MGCH Chapter 672

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (4)

His fingers touched her slender, snow-white neck, then suddenly stopped.

It was possible that she deliberately showed an opening to lure him into a trap.

Feng Yunian’s gentle and delicate face twisted with hatred. It was impossible for the woman he failed to assassinate to let him go.

Even if he lived, the price was to be pressed down on Bai Weiwei’s bed and humiliated.

So why not perish together?

His fingers curled into a vice, and he fiercely gripped her neck.

Suddenly, a pair of slender white hands gently seized his fingers.

Ten fingers intertwined with his ten fingers. A gentle but unshakable strength stopped Ning Yishu’s movements.

His expression shifted, and he tried to pull back.

A smooth white leg hooked around his calf and tugged him into her arms.

Feng Yunian frowned, using a foot to kick her away.

But the next second, she had already rolled over. Both hands wrapped around his fingers, pressing them firmly above his head.

She straddled his waist. Her coiled hair was scattered and hung down, framing her stunning features.

Feng Yunian used all his strength to resist. Bai Weiwei captured his fingers and used her body to paste herself to his body.

Her gorgeous face approached him.

Two people pressed together, their breaths chaotically mixing.

Feng Yunian only then realized that he was pressed beneath Bai Weiwei’s body, with no gap between them.

His eyes darkened, and his heart was full of a desire to kill.

“Traitor, you…”

Bai Weiwei looked at him tiredly, her voice a bit hoarse.

“Could you let Zhen sleep for a bit? There’s much to do. The mess your Feng family left behind for Zhen is very troublesome to sort out.”

Anger colored Feng Yunian’s eyes and brows. “It seems General Bai thinks she hasn’t taken enough yet?”

Bai Weiwei looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “The rivers and mountains aren’t that good, but beauty is not bad.”

Feng Yunian smiled coldly. “I’m afraid this beauty is poisonous.”

Bai Weiwei’s expression softened. In the candlelight, there was even a hint of indulgence.

“Being poisonous also sounds delectable1. Who told you to be so beautiful?”

Feng Yunian’s pupils trembled2. Bai Weiwei had always been capricious, and he’d never seen her lower herself to this delicate appearance.

No, this wasn’t tenderness.

This was flirting.

But Bai Weiwei chatted with the system: “Look at me, don’t I look like a passionate, domineering, ruthless and yet gentle super male god? It took me a long time to figure out how to be this handsome.”

System: “Actually, I think that your previous little white flower4 appearance was pretty good.”

Bai Weiwei took it in stride: “I’m good at any role. Completely perfect, completely flawless.”

System: “…No, I meant that before, you gave me spicy eyes4 at most. Now, do you want to make me fly away in embarrassment with this shameful display?”

Bai Weiwei: “You’re just jealous that I’m more handsome than you.”

System: “Dumb as a stick4” wasn’t enough to describe the host. It could only remain silent.

Bai Weiwei raised her brows, looking wickedly handsome.

She focused on seducing Feng Yunian. “Don’t think about it and just become Zhen’s, ba.”

Feng Yunian’s eyes darkened further, his thoughts unknown.

Bai Weiwei redoubled her efforts to act out an unconventional, overbearing president.

“You only have two choices. One, choose to be Zhen’s; two, choose Zhen to be yours.”

She felt that this appearance was very handsome, wasn’t it?

Wasn’t it very cool?

Wasn’t it very overbearing?

The weak and helpless young male lead would surely like her, ah.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has fallen to -42. The favorability has reached the level of pure nausea.】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

System: “Haha.”

1: 甘之如饴: to enjoy something bitter as it; it was malt sugar; to gladly endure hardships.

2: I couldn’t think of any other way to put it, but it describes when you’re shocked, caught off guard, or don’t know how to react. The reference images below are from looking up the Korean equivalent, hence the Korean in the first image.

3: 小白花: someone who pretends to be weak and pitiful to gain sympathy. I’m assuming this is different from the white lotus, who’s weak and miserable but isn’t pretending to be.

4: 辣眼: when you see something dirty or unspeakable and makes your eyes burn.

5: 制杖: homophone/slang for being stupid. I chose to use the phrase “dumb as a stick” because the second character means rod or pole.


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