MGCH Chapter 646

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (57)

System: “Why are you blackening yourself?”

Bai Weiwei: “Lu Zixi knows that I’m pure and adorable, kind and beautiful, ba?”

System: How are you not blushing after saying these words?

Bai Weiwei: “So after seeing this explosive fake news blacken me with no way out and everyone shuns me, I don’t believe he can stay abroad.”

After all, 85 favorability points were already relatively high.

Bai Weiwei made up a heap of blackening material.

What? The green tea meimei bought a hot search for herself, exciting her debut?

Then she used the unspoken rules to land herself a role in 《Dream-like Blossoms》?

How could a newbie with no previous work under her belt get a role in a big movie?

It must have come from using a bed.

Bai Weiwei was profoundly aware that the more malicious and extreme the rhetoric, the further it could spread.

Moreover, it would cause an internet war.

There must also be a strong group of aggressors.

Was there anything with more attack power than Lu Zixi’s fan club?

Bai Weiwei scrolled through her phone, which displayed a few photos with herself and Lu Zixi.

Some were with the film crew.

After long deliberation, she picked a photo and cropped it using PS.

The result was an ambiguous photo.

It was a photo of her wearing the dance costume, slightly exposed, with her hand placed on Lu Zixi’s shoulder.

This photo had been taken by someone else.

Lu Zixi had his back turned to the camera, so his face was hidden.

So this photo, coupled with the fabricated text, was evidence that Bai Weiwei seduced Lu Zixi.

Sure enough, when the photo was released.

The caption: “The green tea meimei is still in the cast, trying to seduce the film emperor. Even though he hasn’t rejected her, it hasn’t stopped her from desperately clinging onto him.”

Weibo completely exploded.

One by one, the fans started attacking Bai Weiwei.

“Say what, what green tea meimei? It’s just a hyped up green tea bitch.”

“Ugly to death. Also, what goddess meimei? Look at that chin, ba, her eyes are so big, she must have gotten her canthi done1, ba.”

“Disgusting. She actually dares to seduce our film emperor gege. GTFO”

“It must have been from climbing into beds. Otherwise, how could a newbie with no work experience be in the Dream-like Blossoms crew?”


Bai Weiwei scrubbed her traces from the internet.

She couldn’t let anyone figure out who leaked the news.

Then she checked Weibo. The news reached second place in the trending list.

The first was news about 《Dream-like Blossoms》.

She glanced at the Weibo comments, then fell silent.

System: “What?”

Was it because the comments were too awful, so you got sad?

Bai Weiwei stroked her jaw, somewhat at a loss. “So it turned out that my chin is so perfect it looks like I had it shaved down.”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei: “They also said that my eyes are so big I must have gotten my canthi done. I’m happy that they’re saying my eyes are big, but eyes with the canthus opened up aren’t as pretty as mine.”

System: “…”

“Eh, my lips are full? Aiyo, nobody’s this perfect, xi xi xi.”

The system silently stuffed some earplugs into its ears.

Host’s narcissism was truly changing with each passing day. The thousands of new developments were super spicy-eyes.

– – – – – – – – – –

Lu Zixi pinched the bridge of his nose as he wearily got off the plane.

Due to the transfer of assets to Bai Weiwei.

He had hurriedly gone abroad to deal with his grandfather2.

His grandfather was particularly dissatisfied with his behavior. After all, when it came to Bai Ziwen and her daughter.

His grandfather’s hatred for them ran deep in his bones.

After finally appeasing him, Lu Zixi was finally returning home.

Even if he wanted to leave her, he also couldn’t bear being so far away from her.

As soon as he got off the plane, he got a call from Xiao Yi.

“Where have you been! Your sister’s in trouble!”

1: They’re saying that Bai Weiwei did plastic surgery on the corners of her eyes. The official term for this is canthoplasty, but how many people actually use this term in real life?

2: 外公: maternal grandfather.


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