MGCH Chapter 645

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (56)

System: “You slept for three days.”

Bai Weiwei: “So?”

System: “Lu Zixi’s gone.”

Bai Weiwei: “What?”

System: “He suddenly realized that he was too ashamed to stand in front of the pure and kindhearted you. His body was covered in filth and darkness, but you’re as beautiful as an angel. Afraid of staining your purity, he’s leaving your side and letting you stretch out your beautiful wings and fly to the heavens.”

Bai Weiwei had a look on her face that said “Fuck, what are you saying, why can’t I understand?”

The system then showed her what Lu Zixi had been doing for the past few days.

After Lu Zixi left the hospital, he had the butler and a caretaker nurse stay behind to take care of her.

Then he left for the company and handled some business, signing off on a share transfer agreement in the meantime.

He gave her 40% of his shares.

Allowing her to be gloriously wealthy for the rest of her life.

Then he went abroad.

Bai Weiwei: “???”

She had only been asleep for three days, but it felt like it had been three years. Lu Zixi’s movements were simply as fast as a tornado’s.

Bai Weiwei struggled to get up. “Not good! If he leaves for several years, wouldn’t I be suffering 

System: “Your leg is broken, and it’ll take about a month to recover. You won’t be able to go looking for him right now.”

Bai Weiwei: “I tried to save him even with a broken leg, and he still doesn’t think that I love him?”

System :”…”

Bai Weiwei struggled fruitlessly a few more times before lying back down.

System: “Not going to go look for him?”

Bai Weiwei: “My leg hurts.”

System: “Didn’t you love him so much that it didn’t matter if your leg hurt?”

Bai Weiwei: “I don’t love.”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei didn’t have any other choice. Her leg just hurts way too much.

Without the minimum life guarantee to support her, she was in too much pain to walk.

Fortunately, there were still a few months.

No rush for now.

By the time Bai Weiwei’s shin was nearly healed, a month had passed.

In the meantime, whether she called or asked around, Lu Zixi seemed to have disappeared.

Xiao Yi visited a few times, a kindly expression on his face every time. “There are only a few scenes left, and you can make them up later. Have a good rest.”

She wanted to ask about Lu Zixi’s whereabouts.

Compassion, kindness, and teeth-gnashing anger came together on Xiao Yi’s face.

Then he said earnestly: “Let the past stay in the past. You will be happy, and none of those things were your fault. You have to work hard to shake off the past and welcome a better future.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

No, she just wanted to find a certain gege.

Why was the entire world against her?

Bai Weiwei: “Tongzi, is Lu Zixi here?”

System: “He left the country. It’s too far, I can’t see him.”

Bai Weiwei lamented: “What’s the use of raising you?”

System: “…”

“Things can’t go on like this. By the time Lu Zixi comes back, the grass around my grave will have grown as tall as him.”

As she said this, she pulled over a laptop, opened it up, and immediately started typing.

The system looked over.

It saw an eye-catching title coming alive in the hands of its host.

《Green Tea meimei? More like Green Tea Bitch1 meimei》.

Bai Weiwei wrote a long and eloquent article regarding the black material2 of the green tea meimei.

“‘I know some old news about the green tea meimei who’s recently been very popular. The woman is pure on the surface, but in private, who knows how many beds she’s climbed into…’”

System: “Host, what are you doing? Blackening yourself?”

Bai Weiwei skillfully continued writing.

“That’s right, ah, I want to blacken myself to the point that everyone on the Internet knows. Lu Zixi’s abroad? Then I’ll have to spread my black materials internationally so he can see it.”

1: 绿茶婊: a very commonly seen term in Cnovels. A girl who seems innocent and charming but is actually calculating and manipulative.

2: 黑料: scandalous, unsavory, or otherwise unflattering news/information about someone famous.


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