MGCH Chapter 654

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (65)

An Qian: Was there a line like this? Ai ma, I can’t remember at the moment. Forget it, just keep going.

He sneered. “You’ve already fallen into my trap. Kill him.”

As soon as these lines were spoken, an arrow that was prepared earlier came flying out.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed, and she shoved Lu Zixi away without any hesitation.

The arrow pierced her chest. The bag of blood burst, and blood spilled out from her white top.

Her face blanched. The pain caused her to fall to the ground, trembling. Her body was wet with blood.

Lu Zixi rushed over and hugged her. He barely needed to act.

Simply seeing this appearance of her.

Even if it was an act.

He was still afraid and distressed.

The deep affection and sorrow overflowed from Bai Weiwei’s eyes. “Gege…”

Lu Zixi stared in horror. He gripped her hand tightly as he looked at her with a helpless gaze.

“You’ll be fine.”

Bai Weiwei sighed softly. The remorse in her sigh seemed both real and false.

“Forget me, ba. I’m leaving.”

Lu Zixi felt his heart twist.

He blankly stared at Bai Weiwei.

She whispered her lines. “I’m willing to die for you, gege…”

Lu Zixi was almost shaken by the true emotions in her eyes.

It was clearly an act, but she showed no signs of it.

It was as though she truly were willing to die for him.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is 98.】

The final scene smoothly concluded.

Before the celebratory banquet started, Lu Zixi received a call from his team.

His expression changed at what he heard.

Bai Weiwei took off her costume and makeup and walked out, where she saw Lu Zixi talking on the phone.

His tone was somewhat angry.

When she walked over, Lu Zixi vigilantly looked over, then immediately hung up the phone.

“What is it, gege?”

Lu Zixi gave her a reassuring smile. “Nothing, it’s company business. Let’s go, ba.”

Bai Weiwei held his hand and smiled. “Okay.”

After returning home, eating dinner, and washing up, they played a game that Bai Weiwei liked to play.

At ten o’clock, Bai Weiwei went to bed.

Only then did Lu Zixi dare to open his laptop.

Sure enough, the Internet had already exploded.

Even the “Blossoms” crew had been brushed off.

Several of the trending searches were related to him and Bai Weiwei being blood siblings.

After several days of deleting comments, white-washing, and shifting focus.

Almost all of Bai Weiwei’s black materials had been thoroughly washed out.

As a result, the matter of him and Bai Weiwei being blood-related siblings.

Had been completely exposed.

The DNA test, the birth certificate, and the affair between his father and Bai Ziwen.

All of it appeared on Weibo, Tieba, and forums.

It could no longer be suppressed.

Moreover, the information was comprehensive1 and couldn’t be washed out at all.

Lu Zixi nearly smashed his computer.

This was not the most serious matter.

The reason he didn’t dare to let Bai Weiwei see this.

Was that their love affair had been exposed.

On a dessert shop’s Weibo account.

Several photographs were posted.

It was from the day it had rained, and he had gone to buy desserts. They had been photographed kissing in the rain.

He had been careless. He’d always thought that he could hide their biological relationship.

So he didn’t try to hide their romantic relationship.

Some of the angles were clear.

The romantic rainfall, the light-colored umbrella.

His gentle smile as he lowered his head to kiss her.

This photo was just so beautiful that it immediately went viral on Weibo.

There was also a horrifying caption.

《Most Disgusting Thing of the Year: The Genius Film Emperor Lu Zixi’s Incestuous Relationship with his Biological Sister》

At ordinary times, the smallest matter in the entertainment industry could cause a stir.

Much less such an iconic event.

It simply set off many great waves.

1: 干货: lit. dried goods; can be used to refer to information that’s presented in a readily assemblable form/exactly what you want, and no more or less.


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