MGCH Chapter 682

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (14)

Feng Yunian’s fingers clenched. Why did he want to beat her up so badly?

Thinking of his objective, he could only endure it and speak in a warm and soft voice. “If Your Majesty does not object, then allow me.”

Bai Weiwei immediately faced him and pulled away from her clothes, revealing part of her shoulder.

The bandage in Feng Yunian’s hand quivered.

He was a man, after all. Seeing a woman so straightforwardly expose her body.

It wouldn’t be proper for him to boldly do a thorough inspection.

The wound was rather deep, and her skin was pale and bloodless. He could see that it was painful.

But Bai Weiwei was like a person without a care in the world. She turned her back to him, not saying a word.

He had read ancient books before, and in history, there had been eccentric people who would scrape the bones to cure illness1, but he had never come across one in reality.

This wound was his doing.

Didn’t she hate him even a little bit?

Feng Yunian couldn’t help but slow down as he cleaned her wound and applied for medicine.

When his fingers touched her wound, her body tensed, but she remained silent.

Feng Yunian’s movement of wrapping the bandage stopped.

She urged, “What’s wrong? I’m not afraid of pain; you don’t need to be so cautious.”

The system was continually applying pain relief cream, so she didn’t feel any pain.

Feng Yunian pursed his thin lips. The expression in his eyes was deep as he looked at her.

How could it not hurt?

Such willpower2, it was no wonder she could successfully rebel and become the empress.

Putting aside her nonsensical words.

She indeed was a very formidable woman.

A touch of admiration floated up in his heart.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -10.】

Bai Weiwei: “The striptease3 worked. Look, just revealing a shoulder got me favorability.”

The system scoffed: “…Why don’t you just take it all off? He’ll love you to death.”

Bai Weiwei: “Yes, that’s a good method.”

The system wearily4 grabbed a potato chip. Sure enough, it really shouldn’t have any expectations of the host’s moral integrity.

Feng Yunian finished wrapping the wound and was now trying the bandage. As his fingers drew back, his fingertips accidentally brushed against the skin of her shoulder.

Fair and smooth, as sparkling and translucent as the flesh of lychee5.

His fingertips paused, and his eyes darkened.

After a short while, he pulled back his hand as though nothing had happened and said softly: “Alright, Your Majesty.”

Bai Weiwei turned around with a smile in her eyes.

“10 points.”

Feng Yunian looked at her, puzzled. 

Bai Weiwei: “When the favorability reaches 100, I’ll fall in love with you.”

Feng Yunian pursed his lips. After all this time, she still didn’t forget to speak nonsense.

The corners of Bai Weiwei’s mouth lifted. Her eyes shined brightly as she said with a smile: “So you have to brush up on my affection points quickly. Then, I’ll give you everything you want.”

Feng Yunian looked at her in shock. His eyes only reflected her smiling appearance.

Such an influential person who didn’t fear pain, but her smile was so cute.

For the first time, he found a woman to be cute. Not cowardly, nor contemptible.

Just simply good-looking.

A touch of heat singed his ears. He bowed his head, his long hair covering the blush behind his ears.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -5.】

The system saw this hurricane of favorability, then looked again at the host’s perverted6 face.

Did the male lead really like this perverted and abnormal pug?

It felt that it really couldn’t understand the interests of young people.

Because of the matters from the previous dynasty, Bai Weiwei had to go to the morning court.

She was in a good mood7, and the close attendant by her side immediately said: “Your Majesty, will Lord Feng remain in your resting chambers?”

Bai Weiwei nodded in satisfaction. “Of course, he will live here with zhen in the future.”

The attendant was very astute8 and instantly understood9.

After Bai Weiwei left, she quickly brought along several male attendants and respectfully approached Feng Yunian.

Feng Yunian gave them a slight glance. His gaze was indifferent and arrogant, without a trace of a fallen nation’s prince’s abjection.

The attendant didn’t dare to raise her head to look at him, and merely said: “Lord Feng, if you want to serve in bed10, you must first bathe and clean your body.”

When Feng Yunian heard the words “serve in bed.”

A sharp chill appeared on the gentle and handsome face.

1: 刮骨疗伤: might be a reference to 刮骨疗毒, which was the ancient method of scraping poison off the bone.

2: 忍痛的毅力: determination to endure pain.

3: 裸身诱惑: naked/bare body temptation LOLOL.

4: 沧桑: implies the system has gone through tremendous changes/hardships.

5: Lychee are delicious ^q^ I wish I ate them more often.

6: 痴汉: another reference to the Japanese word chikan; pervert, idiot, or fool

7: The raws said 春分得意的样子, which is spring equinox proud appearance and doesn’t seem to be a real idiom or phrase LOL. Considering the similarity in their spelling (in pinyin), the author probably meant 春风得意: lit. spring breeze is proud; fig. happy.

8: 七窍玲珑心: 7 apertures exquisite heart?? It’s a heart with 7 holes from 封神演义 (Fengshen Romance) that can communicate with all things in the world and allow all eyes to see through all illusions 

9: 回过味来: to just understand the true intent/meaning.

10: 侍寝: concubines were expected to serve the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) needs of the emperor.


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  1. Oh thats scrapping flesh part is true. My auntie had a diabets, theres time when her feet wounded and turned bad (deadmeat) so the doc scrapped it with knife, bandage it and it heals eventually. Not removing and treating it, will result in amputee.

    So everyone, please take care of your health.

  2. Okay…if it’s an ancient setting plane and mc is emperor then…um…what about eunuch? A woman can’t be an eunuch, right?

    1. I would think somewhat to the chastity belts level- or it might be just eunuchs/stitching IT shut. god, the horror, why did i think of that?

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