MGCH Chapter 648

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Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (59)

He thought he had an auditory hallucination.

Perhaps the phrases “gege” and “I like you” were separate.

For example, she called him gege.

“I like you” could be said to other people.

To go to a more extreme point, “Gege” might be a personal name and have nothing to do with him.

Lu Zixi’s heart churned with a sour sensation that was both stifling and painful.

He could only hug her heless and soft body and comfort her softly, “It’s okay, I’ll settle everything soon. I won’t let people slander you like this.”

Bai Weiwei was silent for a few seconds. She suddenly lifted her head. Her eyes held a layer of mist, and her pink lips were pursed. She seemed to want to say something.

She spoke in a soft, muffled voice. “…”

Because she had raised her head, a touch of white was revealed beneath the pure-white neck and slightly loosened collar.

Lu Zixi’s eyes darkened by a few shades. He took a few deep breaths.

He suppressed the wild roaring in his heart.

When she was this vulnerable.

What was he thinking?

Bai Weiwei waved at the end, making her sound even sweeter and softer. “I like you.”

Lu Zixi finally understood.

She was truly looking at him, saying she liked him.

His brain was mush, even going so far as to deny it. “You like me?”

How could she like him?

The cage that Lu Zixi had painstakingly built could no longer contain the wild beast in his heart.

He had tried so desperately to press down his feelings for her.

If he lost control again, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t hurt her.

Her confession must be just a slip of the tongue in a moment of weakness.

And he believed it. If she regretted it later, he would never let her go.

Lu Zixi’s throat tightened, his reason in its dying struggles. “Don’t talk nonsense, Weiwei…”

Bai Weiwei sighed. There was a hint of resolution in her eyes.

For a moment, Lu Zixi’s brain wasn’t functioning.

He didn’t know how to react

Her faint fragrance surrounded him.

She was so powerless, so weak and simple.

Lu Zixi’s self-control wholly shattered.

His gaze was heated, his body was stiff, and the blue veins on his neck popped out from the exertion of holding back.

Bai Weiwei felt this should be enough to explain who she liked.

Standing on tiptoe was tiring, ah.

So she let go of him, separating her lips from him, and repeated, “I like you.”

Lu Zixi looked at her with a dark expression, then suddenly said: “Do you know what you’re saying?”

Bai Weiwei’s lips were bright red with a hint of moisture, and her wet eyes glistened as she looked at him. “I know.”

Lu Zixi’s breathing suddenly grew solemn. “Whether it’s because you’re hurting and you wanted to find someone, or because you wanted a temporary support in your time of weakness, so you looked for me, I don’t care anymore.”

Bai Weiwei watched him blankly. Suddenly, a smile unfurled on her face, and her voice trembled softly. “No, I’ve liked you since the first time I met you. When I found out you were my brother, I was so scared.”

Her smile gradually faded. “I was scared that I couldn’t like you.”

Those sour feelings in Lu Zixi’s heart finally bubbled up. His eyes were a bit moist, but his heart was joyful.

He hugged her harder. Gently placing his jaw on her head, he coaxed softly: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here, ne. If the heavens collapse, I’ll be there to carry you. What do you have to be afraid of?”

Piper: Outside of my research that I mentioned above (getting thief sites to credit our translators) I actually have another, more formal research project for an important research class. I wanted to do my research on Chinese Web Novels because I have access to lots of info about demographics, and can easily give surveys, but I’m not sure what research question to ask. Anyone got any ideas? Thank you very much for potentially trying to help me!


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  1. Yayyy glad for you ahh! About the survey, I have no idea as my brain is not creative enough to think about it 🤣🤣 Anyway, why don’t you think about questions like : 1) Do you understand/speak chinese language? 2)Do you like reading Chinese novels LMAO I DONT KNOW 🤣🤣

    1. Asking the audience of a CNovel translation site if they like CNovels seem likely to create sample bias lel.

    2. Thank you for your comment. Research questions are a bit more in depth, I need something to prove with the data, like maybe how CN novels bring people all over the world together or something. I really wish questions like yours could work, it’d make all of this so much easier XD

  2. You can ask questions like which genre you like the most regarding Chinese novels, or do the readers notice the difference in the phrases translated in English from the formal English or do the readers find it interesting to study Chinese culture depicted in the novels. Best of luck for your task, dear author. Never stop this novel please. I am a fan of your work…. 🥀❤️🍁

    1. Hey, you’ve been commenting a lot lately, I don’t often respond to most of my comments, but your consistency is much appreciated XD

      Those are interesting things to ask in a survey, the problem I’m having though is how to make use of that information in proving something bigger, like maybe if CN are causing an increased in interest towards eastern culture (I’m not sure how I’d prove increased interest, but something along those lines)

      Also, I think our translators would be much pleased to hear that you like our translations!

  3. Congrats for getting the credits! I don’t really comment as I’m shy but I really love your group’s translations xD

    Anyway, just a suggestion for your class research. Since you want to see if CN novels are causing an increased in interest towards eastern culture, what if you only include participants that reads or had read CN novels? Then you can ask them questions like”If given the chance, would you try to learn more about the culture you have read?” if qualitative research or “Rate your interest in eastern culture before reading CN novels” and “Rate your current interest in eastern culture.” if quantitative.

  4. Thank you for your hard work ! I rarely comment because I don’t know what to write apart “thank you”, also english is not my primary langage. But I am interested in your research project also I hope I can help you. How about asking people whose language is not chinese, why do they like/read chinese novel? Or/also what kind of image/value/ message about chinese culture do these people can see/understand through these novels ? What stereotype/value (about chinese culture) these chinese novels convey? For exemple I didn’t really understand the meaning of “face” until I read chinese novels. Idem for filial piety….

    1. yes, these would all be good things to ask. I’ve personally learned a lot of Chinese idioms since I’ve been reading and translating, not to mention eastern beliefs such as ‘honor’ and ‘face’, I think CN novels, and out community, has effected everyone somehow which is why I’d be so interested to research it. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, they are all much appreciated!

  5. Er… I usually don’t comment on novels but…
    You could ask about opinions on all the no-con/dub-con on most romance novels for something serious… or about chinese expressions and their english counterparts or the biggest cultural differences readers feel on modern-days novels. Maybe about what characteristics of the female leads depicted as strong they feel are fitting or not… Or even if they stop considering them strong if she starts relying too much on the male lead after he is introduced, like, the Fls biggest gosden finger is the Mls even if she’s bad*ss or have systems or other golden fingers…^ ^
    All in all thanks a lot for your hard work and good luck on the research…

    1. There is definitely something worth looking into your first idea, I could probably try to prove that the Romanticism of r*pe in literature has effected readers in some way. Although it’d be a bit hard to get data specifically from people who read romance, but at the same time I wouldn’t have to limit myself to CN novels either since western ones have the same problem, though I think it’s a bit more prevalent in asian works for some reason… I could also probably talk about why it’s more prevalent in asian works then western works, if there are outside forces at play… I have noticed that female leads in eastern novels are a lot more sterotypical, they either start out strong then turn into a housewife after getting together with the ML, and the male lead they are with is always stronger then them. But I’ve yet to read an asian novel with a strong FL that isn’t a romance, which sucks and theres probably a way to prove this has to do with culture. Anyway if I comment on all your ideas, this is going to turn into an essay XD they are all wonderful, and thank you so much for your suggestions!

  6. I think I’m much to late to be any help with your research paper but I’m sure you did good, and great job on getting the credits posted on the other translation stealing sites! I know I’ve recommended this story a few times on wattpad and I always link people to this translation site since it’s the actual one translating, I really appreciate your guys constant effort to release chapters and it always makes my day! I’ve been on and off binge reading since arc five came out and I’m not gonna leave this site!

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