MGCH Chapter 674

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (6)

Feng Yunian got off the bed. The room was completely deserted.

He pulled a sword off the wall. The darkness in the depths of his eyes was deathly still.

The Feng family had built this room.

But now, it had become Bai Weiwei’s.

A sneer surfaced in Feng Yunian’s beautiful eyes.

He was like an ice-cold reptile, finally revealing his sharp fangs.

He approached the bedside, completely exposing his intent to kill.

The woman on the bed had black hair as fine as silk. Loosely scattered, it gave off a lustrous sheen.

She was beautiful, and even in this situation, her eyes’ expression was evident and peaceful.

Feng Yunian had wanted to see his enemy begging for mercy with a hideous crying face.

But instead, it was this indifferent appearance.

“Do you know what I was thinking, during that year the imperial family was killed?”

Bai Weiwei and the system were still at each other’s throats.

“Think of a solution. If I don’t get detoxified, my heart’s going to get run through by a sword.”

“I’m hungry…”

“Are you a rice bucket1? Why are you always hungry?”

“This one2 is so hungry and has become weak and helpless, so pitiful3…”

“Ugh, go, go. Hurry up and have a meal at the cafeteria. It’s like I’m sending off a beggar.”

The system immediately came to life. “Okay, for the poison, you need to use five days of life points and buy a detoxifying vaccine. Then you can fight the poison in your body.”

Bai Weiwei: “Buy buy buy.”

Suddenly, she realized that something was not right. Then a hand gripped her collar and pulled her up.

Bai Weiwei looked up and saw Feng Yunian with an ice-cold, murderous gaze.

“In your eyes, am I just like an ant?”

He lifted the sword as he asked, but she looked at him in disdain, remaining silent.

He had wanted to see his enemy bawling in agony, but instead, she was calm and cool, not fearing her life or death.

Bai Weiwei: Hero, you misunderstand…

But Feng Yunian didn’t give her a chance to speak. He threw her on the bed, placing the sword at her neck.

His voice turned soft and captivating; “Perhaps I should thank you. Killing all my relatives paved the way for me.”

Bai Weiwei was in the dark. Pave the way?

Feng Yunian laughed softly. “I hated those people of the Feng family even more than you. Why were only women given attention, while men were abandoned like shoes?”

The laugh grew louder, until it became somewhat demented.

The arrogant smile on his handsome face was unexpectedly eye-catching, making people unable to shift their gaze.

“Who said men could not be above others, could not become this dynasty’s ruler? After I kill you, I’ll become the Feng family’s last legitimate heir.”

Bai Weiwei: So ambitious.

Feng Yunian’s brows rose as he reached the height of arrogance.

“By that time, I will become the first man to succeed the throne.”

Bai Weiwei thought about it. If she handed him the throne, would she be able to gain a hundred affection points?

Her neck stung a bit when the sword’s edge bit into her skin.

Feng Yunian calmed down. “So, it’s time for you to die.”

Bai Weiwei had taken the vaccine, and was already able to move. She was just about to break free.

The door suddenly opened.

Feng Yunian looked back, alert.

He saw a familiar figure.

It was one of Bai Weiwei’s trusted female officials.

Feng Yunian relaxed. “Are you ready to deploy? Once Bai Weiwei is dead, immediately flush out her loyal followers.”

The female official smirked. With a wave of her hand, the people she brought immediately drew their blades.

“Yes. After you kill Her Majesty, you no longer have any use.”

Feng Yunian’s face paled, and he gave them a cold glare. “Are you betraying me?”

The female official was a spy hiding at Bai Weiwei’s side.

She was also the official4 most supportive of Feng Yunian’s ascension.

The official burst out laughing. “You’re truly absurd, ah, Feng Yunian. As a man, you wish to ascend the throne to become emperor? Keep dreaming.”

Feng Yunian staggered back, nearly losing his grip on his sword.

1: 饭桶: a big eater.

2: 人家: can mean a household or other people, but it’s also a way to refer to oneself.

3: 可怜兮兮: I believe 兮 is used here for emphasis.

4: 忠臣: an official who is loyal to his ruler.


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