MSTP Chapter 37

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Translator: Cheese

“I’ll say it straight–those rich second generations are nothing good.”

Due to the overwhelming shock in Song Haiping’s gaze when he looked at Rong Heng, Song Yuan unconsciously asked: “Dad, do you know Mr. Xie?”

She didn’t ask Rong Heng because she had only learned a few days ago that he had gotten injured and lost his memory. He didn’t even remember his family, so how could he remember other people?

If her dad was acquainted with Rong Heng, she wouldn’t find it strange.

Her father had been in business for more than twenty years; he had a wide network and was acquainted with many people.

Rong Heng was very well-raised. Even with Song Haiping looking at him like this, he smiled and asked politely, “I’m sorry, Uncle, I fell ill some time ago and can’t remember many things. Do you know me?”

Of course Song Haiping knew him! But it was he who knew Xie Heng; the Xie family’s Crown Prince definitely didn’t know him.

Song Haiping was originally going to mention the incident when the Xie family’s driver nearly hit Rong Ting on the streets of B City. But just as he opened his mouth, he suddenly remembered that his daughter was still around, and he quickly swallowed down his words.

He couldn’t let his daughter know anything about that. Song Haiping spoke, with a serious face, “I met you once at a friend’s dinner party several years ago, Mr. Xie.”

What a stroke of luck. Just when he was planning to have someone check the Crown Prince’s location in the city because he had no clue, he appeared right in front of him.

But Song Haiping had no thoughts of climbing the social ladder at this moment.

He looked at Rong Heng, then at Song Yuan. His expression suddenly turned very grave.

Rong Heng smiled. “So it was like that. Uncle, you don’t need to be so polite to me. I am Miss Song’s friend, and you are an elder.”

When Song Haiping heard his daughter being addressed as “Miss Song,” his eyes flashed, and he smiled. “Is that so.”

Seeing their awkward conversation, Song Yuan hurriedly said, “Dad, don’t you need to catch a flight? Hurry and go. If you’re late, it’ll be super troublesome to change your flight time. Let’s go, Mr. Xie, I’ll take you back.”

Just as these words left her lips, Song Haiping said, “I just got a message that the other side’s not in a hurry, so it’s all the same if I leave tomorrow. It’s late now, Mr. Xie, so let me take you back. You weren’t aware, but Yuanyuan has to go back and look after the child. It’s not safe for children to be at home alone.”

The usually very considerate Rong Heng seemed not to understand the hint in Song Haiping’s words. The smile in his warm eyes never faded. “There’s no need, Uncle. My hotel is just nearby, so I’ll just go for a walk to help with digestion. You and Miss Song should go back first. It’s indeed unsafe to leave the child alone at home.”

Song Haiping was dumbstruck.

Unexpectedly, Xie Heng knew that Yuanyuan already had a child.

So what was going on here?

But Song Haiping didn’t acquiesce. He called his driver and said to Rong Heng, “Mr. Xie, it’s cold outside. You mentioned you were sick some time ago, so you must pay attention to your health. Normally, since you’re a friend of Yuanyuan, we should invite you to dinner at our place. It’s just that the father of the child hasn’t come home yet, and he’s very clingy with Yuanyuan. We can’t keep you, but you shouldn’t be so polite with us. Let my driver send you home. Don’t treat us as strangers.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble your driver.” Unable to refuse such generosity, Rong Heng thanked him in a gentle and polite tone.

After watching Rong Heng leave in the car, Song Haiping turned to look at the confused Song Yuan who obviously didn’t know what was going on and heaved a sigh.

Song Yuan was still puzzled. “Didn’t you say you had a flight to catch? Why aren’t you going to the airport?”

Song Haiping took the styrofoam box in her hands. He didn’t know if it was regret or what, but all in all, he felt melancholy.

“Why can’t you use your intelligence for your own business? Your mom and I aren’t stupid, so why aren’t you smart at all? We didn’t bring home the wrong baby, right?”

Song Yuan: “…”

The father and daughter got in the car. Song Haiping had already silently pushed back the date of the business trip.

Business was naturally very important, but not as important as his daughter.

The next thing he was going to speak to his daughter about was that she should avoid meeting Rong Heng, but he truly was worried about the child being alone at home so late at night. Even though Rong Ting was more sensible than other children his age, one couldn’t be careless.

When they entered the house, Rong Ting was standing by the entrance. He had heard the sound of the door. When he saw Song Haiping, he was stunned, and then his mouth widened in a smile. “Why has Grandfather come?”

“Someone sent me a box of Dandong strawberries. I remembered you love strawberries, so I brought them over.” Song Haiping was very happy to see Rong Ting. It was probably that the more he saw his grandson, the more he found him pleasing to the eye, and the more he liked him. He found a pair of scissors to open the foam box and told Rong Ting, “One should complete one’s own affairs. You go wash the strawberries a bit and make sure they’re clean, since your mom also likes to eat them. Grandpa and your mom have some business to discuss.”

As a matter of fact, there wasn’t a need to specially instruct him.

Rong Ting had been educated since young to have a noble character. No one needed to tell him what to do, and he wouldn’t deliberately eavesdrop on adults’ conversations.


It had been several months since he came to the modern era. Rong Ting was becoming more and more integrated into this brand-new era. He initially didn’t know how to do anything, and in his heart, he also refused to do anything. Now, he washed fruit himself, and he even washed his own underwear and socks. His progress was slow, but it was there.

Rong Ting happily carried some strawberries into the kitchen.

Song Haiping then looked at Song Yuan. The smile on his face faded. “Yuanyuan, come to the study. Dad has something to tell you.”

Song Yuan had a vague idea of what Song Haiping wanted to say. Although she felt helpless, she followed her father into the study and shut the door.

“Do you know who Mr. Xie is?” Song Haiping sat down and opened with this sentence.

Song Yuan stood in front of the desk, looking extremely calm. “I don’t know. We’ve only known each other for a short time.”

“Then let me tell you.” Song Haiping felt a bit unsettled in his heart. When he was anxious, he would unconsciously tap on the desk. “You don’t know that in the business world, as long as you have anything to do with business in B City, you can’t not know the Xie’s. The Xie’s aren’t just a clan that developed in just a few years; they can be regarded as an aristocratic family. There are many rich people in B City, but there aren’t many who can be called rich and powerful. That’s not just about having money.

“The Xie family’s head had 2 sons. One of them died in an accident while young, so the Xie family basically belonged to the remaining son, Xie Yanjun. If you pay attention to the economy, you should know him. Xie Yanjun’s wife is the daughter of the Lu family, which is another well-respected family in B City. These two families joined together, which is something that all the rich and powerful pay particularly close attention to. This couple gave birth to a son, and that son is Xie Heng, the friend you haven’t known for very long.

“In the B City business circles, everyone calls Xie Heng the ‘Crown Prince.’ Xie Yanjun also has an illegitimate child from outside, but Xie Heng has the backing of both the Xie family and his grandfather, and he will be the next head of the Xie family. Some time ago, something happened to Xie Heng, and everyone knows that it has something to do with Xie Yanjun’s illegitimate son. Even if that illegitimate child was used by others, who told him to have thoughts that he shouldn’t have? That Madam Xie1 is truly ruthless–I heard that that illegitimate son was about to be killed. Although nobody said it out loud, everyone thought that Xie Heng was probably dead because there was no news for a long time. Who’d have thought that this Crown Prince Xie has great fortune and fate, and he would actually manage to keep his life.”

Song Haiping sighed. “I’m telling you this because I want to tell you that Xie Heng has an unusual background. There’s a saying that the old man losing his horse may not be unfortuitous2, and it’s not untrue. He nearly lost his life, but it’s because of this that the Xie’s Master and Madam made their move. His half-brother has basically no chance of seizing power, and he has no more threats lurking in the rear3. Think about how complicated it is in the family, Yuanyuan. No matter what kind of person Xie Heng is, a person with such a powerful background like him is someone ordinary people can’t offend.”

Song Yuan didn’t expect that the handsome, white-haired man who often took the bus with her would have such a background.

For a moment, she was stunned, unable to react. She also didn’t know what to say.

Seeing her expression, Song Haiping earnestly continued: “Yuanyuan, the reason why Mom and Dad work so hard to make money is partly because of ambition, but also partly to give you the best so that your future can be free of worries, and you can freely choose the life you want to live. Do you remember what Dad told you before your college entrance exams? My thoughts haven’t changed; I just want my child to be healthy and happy. It’s the same now. Marrying into an influential family may sound nice. After all, it’s a leap in status–who knows how many people dream of such a thing. But it’s too much pain and suffering. Dad doesn’t want you to be together with such a person.”

“Dad, what are you saying?” Song Yuan was helpless. “You’ve misunderstood. We’re just ordinary friends. We haven’t known each other for very long.”

She felt her dad had a filter on that made him see her as the cutest in the world, that she was captivating, that anyone of the opposite sex who got to know her would have those kinds of thoughts about her. If it was like he said, and this Crown Prince Xie really was a wealthy second generation, would he be interested in her, the unwed mother of a child? What beauties had he not seen before? Would he use such means to pursue her?

“Ha ha.” Song Haiping laughed. Hearing such a naive and ridiculous remark, the middle-aged man’s first reaction was not to sneer, but to laugh.


Song Haiping waved his hand. “Okay, consider yourselves as friends, but I still want to say this to you. I don’t care if you become friends, but you can’t turn him from an ordinary friend to a boyfriend. I’ll say it straight–those rich second generations are nothing good.”

He’d truly seen it all.

He was a man, not to mention that his vision was quite sharp. What a man looked like when he liked someone, what kind of look he had in his eyes–he wasn’t so old that he couldn’t see it.

Xie Heng needed more common sense. If not for the intentions of one party, he and Song Yuan would never meet! There was no overlap between the two’s lives or circle of friends. Even if they met, they would not have become ordinary friends!

Xie Heng concealed it well, but considering his background, one could tell that something wasn’t right after some thought. And after recalling the gaze with which he had looked at Yuanyuan, Song Haiping wanted to laugh again.

Just ordinary friends… deceiving a little girl like Yuanyuan, what was he pretending for in front of him? Trying to pursue a woman while not fully recovered, he deserved to be nearly pitted by that illegitimate child. Pei4!

[1] Xie(/Rong) Heng’s grandfather and grandmother are the current heads of the house, I think, so Madam Xie is referring to Xie(/Rong) Heng’s grandma

[2] 塞翁失马焉知非福: basically, every cloud has a silver lining, or a setback may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I took the literal translation and shaped it a bit to be a little more palatable as a sentence. The story behind this saying is super interesting (to me), and you can find a translation of it here.

[3] 后顾之忧: fears of trouble in the rear; fig. family worries

[4] The sound of spitting

Cheese: when everyone but the person herself can see that rong heng is definitely trying to court song yuan… also will rong ting be able to recognize his dad? Does the real xie heng look like rong heng??

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