MGCH Chapter 678

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (10)

Bai Weiwei suddenly turned around. Her ice-cold expression rapidly thawed.

Her gentle smile and her brows and eyes full of tender feelings could simply warm one’s heart.

“Yunian, how do you want to deal with this group of people? It’s up to you.”

Feng Yunian’s breath hitched. His fingers were slightly stiff.

But she continued to hold him, utterly different from her indifferent cruelty in front of others.

“En, don’t be afraid. Zhen will support you. From now on, whoever dares to disrespect you, zhen will cut them down.”

Feng Yunian stared at her blankly.

But he couldn’t spot even a bit of hesitation or deception on her face.

She was being serious?

Feng Yunian’s eyes lowered, and he smiled faintly. “Your Majesty is joking. How could I deal with your officials?”

Bai Weiwei was silent, and her eyes darkened. Her thoughts were a mystery.

Feng Yunian was smiling, but his eyes were calm and numb.

She finally remembered the importance of aiding one’s officials even if she was putting on a show to let his guard down.

When it came to the point of punishing the officials, she wouldn’t be willing to continue the act.

But in the end, Bai Weiwei relaxed her brows and smiled.

This smile inadvertently revealed a trace of innocent sweetness.

Such a pleasant smile on a woman’s face; It should have felt odd, but it was surprisingly… beautiful.

Even Feng Yunian felt it was cute.

She said: “I finally figured out how to punish them. Someone come, ah, drag these fools out and beat them1.”

Then, under Feng Yunian’s bewildered gaze, all the officials and soldiers who had drawn their swords were dragged out, stripped of their trousers, and beaten.

A cacophony of miserable cries, along with the sound of rods against the flesh, filled the air.

Only then did Bai Weiwei nod in satisfaction. “Give them a lesson this time. Then next time, who would dare to disrespect you?”

Feng Yunian’s expression turned complicated.

These officials were publicly stripped and beaten.

The flesh wounds would heal, but after this humiliation, they would not dare to raise their heads whenever they saw him.

She was sincerely using this method so others would not dare to offend him.

When he thought this, Feng Yunian fiercely bit his lip and crushed his fluctuating emotions.

She must have a purpose. Otherwise, how could she possibly treat him like this?

His heart was rational, but on the surface, his false display of affection softened.

“Your Majesty, is it worth offending so many officials for Yunian?”

When Bai Weiwei heard this, she suddenly looked touched, and her eyes filled with glistening tears.

She was too moved. “Yes, ah. For you, I would give up all of my most loyal officials. For you, I was almost hacked to death. For you, I would do anything.”

This change in face stunned Feng Yunian.

Bai Weiwei took the opportunity to lean against him, and rub-a-rub2. Behind her was a wagging tail.

“So, won’t you compensate me?”

Feng Yunian wasn’t sure how to respond to this sort of Bai Weiwei.

Just earlier, she had been… harsh and unfeeling.


He asked softly: “What do you want as compensation?”

Bai Weiwei immediately, without any sense of shame, said eagerly: “Kiss me, hug me, and of course, you have to love me, ah3.”

Feng Yunian thought, who was this fool?

Of course, he couldn’t say this, so he was forced to make a difficult decision. He finally said: “I’ll hug you, ba.”

Bai Weiwei extended her hands and hugged him tightly.

Then she buried her head in his chest: her breath, her soft body, her docile manner made Feng Yunian’s body briefly stiffen.

His mind was somewhat disorderly. This posture of hers was a big taboo.

If he wanted to kill her, she would not be able to escape.

1: 打屁股: to hit the buttocks. .

2: 蹭啊蹭: most of the videos that come up are of, like, cats rubbing their heads against things and people. I know Korean and Japanese have mimetic words (e.g., パクパク,/ぱくぱく for eating quickly/in big pieces, 말랑말랑 to describe something being soft). I’m not sure if the Chinese have anything beyond onomatopoeia, but this might be similar?

3: 亲亲/抱抱/爱爱: reduplication of a verb modified is so that it’s less severe(? brusque?). During arc 8, I asked if anybody could tell me if 亲亲 is the equivalent of a kiss-kiss, and I’m pretty sure my thinking that time was on the right-ish track. Something like a quick peck on the cheek vs. a deep passionate kiss you’d see in a romance movie LOLOL.

Cheese: I just spent five minutes reading about Chinese grammar, and I feel like so many things I just glossed over up until now make more sense. WOW, who knew that properly studying grammar would make me smarter ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧


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