MGCH Chapter 660

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Reality (1)

Bai Weiwei felt stuffy and short of breath. She forced out: “Tongzi, am I back?”

System: “Back. Too bad the streaking didn’t happen.”

Bai Weiwei: Is that pity in your tone? Was it itching to see her go streaking around the world?

The familiar notification rang.

【Host’s task is complete, obtained 30 days of life points. Total: 112 days.】

Bai Weiwei was ecstatic that she had so many days saved up.

【Ding, deducting minimum life guarantee (5 days), system cafeteria’s ordinary meal (15 days), beautiful disease capsule (1 day), data fabrication device (3 days), one slab of discounted, soon-to-expire system’s chocolate (10 days), host’s pain-relief-before-death pills (3 days), bullet screen maintenance fee (10 days).】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

System: “I used a calculator to calculate.”

【Congratulations to the host. Deducting 47 days. Remaining life points: 65 days.】

Bai Weiwei thought she’d have another heart attack. She worked so hard, but the end result was a net loss.

It was all the system, this prodigal thing.

A meal and snacks ate up 25 days of her life value.

The system seemed to notice what she was thinking. “You said I could eat.”

Bai Weiwei’s face looked unsightly. “And the chocolate?”

The system flattered: “I saw it was on discount. Normally a bucket costs 100 life points, and it is going to expire in ten days.”

Bai Weiwei wanted to vomit up a mouthful of old blood.

The system said happily: “I did my best to eat it, and I finally ate it all in the plane before the expiration date. Aren’t I awesome?”

Bai Weiwei expressed that she didn’t want to talk and was tempted to throw a bomb at the system.

How much more money did she need to earn to support this spicy chicken system that only knew how to eat?

Bai Weiwei’s voice trembled. “And Ye Yuxuan? My Ye Yuxuan?”

System: “Your… Ye Yuxuan?”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes streamed with tears. “He’s my life, ah, my life value can only depend on him. He is my moat1, my golden thigh2, my lifelong pursuit. I suddenly realize that I’m in love with him.”

Rather than capture some other person, it was better to capture Ye Yuxuan.

System: “…”

Every day, the host was toeing the line of being offline and shameless–

In the hospital corridor, Bai Changyan let out a sigh. “Mr. Ye, I think we should call off this marriage. Our Bai family was too presumptuous3.”

Ye Yuxuan quietly stood by the wall, one hand in his pocket. With a clean white shirt and a simple pair of trousers, he looked fresh and handsome.

His expression was indifferent, and there was a layer of stillness in his eyes. When he looked at Bai Changyan with these eyes, there was no trace of fluctuation.

Bai Changyan exposed a weary expression. “My girl’s body is in poor health. I suddenly feel that she’s not suited to be married into a rich and powerful family.”

Ye Yuxuan frostily regarded Bai Changyan.

His entire body gave off a chill.

Bai Changyan racked his brains to say: “Or, I can introduce you to a few girls who are better than my Weiwei?”

Ye Yuxuan’s eyes narrowed. He finally opened his mouth to speak. “No one is better than her.”

Bai Changyan: “How do you know there isn’t?”

Ye Yuxuan lowered his head, a scarlet light flashing in his eyes. “If I say there isn’t then there isn’t. Nobody can compare to a single strand of her hair.”

The cold and vicious air was a bit strange.

For a moment, Bai Changyan felt pressured.

Why did he feel that Ye Yuxuan’s mood was off?

Qin Qiu, who had been observing on the side, also noticed that Ye Yuxuan’s emotions were a bit out of control.

He immediately came over, grabbed Ye Yuxuan’s arm, and said with an amiable smile: “Father-in-law4, ah, why don’t we talk about the marriage later? Weiwei still hasn’t woken up, and the most important thing is to first treat her.”

The moment this sentence was spoken.

Bai Changyan felt unwell.

That was right, ah, his daughter was still in a perilous state.

1: 壕: lit. moat or trench; slang referring to a rich person.

2: 金大腿: a [big] thigh, when not referring to the limb, is someone with money, power, or other great advantage. Golden thighs are the creme de la creme of [big] thighs.

3: 高攀: social climbing, or to claim connections with people in a higher social class.

4: 亲家公: parents of one’s daughter-in-law or son-in-law.


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  1. Hmm~ this might be the most unsatisfied arc for me. I don’t even know why like there’s something missing in this arc. Anyway, thanks to translator for translating the novel 😀

  2. ngl i actually get really really mad about how system always uses her life to buy snacks
    that bit about how they actually needed to eat and snacks is cheaper than a meal made me feel better
    but like it’s just casually wasting away her LIFE, could it be it thinks life just drips from the trees????

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