MGCH Chapter 661

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Reality (2)

Why was he still here speaking with Ye Yuxuan, this shameless beast?

His daughter waking up was what mattered.

Qin Qiu smiled as he pulled Ye Yuxuan away.

After pulling Ye Yuxuan into his office with great effort, he frowned and said: “After you slept earlier, your mood’s been off, ah.”

Ye Yuxuan didn’t speak. He walked over to the desk and opened a drawer.

He took out a cigarette box and a lighter.

Then, he gracefully and neatly placed the cigarette between his lips and lit the end.

Qin Qiu was astonished. “When did you start smoking?”

Ye Yuxuan didn’t smoke, and he’d never smoked his entire life.

Ye Yuxuan held the cigarette between his fingers and glanced at him faintly. “In the dream.”

Qin Qiu: “In the dream?”

Ye Yuxuan looked down at the cigarette, his expression suddenly melancholy.

“In the dream, she left me again.”

– – – – – – – – – –

《The Film Tycoon’s National Sister》 Follow-up:

The matter of Lu Zixi’s incestuous relationship continued to fester. From when the film emperor’s incest with his sister came to light.

To the death of Bai Weiwei and the revelation that they were not siblings, not even three days has passed.

Bai Weiwei was an orphan, adopted by Bai Ziwen.

She was not Lu Renjia’s daughter.

She had no blood relation with Lu Zixi.

In the article refuting the rumors, information regarding Bai Weiwei’s stay in the orphanage was included.

Bai Ziwen’s forged DNA test was also published.

Followed up by a sibling investigation testimonial that showed Bai Weiwei and Lu Zixi were not blood-related siblings.

The high and mighty public condemnation.

Became silent for a moment.

Bai Ziwen also held a press conference. There, she sobbed very miserably.

“I was a fool1. Because of my gambling debt, I thought about blackmailing the Lu family.”

All the reporters were in an uproar.

Bai Ziwen: “I didn’t expect that Lu Zixi wouldn’t give me any money. So I forged those things in anger. Actually, they are not siblings at all.”

There were fans present at the scene.

Those fans immediately burst in anger.

They hurled their water bottles, umbrellas, and even chairs at Bai Ziwen’s head.

Once again, Bai Ziwen was beaten to the point of being hospitalized.

When Xiao Yi called Lu Zixi.

Lu Zixi was silent for a long time before saying sullenly: “She no longer holds any use.”

Xiao Yi trembled. “Surely you aren’t… don’t do anything stupid.”

Lu Zixi didn’t respond and directly hung up.

Within a few days, Bai Ziwen died in the hospital due to an infection.

She died so suddenly, and nobody came to identify the body, so her body was hauled off to the funeral home to be cremated.

But Xiao Yi knew. He felt this was Lu Zixi’s handiwork.

Online, the rumors of incest had been dispelled.

And the news of Bai Weiwei’s death also spread.

Because a fan couldn’t stand her idol’s incestuous black material and felt cheated, she planned to assassinate Lu Zixi.

But Bai Weiwei had blocked the knife.

She died before she could be rescued.

A fan who had been present posted a video of that day.

Within the crowd of wild condemnations.

When the knife thrust forward, Bai Weiwei didn’t hesitate to push Lu Zixi away.

This scene shocked many people.

How deep must your love be, to be able to unhesitantly use your own life to save the person you loved.

Many fans who had scolded and cursed Bai Weiwei online cried.

All sorts of apologies were posted on Weibo.

The Internet was buzzing for a long time.

Bai Weiwei’s name, while Bai Weiwei was alive, had only been a little hot2 because of an advertisement and the black materials of following the hidden rules.

And after her death, her name was thoroughly on fire3.

“We owe Bai Weiwei a life.”

1: 脑子蒙猪油: something along the lines of “my brain is covered with lard”?

2: 红: lit. red; fig. Popular.

3: 火: lit. fire/flame; fig. hot/flaming hot (in terms of popularity)


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