SS Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Ancient China – Part 6

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Author: Vannie

Warning: Semi-edited by Vannie

In an alley, away from the bustling streets and lively chatters, a figure covered in a black cloak stood. She muttered to herself, as if she was talking to something that couldn’t be unseen by others. Cold sweat covered the figure’s back as they thought of a way on how they could join the river cruise banquet that would be attended by the three Princes. The black-cloaked Figure had no choice, but to silently watch the river dock.

On the other hand, in another place devoid of people near the dock, two pairs are talking in low voices. This pair like the one in the alley is also planning something that is connected with the same banquet, but unlike the black-cloak Figure, their plan is something sinister.

Unknown to these two different parties, a pair of Master and Servant had been aware of their suspicious behaviours. The Master’s lips curved slightly. If one knew what kind of person this man is, then they would conclude that this man had found something ‘interesting.’ This ‘interesting’ thing is something that an ordinary person would define as something dangerous and dreadful. The servant behind him would have shivered and escaped, if she had seen this smile. Luckily, she had already planned to ask for her Master’s permission to leave for a while in order to complete her mission.

“Master, would you permit this servant to buy a lantern in there?” she asked as she pointed at the sellers near the dock just beyond the alley, where the cloaked figure is.

Ordinarily, a servant wouldn’t be bold enough to ask such a thing, but the relationship of this Master and Servant is somewhat different from usual. This Master is quite indulgent to this Servant, while the Servant can’t be really called a servant, due to the fact that except for accompanying her master, she never really did anything similar to that of a servant. She had been with this Master for 10 years, yet she had never done any chores, even the simplest task of brewing tea for her master had never occurred. She just stayed in a place where her master could see her, or a place that is just a distance away. If an occasion in which it was needed for them to be separated a hidden guard would always be watching this Servant at all times. Basically, this Servant is closer to that of the Master’s companion – no, maybe a pet – is what the pair think, but for those who knew them, would feel differently.

A particular friend of the Master once said, “What do you mean by ‘Servant’? Can’t you see that she is even more important than me? She is definitely my sworn rival!”

A certain teacher of the Master once stated, “Fufufu, she is definitely this old man’s disciple-in-law *cough* I mean, my disciple, whom I’ve taught my medicinal knowledge with”

Then several servants of the Master collectively agreed that in their heart that this ‘Servant’ would be ‘serving’ their Master in a special way in the future.

“Hmmm… Why don’t you accompany me for a little longer before going?” the Master stated.

“Yes, as you wish,” the servant replied, but in her heart, she would be grateful if this Demon would let her go before the cruise set off because she has a ‘ship’ to build.

While talking to a particular little system about the details of their plan, she heard her Master say, “Ming, don’t you think that the Emperor is doing some useless things right now?”

“Useless things?” Ming, the servant, tilted her head as she heard this.

With a mocking smile, HongYe, the master replied, “That Emperor just engaged both of General Xue’s daughters to the Empress’s sons. This move of his just strengthened the people who he is not weary of.”

“Hmmm… Wasn’t this move of the Emperor a good one, after all, the Emperor just made sure that the General won’t be used by the two Princes, who have the great power and backing right now?”

“So, you think that way too, huh? Well, on the surface it does seem that way, but things are deeper than what they are. Is the Emperor guarding against the right people? The palace is filled with man-eating sheep, so even an Emperor might have been fooled by these sheep.”

“The Second Prince is a scholar who is very favored by the literary officers; the Third Prince had just become a General on par with General Xue; the Fourth Prince since birth have already lost his rights to inherit the throne due to that reason; and the Crown Prince got the Empress’ backing due to being her biological son, but lacks the motivation of inheriting the throne. These Princes are the only Princes of the royal family who are alive, so, it is quite normal for the Emperor to be on guard against the Second and Third Princes, and disregard the other two, right?”

Seeing how this little Servant of his tilts her head while thinking, HongYe unconsciously flashes a nearly undetectable smile before saying, “You’re right, but as I’ve said things might not be what it seems to be. That river cruise banquet will start soon, go and buy what you want to buy. This One is going to wait for you here.”

“Thank you, Master” Ming bowed before excusing herself, with a smile she dashes out of the reserved room of the most famous restaurant of the Capital.

After Ming left the room, a young man entered it. This young man looked at the cold person, who watches the figure of a certain servant as she disappears through the crowd.

The young man then coughed before saying, “Really? I never expected that you would have a lot of free time to play around with that little woman. Do you really think that she had just gone out to buy lanterns and those little trinkets?”

With cold eyes, HongYe looked at the young man as he said, “Speak! What do you know?”

After a cough, the young man tattled, “Well, that little pet of yours was quite interested with the Fourth Prince. She even asked me if he would be participating in the river banquet at this Lantern Festival. When I told her that he would be, she then asked for an invitation for the banquet. Who would have known that you’ll be interested in this year’s festival and even bring her with you?” While sighing, he even added, “such a pity that your sudden whim has destroyed her plan to meet that Prince. All those planned actions and sacrifice of her bearing to accompany me just to see that Prince has been wasted.”

The room was filled with silence. As the young man then felt the temperature of the room begin to drop, he knew that his plan to bring demise to that woman had succeeded. He then thought, ‘this is what you get from being such a nuisance!’ A nearly inaudible cracking sound was suddenly heard before a gust of wind was felt, as the figure of the cold man disappeared. Left alone, the young man couldn’t help laughing. While the hidden guard, who has seen all of this couldn’t help, but shake his head while thinking, ‘This Young Master of Rin family still doesn’t understand that these things that he periodically does are actually helping Master and the future Madam to become even closer.’

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~Author’s Corner~

Since things in real life are now becoming more stable than the beginning of this year (emotionally and financially), I think this is time to start re-editing this novel and hopefully I would be able to update more chapters in the future. 

PS: Vannie is still a big shot procrastinator, beware!

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