MGCH Chapter 670

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (2)

He thought that Bai Weiwei would immediately have him brought out and cut him down.

But Bai Weiwei suddenly relaxed her brows and gave him a slight glance.

The corner of her lips hooked up. Under the lamplight, her coldly elegant facial features could turn heads1.

Then he heard her voice, indifferent but with a touch of sweetness: “Throw him in prison2. Save the discussion for later.”

The female official immediately said: “Your Majesty, such a treacherous villain 3, should be killed on the spot to frighten off petty thieves.”

Bai Weiwei’s icy expression deepened, and her manner became imposing. “Since when did Zhen’s words need you to object? Go receive your punishment for Zhen.”

The female official immediately knelt, her face white.

In the wake of the empress’ ire, everyone else also fell to their knees.

Feng Yunian lowered his head as calculations flashed across his dark grey eyes.

His heart bleak, he was just about to speak.

Suddenly, a jade finger, soft and gentle, but with unquestionable strength, lifted his chin. 

His long lashes trembled as his fingers gripped the floor. His expression was frosty.

But then he heard a voice carrying a trace of a smile.

“Just an insignificant little assassin. Even if he is a spawn4 of the Feng family, is he not still an ant at Zhen’s feet?”

Feng Yunian’s expression turned cold, and he glared fiercely at the woman seated above.

But he saw her lazy and indolent expression, her skin glistening like snow, her smile that wasn’t a smile. Her elegance and grace were easy to see.

For a moment, he was stunned.

She said coolly: “Your looks aren’t bad. Come serve Zhen, ba.”

When Feng Yunian heard this, the expression in his eyes cracked. His fingers nearly split the ground open as the skin broke and started bleeding.

Her fingers slid across the skin of his lower jaw.

The sensation made him shudder.

Before he could react, several attendants had already rushed over and taken Feng Yunian away.

Bai Weiwei watched the protagonist leave.

Then she immediately waved her hand and had everyone withdraw.

When she was alone, Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but grip her forehead.

“Do you hate that I don’t have more creative ways of dying?”

“This time, it’s a matter of political and familial enmity. Feng Yunian must be itching to gnaw on my heart.”

The world she had transmigrated into this time was somewhat strange.

It was a matriarchal world.

Just as the term implied, men were inferior to women.

All the officials were women, and the emperor was also a woman.

Men stayed at home to manage the household duties and were forbidden from appearing in public.

And Feng Yunian was a prince from the previous dynasty.

In this world, she was called Bai Weiwei, and she was the previous dynasty’s general.

The original could be an overbearing tyrant, a winner in life whose path was very smooth.

At the age of fifteen, she beat down the enemies until they wet themselves in terror5.

At the age of seventeen, she became the Feng Dynasty’s general of defense.

Then, at the age of twenty, she gathered soldiers for a revolt. She killed everyone in the imperial family and successfully ascended the throne.

Then she changed the dynasty’s name to Bai.

Feng Yunian escaped the massacre, but he never forgot his desire for revenge.

After planning for a very long time, he finally blended in with tonight’s performers, and the assassination succeeded…

The original host passed away6.

But she took her place, so it could only be considered half-successful.

The system comforted her: “This plane is good, ah. You can do whatever you want. The men here are all weak and helpless, and you’re as strong as a bull. Aren’t you happy?”

Bai Weiwei: As strong as a bull…

The system continued to comfort her: “But it’s just political and familial enmity. Cut off the jj, and all the hostility for you will melt away. How could such a small and trivial grudge scare you?”

Bai Weiwei revealed a happy smile.

Then she said: “You think that if you flatter me, I’ll let you buy snacks?”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei: “If you dare to steal my life points to eat, I’ll cut off your jj and let our enmity melt away.”

The system silently covered its crotch.

Bai Weiwei: “Now, my side task reward.”

The last plane’s punishment of nearly streaking around the world7 gave her a profound impression.

The system rummaged around in the inventory for a bit. “Reward, ultimate martial arts, asking the host to accept.”

This was the first time Bai Weiwei received a proper8 reward.

Ultimate martial arts, wouldn’t she be able to fly in the sky and move mountains?

1: 顾盼生辉: describes expressive and beautiful brows or facial features.

2: 天牢: jail cell above ground, vs. dungeons, which are usually underground.

3: 乱臣贼子: rebellious ministers and traitors.

4: 余孽: remaining evil, surviving supporter of an evil regime or campaign.

5: 屁滚尿流: lit. fart + roll/scram + piss + flow; to piss one’s pants or flee in terror.

6: 嗝屁: lit. hiccup/belch + fart, but it means to die.

7: 裸奔: as in the running around naked HELLO??? WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST ARC.

8: 实惠: can mean affordable, but based on context, it likely means a tangible benefit or advantageous thing.

Cheese: after some thought, I’ve decided to go with using zhen instead of changing it to the royal we, which is different from what I did with arc 6; hopefully, this isn’t too offputting for yall

Piper: Sorry this is a bit late guys, my fault with bad time management, but cool news, we have a new proof reader! She’s helped quite a bit for this arc, so please welcome and thank her! (Fixed next chapter button, sorry… but hey, chapter stockpile? XD)


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