MGCH Chapter 656

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The Film Tycoon’s National Sister (67)

Bai Ziwen shrieked. Blood flowed from a cut on her head.

All the cruelty and violence surfaced in Lu Zixi’s eyes, and he kicked her away.

Bai Ziwen, her face drenched in blood, knocked over the table and chair. She looked at Lu Zixi in terror.

Lu Zixi’s face was full of fury and ferocity. Grabbing her by the hair, he violently slammed her into the ground.

Xiao Yi was shocked. He immediately got to his feet and grabbed Lu Zixi’s arm.

“Lu ge, Lu ge, calm down a bit. You’ll kill her, ah.”

Lu Zixi’s face was expressionless. He lifted his foot and stomped on Bai Ziwen’s hand.

Bai Ziwen let out a miserable scream and rolled about on the floor.

Xiao Yi felt his legs go soft. He had always known that Lu Zixi didn’t have a good temper.

The film emperor’s graceful and elegant appearance was all for fans to see.

But he didn’t expect that he would become so savage after the news leak.

Lu Zixi glowered. Ignoring Xiao Yi, he unhurriedly grinded his shoe against Bai Ziwen’s fingers.

People say that one’s ten fingers were connected to the heart.

The sight of Bai Ziwen’s fingers being crushed one by one looked painful to the extent of making one’s blood run cold just by watching.

Xiao Yi was so frightened his voice wouldn’t stop shaking. “You’re still trending right now. Don’t cause trouble again, Zixii.”

Lu Zixi snarled: “Let go.”

Xiao Yi’s hand shook. Under Lu Zixi’s sinister and frosty gaze, he obediently released his hand and withdrew.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to save her.

More like Lu daye’s gaze was so scary, so terrible. He was scared that his poor little heart would burst from fear.

Lu Zixi leisurely adjusted his cuffs, then spoke word by word to Bai Ziwen, who had been beaten until she no longer looked human.

His words were filled with hatred: “Who did you say is my sister?”

Bai Ziwen’s head was spinning. The terror when she looked at Lu Zixi was like that of looking at a terrorist.

She fearfully said: “Weiwei is…”

Lu Zixi kicked her stomach. “Go on, who did you say is my sister?”

The ruthlessness in his heart had been wholly stirred up.

He wasn’t afraid of people casting him aside.

He wasn’t afraid of losing the glory of being film emperor, nor of losing fans.

He was afraid that Bai Weiwei would leave him.

Being loathed by an entire society and being fiercely condemned.

He could hardly imagine that she wouldn’t regret being together with this cruel and savage brother.

She would regret it.

Even if she didn’t regret it for a day, didn’t regret it for a month, what about a year, or ten years?

At that time, she would leave him.

To Lu Zixi, this was the deadliest blow.

After discovering that Bai Ziwen had leaked their blood relationship, both new and old hatred was unleashed.

Lu Zixi itched to cut this woman into a thousand pieces.

Bai Ziwen was scared she would be beaten. She clutched her head and cried, “Don’t kill me! I only wanted to let Weiwei return to the Lu Family! She is… she is…”

Bai Ziwen then thought that Lu Zixi was already aware that Bai Weiwei was not his blood-related sister.

That was why he tortured and beat her.

Lu Zixi picked up a chair. He was just about to throw it down.

Bai Ziwen finally let out a scream. “She’s not your sister! I was wrong, and I shouldn’t have let her recognize her ancestors, I shouldn’t have lied to you!”

The chair froze in the air.

Bai Ziwen’s tears flowed down. “I had no other way, ah. At that time, Weiwei had died. I was so afraid that your family would come to kill me, so I went to the orphanage and adopted a child.”

Lu Zixi blankly looked at her.

He couldn’t seem to understand her words.

Bai Ziwen lay on the ground in a sorry state. She didn’t dare to raise her head as she continued to beg for mercy.

“I was wrong; I shouldn’t have adopted a child and claimed she was your biological sister. I shouldn’t have faked the evaluation report. I only wanted a share of the property.”

She was terrified.

Lu Zixi was just like a demon. She was afraid that if she didn’t confess, she would be beaten to death.

The chair in Lu Zixi’s hand crashed to the floor.

The savage ruthlessness vanished and was replaced by disbelief.

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