital gown. Her face, without a trace of blood, looked terrifyingly fragile.

The already slender body now looked even thinner and lonesome.

He gathered her long, disheveled hair and lay it next to her pillow.

Her black hair and pallid face were in extreme contrast.

She was clearly very haggard, yet he actually thought that she was cute.

“Fortunately, nothing happened…”

Lu Zixi had been truly afraid. He gripped her soft and boneless hand, a trace of fear in his eyes. He couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss her fingers.

He felt the familiar warmth of her fingers.

He couldn’t stop his body’s trembling. “Fortunately, nothing happened to you.”

The doctor said that she was out of danger and probably would wake up tomorrow.

The moment he heard that she was okay, his entire body collapsed.

That was when he truly understood what it meant to like someone, to have his mood fluctuate with her.

It was only when he faced death that he realized that imprisoning someone was not love.

Love was instead wishing for her happiness.

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei had a long sleep.

She woke up and blearily asked the system: “Is Lu Zixi awake? I’m in a hurry to confess.”

Piper: I realize that I thought Xiao Yi was a girl in the chapters I translated, I’m gunna go back and fix that sometime tonight.


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