MGCH Chapter 662

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Reality (3)

This sentence was spread online.

Rumors killed people; rumors killed the most innocent young woman.

And she was the woman who deeply loved their film emperor.

Some extreme fans even said: “Loving to this extent, even if they were siblings, I couldn’t afford to blacken her.”

To love someone, to die on a knife for them.

People couldn’t help but be moved by such a pure love.

This Weibo was forwarded a terrifying number of times.

Gradually, someone began to call Bai Weiwei: “Meimei.”

It was like a memorial full of apologies.

Because of the misunderstanding that she was Lu Zixi’s sister, everyone had wildly scolded her.

Then the misunderstanding was resolved.

But she was already gone.

The word “meimei” was like commemorating an innocent girl.

As well as apologizing for the death of an innocent.

And what pushed this to a climax was.

The release of 《Dream-like Blossoms》.

The Blossoms crew did not excessively exploit Bai Weiwei’s death.

They simply wrote Lu Zixi, Bai Weiwei, and An Qian’s names on the poster.

Bai Weiwei’s name was in the middle.

Many people went to the theaters out of guilt.

Some people on Weibo even said: “Although I don’t expect anything of Weiwei meimei’s acting skills, I know that all of us owe her this movie ticket.”

This Weibo quickly became a trending topic.

A flood of people liked it.

The movie started with a grand scene. A massive army1, and Lu Zixi clad in a military uniform. Heroic and valiant, he coldly glanced back2.

An Qian was also remarkable.

He played a secretly scheming, but outwardly emaciated and pallid emperor.

And when Bai Weiwei appeared.

A pair of hands, the fingers slender and pale and the fingertips as soft and pink as peach blossoms.

These hands gently pushed open the window bathed in sunlight.

They were followed by a light cloth with wide sleeves, a pair of cute double buns, and a beautiful, slender figure.

Someone called out Qiqi.

She gracefully turned back. Her apricot eyes were pure and clear, and her fair and delicate skin was flawlessly beautiful under the sunlight.

Suddenly the corners of her lips curled slightly.

Eyes full of sunshine, and a smile as pure and beautiful as a child’s.

This smile made anyone feel it was adorable.

Those who had thought she couldn’t act were shocked.

The film was about two hours long, and Bai Weiwei’s scenes took up about 30 minutes.

But everyone felt as though she was the protagonist.

She danced on a drum in a white top and red skirt.

It was so stunning that everyone who watched the movie sucked in a breath.

In this movie, this girl showcased acting skills beyond her age and a stunning beauty that could go down in film history.

In the story, the entanglement, suffering, and resolute and solemn tragedy pushed the film to a climax.

Especially since her death coincided with reality.

This scene made many people cry on the spot.

When the movie ended, everyone took a long time to calm down.

The next day, a news topic was pushed to the trending search.

“We killed not just an innocent meimei, but also an acting genius.”

Bai Weiwei had completely blown up.

It was not the fleeting popularity of a shooting star.

But rather the kind that was circulated, never to be forgotten.

She was called the nation’s meimei.

And became popular.

All this clamoring online caused many people to be overlooked.

Lu Zixi had long vanished.

It took Xiao Yi a long time before he finally found him.

When he discovered his whereabouts, Xiao Yi was so scared that he drove the entire night, desperately rushing to where Lu Zixi was.

1: 金戈铁马: shining spears and armored horses; a very powerful army.

2: 义无反顾: honor does not allow one to glance back; duty-bound not to turn back.


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