MGCH Chapter 664

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Reality (5)

“To me, each and every one of you – fans, viewers, the people who love me – all of you are murderers.”

Lu Zixi’s eyes were as cold as an abyss.

He smashed the trophy in his hand on the stage.

The host tried to come up. “Mr. Lu, this…”

Lu Zixi turned to look at him, his eyes containing a violent aura.

For an instant, the host didn’t dare to persuade him.

Lu Zixi indolently reached up to pull at his collar. Because he used too much strength in his fingers, he even pulled off a few buttons.

His face was pale, and his bangs fell across his forehead. His entire body held a chilling and  cruel vibe.

Lu Zixi continued to look back at the stupefied audience.

“From the day that my most beloved person died, I died too. At one time, I wanted to kill all of you.”

He had even planned it out.

Hold a grand memorial service.

Spend a huge sum of money to get thousands of fans to participate.

Then detonate a bomb and die along with them.

Why should his sister lie in an ice-cold urn while those indirect murderers still lived well?

But in the end, he discarded the idea.

He was afraid that after he died, his body would be covered in blood, and when Bai Weiwei saw that he was filthy, she would be disgusted and wouldn’t want him.

Lu Zixi coldly looked at everyone. Finally, his gaze turned to the camera.

Then he slowly revealed a chilling smile.

“I have something to say to the people who like me: you truly disgust me.”

Saying this, Lu Zixi strode off the stage with a stony face.

And immediately left.

He drove directly to the police station.

And called the chief. “I want to turn myself in.”

The chief came rushing over with a horde of policemen and saw Lu Zixi in a black suit, sitting in a chair. He held a cigarette between his fingers, and his gaze was empty and deep.

The chief: Mr. Lu, this…”

Lu Zixi lazily turned his head and released a puff of smoke.

Amidst the hazy smoke, he said calmly: “I killed Bai Ziwen and that bitch who killed Weiwei. I kept the tools and the bodies, as well as the video evidence of the murder.”

These words stunned everyone in the room.

There was someone who would keep a video of their murder?

Lu Zixi was extremely calm, as though he was talking about other people’s affairs.

“Premeditated murder1, a vile act. A death sentence should be enough.”

– – – – – – – – – –

On the day of the death sentence, Xiao Yi came to visit the prison, looking exhausted.

No matter how wealthy and powerful the Lu family was, it was impossible for Lu Zixi to be let off the hook.

Not to mention that Lu Zixi was well-prepared.

Just for a death penalty.

Lu Zixi left no way out for himself. The lawyer couldn’t do anything about it.

Xiao Yi ran over and broke his legs2, just to ask for a reprieve.

In the end, Lu Zixi called all the lawyers and threatened them from taking the case.

He was determined to die.

No one could stop it.

When the death sentence was laid down, Xiao Yi dully stared at the verdict all night, his mind blank.

《Blossoms》’s reaching to top box office was more like a huge irony to him.

Lu Zixi expressionlessly sat in the chair.

He looked extremely haggard. His hair hadn’t been taken care of and had lost its luster.

His face had become thinner, and his eyes had become even deeper and darker.

His face was still handsome, but it held an icy cold malevolence.

Seeing this appearance, Xiao Yi couldn’t help but rub his eyes. A grown man’s tears couldn’t be stopped.

“Lu Zixi, you’re too cruel to yourself.”

Step by step, he personally pushed himself to the point of the death penalty.

No madman could be so cruel to himself.

Lu Zixi’s gaze hardly changed. From the moment the hospital announced Bai Weiwei’s death.

He’d completely died.

What sat here today was nothing more than a living corpse.

1: The raws said intentional murder, and based on what little I know about criminal law, this would be classified as first-degree murder (intentional and premeditated)? Someone correct this if I’m wrong though.

2: Think this is saying he used all his connections.

Piper: There were so many amazing songs for this arc. Those of forbidden love, those for dying for love. I couldn’t decide, so I put an ML POV song at the top, and created a playlist of the others if you guys are interested to listen through it. (P.S. the video at the top is a playlist, if you can’t access it, Here is the playlist for Arc 10, and Here is the playlist for all MGCH songs used (I got to update it though)) I also ended up finding some songs to add to my playlist of maybes for next arc, and if you got any songs that might be ML POV songs at the end of a future arc, please put them in the comments, I’ll add them to my maybe playlist to listen to next arc.


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  1. He really went off the deep end, gazing straight into the abyss. But it’s true that all the apologies and laments from the netizens disgusted me too.

  2. Once in a while people should heard that though. The fact, the tragedy that actually hurts and does not forgive. Not the ‘you all take part to killing her but still, thank you for saying sorry after the person died.’

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