MGCH Chapter 663

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Reality (4)

It was an old, abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of the city.

He got out of the car and sprinted over. Suddenly, the warehouse door opened.

Lu Zixi wore a black trench coat. His hair was a mess, his face was covered with stubble, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Xiao Yi stopped in his tracks, suddenly not daring to step forward.

Lu Zixi slowly lifted his gaze. He indifferently took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a drag.

The flashing red of the cigarette butt at night made clearer the bloodstains on the fingers that held the cigarette.

Xiao Yi shuddered and took two steps forward.

Only then could he clearly see that Lu Zixi’s body was drenched in blood.

A stone seemed to be lodged in Xiao Yi’s throat, making him feel very uncomfortable.

“You… killed people?”

Lu Zixi gave a ruthless and icy smile.

“I didn’t only kill her. I also sliced her into a thousand pieces.”

Xiao Yi’s legs went soft, and Xiao Yi fell to the ground.

He fiercely rubbed his face in frustration. “You’re absolutely crazy, you’re crazy. Lu Zixi, Bai Weiwei didn’t save you to let you become a murderer.”

The person Lu Zixi killed.

Was the fan who killed Bai Weiwei.

That fan was a loyal fan of Lu Zixi.

The kind that was obsessed with Lu Zixi.

Before the attempted assassination on Lu Zixi, she had said on Weibo that her beloved idol had shattered her dreams.

And after she killed Bai Weiwei.

This fan ran away.

Even the police were still searching.

But they weren’t as fast as him. And after he found the person.

He killed her.

When Lu Zixi heard the words “Bai Weiwei,” the hand holding the cigarette trembled violently.

He blankly watched the smoke, and the calm in his blood-shot eyes completely collapsed.

Xiao Yi looked up and saw that Lu Zixi’s face was covered in tears.

“She killed…”

Lu Zixi whispered.

He spoke as he shakily smoked, but this action brought more and more tears to his eyes.

“Do you know what I was thinking when she died?”

Lu Zixi’s eyes were teary as he laughed.

He spat out each and every word. “I wanted everyone to die.”

The fans who had once liked him.

The people who had exalted him as the film emperor.

All of them should go to hell.

If it weren’t for these people, public opinion would not have been stirred up, and no one would have rushed to kill him.

Then Bai Weiwei wouldn’t have died.

Xiao Yi also felt pain. “You should calm down.”

But Lu Zixi turned away and didn’t speak. The end of the cigarette burned his fingers, but he didn’t react, as though he didn’t feel it.

Xiao Yi comforted, “Weiwei wouldn’t want you to be like this. She’s a good child who went to heaven when she died. If you’re like this, there’s no way you can reunite with her when you die.”

After he said this, Xiao Yi desperately wished to slap himself.

This cheap mouth, ah. What kind of comfort was this?!

But this sentence finally shattered Lu Zixi’s silence.

His back trembled, and he finally let out choked sobs.

Xiao Yi sat there blankly, watching Lu Zixi collapse to his knees.

Then cry miserably all night.

Later, Xiao Yi watched Lu Zixi calm down.

He disposed of the body.

Then said expressionlessly to Xiao Yi.

“Don’t let anyone know that you’ve been here.”

Xiao Yi didn’t know how to persuade him. He could only let out a sigh.

When they met again, it was when 《Dream-like Blossoms》 won an international award.

Lu Zixi won Best Actor.

Bai Weiwei won Best Actress.

It was not a pity vote, but rather because their acting was so excellent in 《Dream-like Blossoms》.

Lu Zixi, dressed in a black suit, walked to the podium, a sullen look on his handsome face.

He took the trophy.

Then he grabbed the microphone and said to everyone.

“First of all I want to thank… no.”

Lu Zixi paused slightly before saying coldly: “I have no one I’d like to thank. I came here today to tell all the trash that, if I could, I’d jump at the chance to kill you.”

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  1. Yandere or black bellied?
    I just got goosebumps!!!
    I really love possessive characters but this is the first time I found such an extreme role even after the FL died, like, he didn’t stop being “so mean” when his only purpose of life has gone, maybe it’s the form of his grief but idk… I feel he’s kinda creepy😨
    Somehow, I think it’s better if she dies early, he might or would build a gold cage or have a gold chain for her if she were alive till now… >.<

    Thankies for the update♡♡♡

  2. Poor Xiao Yi…his choice for friends was just really bad. His luck ran out when the ML considered him enough of a friend to tell him and let him witness all his dark secrets: loving & forcing himself on his (at that time biological) sister, violently beating up some woman in a cafe … and killing and disposing of his fan. Xiao Yi has to live with all that X’D -cough-

  3. I think Xiao Yi took the role of the SML in Abandoned Wife Arc because both of them has to live with this kind of shadow caused by the dogblood drama of MC and ML😢 Lu Zixi was really cool and dark up there

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