MGCH Chapter 652

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (63)

Lu Zixi, seeming to notice she was distracted. He narrowed his eyes, and his slender, white fingers moved down…

Bai Weiwei’s pupils constricted, and her entire body trembled.

She bit her lip, unfamiliar emotions appearing on her face. Her eyes were unfocused with several traces of moisture.

His voice was hoarse.

“Like it?”

Bai Weiwei looked at him dazedly. Her fingers clutched the bedsheets. With this degree of touching.

Even if it wasn’t all the way.

It was enough to pull one’s soul down.

She was so pitiful her voice was ragged, her breaths were unsteady, and she couldn’t speak.

Lu Zixi watched her obsessively. He truly itched to rub her into his own body.


He sighed softly.

Bai Weiwei looked at him with watery eyes. She suddenly grabbed his shoulders and kissed the corners of his lips.

Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Lu Zixi’s movements stiffened. Her body lay quietly in his arms. Her breaths blew on his chest, and the corners of her lips held the trace of a smile. She slept soundly.

After climax, one would be easily tired, and one’s quality of sleep would greatly improve.

But… he hadn’t finished, ne.

Lu Zixi was a bit wronged, but he was also reluctant to wake her up.

He endured the desire to take her into his arms and rub against her. Then, he suppressed his restless movements to let her lie more comfortably.

Slowly, as he listened to her breathing.

His heart softened. This would do, he thought.

It was a sort of happiness to be together like this, even if they didn’t do anything.

When Bai Weiwei woke up the next day, she yawned and said to the system: “What’s going on? No more yellow purge1?”

The system said faintly: “It’s gone… it’s not possible, but last night I mishandled the operation and locked myself up for a night of watching the bullet screen and forgot to take you with me.”

Bai Weiwei: “How does it feel to watch the bullet screen?”

System: “I feel like the world is peaceful, the world is united, haha.”

Bai Weiwei: Was her family’s system brainwashed into becoming stupid by the bullet screen?

After the confession event, Lu Zixi’s favorability remained at 97.

It was difficult to increase the favorability in the late stages. Without a huge incident, it would take a long time to shift.

So Bai Weiwei waited for an opportunity.

The filming for 《Dream-like Blossoms》 was nearly finished. Xiao Yi’s efficiency was famously high.

Only a few shots of Bai Weiwei and Lu Zixi were left.

Some scenes could be shot with stand-ins and doubles and the like.

But the important final scene couldn’t be avoided.

Xiao Yi contacted Lu Zixi and asked him to return to act.

Lu Zixi contentedly agreed.

When Xiao Yi heard his tone, he felt that something was off. “Why is your voice so giddy2?”

Lu Zixi: “Giddy?”

Xiao Yi: “Like you’re leaving the ranks of single dogs, that kind of joyous and exhilarating feeling.”

Lu Zixi laughed but didn’t answer.

Xiao Yi was silent for a moment. “No way, really?”

Lu Zixi didn’t speak.

Xiao Yi suddenly realized it. “No way, you really topped your sister, ah?”

Lu Zixi: “…we’re in love with each other.”

Xiao Yi: “You’re in love? Don’t commit sins, ah, Lu Zixi. Bai Weiwei is only eighteen years old, ba, what if she regrets it in the future? She’s young and ignorant, and you’re not young. You’re crazy.”

Although he had long known Lu Zixi’s thoughts.

Xiao Yi had thought that he could realize that this road was just a dead end.

If things continued like this, there was no need for anybody to think about happiness.

Lu Zixi was silent for a long time. “If she regrets it, I’ll die for her to see.”

1: Yellow = R-18.

2: 浪: slang for having fun or amusing oneself? The other, more formal dictionary terms don’t match the context as well.

Cheese: xy is the only person in this world with some common sense smh


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